Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Light on the Hill

There's a hill far out in
the distance
that stands out
and apart
It isnt taller than the
others around
neither greener nor browner by day
but it shines out
in the dark
In an otherwise mundane
landscape someone made
it their home
Unafraid of distances
and at peace
with being alone
I stare at the hill often and
on nights that are darker
than others
When the moon doesn't
shine in the sky or when
even starlight the clouds
have smothered
The house stands like
a beacon, a small, bright
clear light for the lost
A silhouette in the light of
the window, I wonder if
I knocked, would it
acknowledge me and to its
chores holler, 'Avast!'
Some nights I have seen
strangers and passers-by
stop to do what I
only ponder
And the silhouette in
the window
to the silhouette at
the door does wander
A dull smoke then rises
from the little chimney
in the kitchen
But no laughter do I
hear, no other sound
than the purring of
its kitten
I wonder if I join
would I be able to
bring mirth
Or would my company
as ever, to more deathly
silence give birth
But it isnt
dark enough tonight to
be knocking to myself I
There will be another
time for that, there
will be another season
For now there is nothing
that the beacon
can attract me for
Like a distant
lighthouse, from rough
shores it wards me off
No nirvana to be found,
no redemption, no solace
So I keep my distance
from the light
that shines bright in a
deeply dark place...

Monday, April 23, 2018

Where to O Time?

Where do you reckon time wants to go?
That it marches on relentlessly forwards and onwards
Never does it pause to take a look back
Not at the brave that stood nor the weak that were cowards

What do you think time wants to win?
That it ruins on for at such an untiring pace
Never a hurdle that it can't take in it's stride
Not even from the ones that fell in its path in this race

What do you reckon time wants to conquer?
That it assaults all boundaries with unfailing courage
Never does it stop to take in what its won
Not the calm that is vanquished nor that which is boiling with rage

Where do you reckon time wants to flow?
That it rumbles and roars like a river in a canyon
Never held back by any obstacle in its path
Not the slopeless plains nor the towering mountain

Do you reckon we just invented time?
To rationalize all that we cannot control?
An entity infallible, uncontrollable, unfathomable
A perfect concept to make our imperfect lives whole...

Thursday, April 07, 2016


As a kid, there were no real aspirations that I had in mind. Nothing really that I would have wanted to do that stoked some kind of fire in me that possibly could have carried on and have fired me on in my youth. The only real desire I have ever had was to be different.
As a little kid that had just lost his front teeth and was watching Kapil Dev bowl at his zenith, there was no real surprise for anyone that I idolized him. But I hadn’t developed any real understanding of, or the love and passion for cricket, till I was in my mid teens. The real reason I adored Kapil was because he looked different. I spent a lot of my toothless days trying to push my front teeth out like Kapil’s.
That was the only real driving force I had managed to carry on in my youth. The desire to be different. For a long time I dabbled in poetry and the occasional prose. My friends, and I realise now how many good friends I have had over the years, were always kind enough to encourage me. Most had never read any other poetry than mine own and either from a lack of any real appreciation of poetry, or just the kindness in their hearts, egged me on. I thought I was different.
After about two years of not writing anything and a year of not reading any of my own works, I have come to appreciate the fact that I was not different, just an insufferable, pompous, pretentious kid difficult to be around. In other words, pretty much normal.
As I enter this phase of my life where I rethink my goals and my achievements, the beginning of a mid life crisis, my first crippling question stares me in the face. How do I deal with my new found normalcy?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Oh how this heart yearns for a walk on the beach again
Deep in the reaches of the night, with a light splattering of rain
With no plans to look forward to or a rush to get anywhere
Just the soft tunes of crashing waves and the gentle breeze running through my hair
The feel of the wet sand playing incessantly with my sole
In the depth of the shallows, where my incomplete ideas become whole
To sift through those dreams that in a busy life remain out of reach
Oh how this heart yearns again, for a walk on the beach...

Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy New Year!

It's that time of year when we look back on what has been
To cherish all the joys and regret the sadness we have seen
There are new things we've found and some old things we've lost
Happier for the enrichment they've gotten and wiser for whence we've paid the cost
But it's also that time of the year when there is more hope than despair
When we're filled with a desire to make right what lies in disrepair
So here's wishing you new resolutions, new dreams and a new enthusiasm that will lead
To another great year in our lives, happy to have just a little less than we'd want but with a lot more than we'll need!

Monday, October 27, 2014


Time will roll on
Fast and slow all at once
Blink for a moment and you've missed out on much
Stare all you like and you'll have seen nothing worthwhile as such
You'll think you have so much of it in your hands
But when you close your fist to hold it, it slips through your fingers like loose sand
A whole day stretches before you and you think you're gonna spend it wise
But by the time the sun sets you're caught wondering how so fast it flies
There's a day when you wish there were a few more hours
To make up for what was wasted stuck cursing behind the slow crawling snake of cars
Doesn't take much to make you feel better when someone tells you that it's not the hours in your moments but the moments in your hours that matter
And you reminisce in joy gathering them up from your memories where they now scatter
But that's little comfort when you think of what this life is now all about, living in constraints that were pre-defined
Wishing you could live instead by your rules, chasing your dreams and master of your time
But time is no ones slave, no ones mistress, no ones enemy, no ones friend
It was rolling on before you and will roll on after too, unmindful, uncaring, unaffected, indifferent.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I'm old enough now, to want to be young again
To reminisce a past filled with walks in the rain
To want to turn back time and undo some of my past
To look on old roads and wonder how they did change as fast
To have known some people who are now dead
But whose memories will live on in my head

And yet I'm young enough to wish I was more mature than I am
To hope, that someday I'll be wiser, perhaps even a better man
To yet hold on to naive old dreams
To spend mindless hours with my feet dipping in a stream
To look forward to welcoming new lives in mine
And believe that with their presence, at the end, we'll be just fine!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So I have managed one poem in the past one year.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Bikram Wisodm : The Federer Remorse

Yes, I am a Federer fan. Yes, I adore the way he has carried himself all these years.
Now that we've established these facts, we can move ahead knowing this will be an absolutely unbiased and a very objective post.

Did you watch the 2014 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final? If you did, you witnessed an absolute masterclass in Tennis from two great champions of the game. The end though, as a friend put it later, was sudden. Up until that point in the fifth, I'd absolutely have put my money of Federer making it an unprecedented eighth. Though in all honesty, it would be a precedented eighth Wimbledon crown.

The way Roger carried himself on court though, got me thinking back to the year he had lost to Nadal and cried on court right through the presentation. This wasn't the same man though. This was a calm, composed Roger who seemed at peace with losing to a man who had lost 4 of the last 5 finals he had been in and was filled with self doubt. And like Novak put it, Roger seemed to have let him win it.

I know, conspiracy theory.

But that gets us to the theory of 'The Federer remorse'. It's when you look back on your former self and cannot believe the kind of imbecile you'd been. Just like Roger. He was so much in control of himself (and the course of the match too?) that he was completely at peace with losing to Novak. Right through the match, Fed seemed more concerned about not making the ball-boys and ball-girls run for the ball than he was about trying to run down the Djokovic serve. He looked a complete Champion to me. Something Novak might be a couple of years down the line. Maybe then, Novak might look back on himself and be filled with the 'Oh what an imbecile I was!' emotion. Or in other words, The Federer Remorse! 

Thursday, April 03, 2014

I have my pen in hand but it doesn't feel familiar anymore
Leave alone feel like I've put words together to serenade you with, so long before
Thoughts running nineteen to the dozen, those were my glory days
Unfettered by materialistic thoughts, unmoved by worldly ways
I pick the pen again today, to reminisce those times gone by
Or perhaps to let myself know that I still reside with me, that maybe he could still be found if I really try
But words are difficult to find today, they aren't flowing effortlessly
I'm fumbling through the cobwebs in my mind, waddling listlessly
Perhaps I ought to put the pen down now, let the memories of those days go
Or maybe just get back to writing loads again, I'm not really sure, I don't really know....