Sunday, January 30, 2011


Life sometimes doesn't make any sense
Mysteries of the divine ways beyond mortal cognizance
Broken hearts and broken dreams that hurt more than broken toes
Trying to climb out but digging deeper into those lows
Pensive and pennant, searching for answers all alone
But the quagmire deepens for the answers have shrunk and the questions grown
Groping and flailing and snatching at straws
Prisoner to those inherent inextinguishable human flaws
And in their wake, staring sleeplessly in the dark at an invisible ceiling
Surrounded by gloom and that sickening hopeless feeling
Not yet stranded though for there is still some help about
But then again, would it be worth reaching for the hands that now seem to reach out?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Lehar

I lived once in a city that I could only look at with disdain
For all its messes, crowds and other such unbearable pain
And I met this girl that loved it to bits
Everywhere she looked, she saw sheer beauty and its wonderful spirit
I tried my best to show her its faults
But even in them, she would always show me the beautiful parts
Admittedly, I soon fell in love too
With Bombay and my dear friend, Patlu

A wonderful friend, right from the start
A strange girl, with a wonderful heart
She saw the good in me, even in all that was bad
The warmth of her smile, always left me feeling glad
A personality colored with a million different hues
Outspoken, headstrong and staunch about her views
About life and love, and a whole lotta issues
Love you for being ‘Cute n Confused’!

This one's been long overdue! Sorry Lehar, took me long enough! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Standing on the precipice of the unknown
Discomforted by what has come
Anxious for what will soon be gone

Dreams formed firm of what it should be
Apprehensively in love with what I did see
Nervous as hell, for I want to set them free

I find myself tied down by what is reality
Cautious with impulses of practicality
Confused by the fears and rigours of mortality

Though everything suggests I ought to otherwise
I'm gonna chase what in my heart now lies
Draw strength from the knots in my stomach and the butterflies

(The end, punnily enough, was thanks to the butterfly!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bikram Wisodm

Sometimes we think we've got plenty of time, sometimes we think we're running out...I'm beginning to believe it's just irrelevant!


When I started out, I knew I had none
The stuff I read, always reinforced that I was a bum
And the more I sought it in others, the more I learnt
That if I was ever gonna get any, it wasn't gonna be without getting my fingers burnt

And so I spent my days as a kid, often listless
The expectations of others, always reinforced I was a mess
And the more I tried to sort myself out, the more I was aware
That if I was ever gonna get any, it wasn't gonna be without a little scare

When I grew up a little more, I looked hard to try and find
But what the others saw, always reinforced I was blind
And the more I tried to see, the more I realised
That if I was ever gonna get any, it wasn't gonna be without skinning my hide

I spent my days as a teen, mostly in a haze
The confusion that was unfolding, always reinforced I was crazed
And the more I tried to seek clarity, the more I understood
That if I was ever gonna get any, it wasn't gonna be without being misunderstood

In my days as a young man, I have now come to know
What I seemed to have sought, was just a misleading show
And the more I try to be real, the more I seem to comprehend
That if I'm ever gonna get any, it wont be before the end...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Midnight Drive

A little bit of moonlight and a few scattered stars
Dimly lit roads and a few passing cars
The rumble of the engine drowns the chill in the air
And yes its past midnight but I still got wind in my hair

Light from the headlamp brightens up the way ahead
But through the maze of my thoughts in darkness I tread
I try sorting them but give up soon after
I seem to be haunted by my own mocking laughter

With a good dose of the throttle the engine I gun
Far from here the bike and me do run
The dark landscape meanwhile has changed unseen
And at the end of my ride I'm back where I'd begun, as if never away from here have I been....

Friday, January 07, 2011

Life at 23 With This Girl I Know

And if you so wish, you can buy the book here!
For the uninitiated, it's a selective collection of my poems.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

Another year that's come and gone
Some things we've lost, some things we've won
Through storms that knocked the wind out of our sail
We carried on, on wafts of hope when all else did fail
More lessons that we learnt under life's folds
Of dreams and compromises that life still holds
And yet, there is much still to learn
For we despise much and for much we yearn
So we carry on our quest in our mortal days
To understand life and it's mysterious ways
With the same old hopes, the same old dreams but a renewed vigour
We walk in again, to win some and lose some, in the unknown realm of another new year....