Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SMS Rhymes

When I'm feeling unsure about all that I believe inside,
When I've hurt all my foolish pride,
I wish she were here to chide,
And show me the way back to the bright side...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

SMS Rhymes

1. I wonder how you teach me so much,
Some lessons that no one else can teach,
I wonder how depths in me you can touch,
Some places that even I can’t reach,
And of all, you are closest to me as such,
Walking beyond walls no one else can breach!

2. Stop this moment from running away,
It gives me just a fleeting glance,
There is so much to be done, so much that I need to say,
I don’t wanna leave anything to chance,
Can you hold it frozen for me in any way,
All I want is one more dance…

3. There are times when I truly feel alive,
When all my senses are active and my emotions thrive,
Anger and peace, angst and joy,
Moments when I smile, moments when I cry,
And a reason for all my emotions I find,
In a friendship that us together does bind,
And these days are spent in waitng,
For the next time that we will be meeting…

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Here's the deal. A friend of mine SJ, suggested that I should try sending my poems out to some competitions. He figures, (rightly so too) that I might take a gamble to see if I can make a few bucks out of my talents. Wouldnt hurt the pocket money right? That's where the problem starts. I wish to submit one poem. (Do you see the problem? JUST ONE POEM!) and when i tried reading them, i loved 'em all! (Being your own greatest fan sucks sometimes!) Now that's where I need your help guys. Please tell me your favourite amongst a few that i have shortlisted here-
1. Groping
2. Cancer
3. To have you for Life
4. At the end of college light
5. Once upon a time
6. Remember yesterday
Please Please Please help me here...

Sunday, September 14, 2008


In my dreams, she drops by,
Sometimes to talk so much, sometimes to just say hi,
Aimlessly to nowhere we're walking,
It's a conversation but I dunno what we're talking,
Meeting her feels so good,
I'd never let go of this moment if I could,
My eyes then do open and i see my own ceiling,
And I wish so much, that I wasn't just dreaming!


1. If everything is well without anything significant on my part, how insignificant am I?

2. If it isn't well, it isn't the end...but what if it is well...is that the end???

To have You for Life!

I have always wondered what you would be like,

When we speak, what kinda conversation would we strike,

I have always wondered about that first impression I’ll make,

Worried that I might goof it all up with a big mistake,

I have always planned about what we might do together,

Someday maybe we’ll dance in the rains or cuddle up in chilly weather,

I have always thought that for you I will always do what is right,

That I would never be upset, bicker or pick a fight,

I have always dreamed of a perfect romance,

To plan everything and never leave much to chance,

But mum says nothing good happens after 2 a.m.,

And she is right, I might never be the same again,

Cause I know now that life isn’t about keeping everything in place,

That I can be upset and I don’t have to always make a straight face,

I wanna show how much for you I care,

So many emotions that with you I’ll share,

All those moments of happiness and fun,

I’ll treasure ‘em all, from rain and sun,

I want to give you excuses in so many ways,

And I don’t want you for years or months or weeks or days,

When you breathe your last, I wanna feel the strife,

I wanna know what it feels, to have you for life…

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Poet for Sale!

So many emotions, so many thoughts,
Sometimes they flow and sometimes not,
So many battles that within me are fought,
Lessons that I learn, in ways that can never be taught!

So many a smile, so many a sigh,
Sometimes that I wanna give up and cry,
So many failures and yet always another try,
Falling down hard and learning to fly!

So many truths, so many lies,
Sometimes that there isn’t anyone to hear my cries,
So many lows and so many highs,
Drowning in depths only to be rescued by those eyes!

So many ideas, so many views,
Sometimes that I can’t distinguish the hues,
So many grays and so many blues,
Scratching I fight to loosen the screws!

So many a footprint, so many a trail,
Sometimes in my youth that I’ve been feeling frail,
So many contradicting emotions...so many that to put in words I now fail,
Needing a savior, I put this poet up for sale!!!

P.S. Just for the record...18 days since i put this up and no takers!!! Well as they say, "If no one claims in 30 days, finders keepers!" (so i guess i get to keep myself! hehe...)

Saturday, September 06, 2008


सभी बातें कानों से नहीं सुनी जातीं, आँखें बंद कर के कोशिश करो, सन्नाटा भी सुनाई देगा!

"You don't need your ears to listen to everything, close your eyes and concentrate, you'll hear the silence!"

It obviously doesn't sound too great in English which is the reason I hadn't put it up earlier...

Friday, September 05, 2008


I can't always find a paper to pen down my rhymes so often they are typed on my phone...there are a lot of them that I keep writing for my friends, felt like putting up a few select ones here...


Suddenly powerless, suddenly prone,

Suddenly I doubt all I have known,

Suddenly I can’t find my strength anymore,

Suddenly emptiness is knocking at my door,

Suddenly now I feel so weak,

Suddenly all my courage, is running down my cheek…


Years that her I have known,

With each passing day, closer we have grown,

And yet somedays, a stranger in her I see,

The same way that she can even in me,

But the best part of what we share,

Is in knowing how much for each other we will always care…


Seen you fight your battles all alone,

Smiling you take every blow that is thrown,

Never a flinch, never a sigh,

Never have they seen your head not held high,

But you can’t lie to me and you can’t hide,

Around me you can’t put up a façade of pride,

Cause on my shoulder I have seen you weak,

I’ve seen all your courage run down your cheek…


                I have spent more than a considerable amount of my awakened existence in trying to understand human relationships. Although by my own admittance, my research on the matter is far from complete, there are a few keen observations I have made especially about 22-25 year-olds. I suppose since I have reached a substantial conclusion about this particular age group, I could well put up my observations here.

                First the guys… Guys will always crib and complain about girls being indecisive, unsure and subject to perennial mood swings but as far as relationships go, guys are a little worse off than girls. Guys will fall in love with a woman who is so unlike the woman of their dreams, they don’t realize they are in love! They will then spend their days convincing themselves that she isn’t the ‘one’ and that they are incompatible. Left to themselves, they will never admit they are in love to themselves leave alone the girl they are in love with! Unless friends counsel them of it, they will in all probability let her walk away without ever professing what lies in their hearts! (Well, since you don’t accept it to yourself, there isn’t a question of confessing is there?) The ironic part is, they realize it when she has already walked by and moved on!

                In the occasion that through the counsel of friends they do acknowledge and profess their love or the rarer occasion that the girl herself reckons it is time to take control and is the one to profess, guys will be the uttermost idiots. Suddenly, after a lifetime of having dreamt of living with that one woman, they develop a commitment phobia! A million reasons (all of them baseless and useless) will crop up, from issues like incompatible families to we both want different things. Get real! She is the one! You let her go now and by the time you realize your folly, it will be tooooooo late!

                Now the girls… Girls are pretty much sure about whom they want to spend their days with! If they set their hearts on one person, come what may, they will not change their decision. The guy could be a womanizer, a prick or simply moronic but the girl will never view the faults, heck girls are so weird, they fall in love with the faults!

                But they aren’t without fault themselves. Most girls try subtlety as their most powerful weapon. They shower all their unshakable trust in the guy and expect the guy to understand that the show of faith in itself is a positive sign. I mean, yeah sure, it is a positive sign but god damn it, you shower the same kinda trust in your best friend! How the heck are guys supposed to know you love them? Guys hate subtlety and women need to understand that. Guys aren’t intelligent creatures blessed with an understanding of the finer elements, they are slow dumb creatures who can see no further than you show them! Take an example and show the guy stars (I mean the one’s in the sky, take him to the rooftop at night and show him the stars. Even if you live in Bombay and the night sky isn’t exactly lit up by stars, please do not bonk him in the head!) and all they will see are white dots. They cannot for all their lives, see the constellations or the heart that you are drawing with your finger. We can nod in agreement but only to appease you… Please do be a little more upfront about your views and feelings with guys!

                Final advice to both girls and guys…if you spend most of your waking hours thinking about someone, you are definitely in love. When you find love, please be kind enough to acknowledge it and please, do not try to find excuses as to why it wouldn’t work out but try to find all the reasons it should…commitment fits really beautifully, you should try it on for size! All the best!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Now I Remember!

I pride myself at having an elephant's memory but for some reason I was completely flummoxed as to why I clicked this pic. I was walking on the beach today and took a break and read my blog (This is an excercise I indulge in every once in a while...I'll admit it, I am my favourite author! Hehe...call me a ham but I can't help it!) when I chanced upon this- THE INSIGNIFICANCE OF MY EXISTANCE. That's when I remembered. The pic was clicked on my way back from Bangalore when I had realised whilst gazing outta the window, that I was as happy as I could have ever imagined myself to be!
Come to think of it, beside the fact that I am in Bombay, I don't think there is anything I might want to change in my life! Am I happy? YES OF COURSE! A little bored yes, but incredibly happy! 


"If you haven't lost everything, you haven't lost anything...but if you've lost everything, there is only everything to be gained!"


                Ah! Tagged! This is my first time! Couldn’t have come at a better time either, I was going through a lean patch as far as writing is concerned! Who tagged me? Well, it was a blue butterfly that did the honours! (And to be honest, I’ve known her in this space for a considerable length of time and I don’t know her name yet!)

Well, here goes…

Q.1. What have you realized recently?

A:> I keep my anger in check for a reason and keep away from slugfests…and I should keep it that ways no matter what…

Q.2. Have you given your first kiss away?

A:> I wish! But unfortunately, neither have I been kissed nor have I kissed anyone in 24 years of my existence… (damn that’s embarrassing!)

Q.3. If you were stranded on a deserted island, which would be the 11 blog buddies you would take with you?

A:> Blog buddies? Ok, Psy, Lehar, Bluebutterfly (ok, I have gotta know your name now!), Mahima, Saurabh, Rohan, Bikram, Arnold, Anirudh, Subodh…

Q.4. Where is the place you want to go most?

A:> That’s easy, Khadakwasla!

Q.5. If you have one dream to come true, what would it be?

A:> Hmmm… That I could trade all I have now, for the relative nothing that I had in engineering!

Q.6. Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?

A:> I love the rains! But yes, a rainbow after the rains is super awesome!

Q.7. What are you afraid of losing most now?

A:> Right, since you insist on invoking the philosopher in me, here you go… There is nothing I am afraid of losing as I don’t believe I own anything that is worthy of being deemed as a loss. Like my grandpa always says, “What is allotted, cannot be blotted!”

Q.8. If you win a million dollars what would you do?

A:> Splurge most of the money on cars and bikes and save just a little bit for the fuel!

Q.9. If you meet someone you love, would you confess to him/her?

A:> Well, I most definitely am hoping it isn’t a him! Would I confess if I met my love? Hahaha! If I found love another time, yes I would!

Q.10. List 3 good things about the person who tagged you.

A:> Alright!

a)      Upfront and honest

b)      Seems to have her feet on the ground

c)       Seems to be much more mature than I was at the same age!

Q.11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?

A:> Right! Here goes: I do hope sincerely that

-          She is innocent and uncorrupted by the ways of this world

-          Her eyes are able to speak a thousand words

-          Her beauty lies in the fact that she couldn’t care less about it

-          She is honest about herself to herself above anyone else

-          She can chide me whenever the need be

-          She loves kids as much, if not more than I do

-          She is as much of a kid at heart as me

-          She isn’t afraid to let her emotions roll down her cheek sometimes

-          She loves long pointless walks

-          She understands why sometimes I need to be alone and doesn’t allow me to be alone

-          She can speak in a wordless language

-          She doesn’t agree to things I say unless she truly believes in them just to humor me

-          And so much more!

(My my, aren’t I demanding!)

Q.12. What type of people do you hate most?

A:> Hypocrites and people who are unable to reason for themselves…

Q.13. What is the one thing you cannot live without?

A:> My hyperactive little mind!

Q.14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?

A:> Ofc I would like to know what’s wrong with me! (More so to find out what’s wrong with you! Cause after all, Bikram’s never wrong! Hehe…)

Q.15. Missing Question.

Q.16. Are you a shopaholic?

A:> Me? NO! My parents shop for me!

Q.17. Find a word to describe the person who tagged you!

A:> Sweet! (Ok, that was lame…but it’s almost 2 a.m. and nothing good happens after 2 a.m.!!!)

Q.18. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?

A:> You do not ask a narcissist such a ridiculous question!

Q.19. What’s the last shocking thing you've seen or heard?

A:> I recorded a few of my telephonic conversations and was surprised by the clarity of my voice, speech and thoughts! Hehe…

Q.20. Would you rather have love but no money or money but no love?

A:> Love but no money. No two ways about it…


                I tag : Psy, Lehar, (Mahi’s already been tagged so…) Saurabh, Rohan, Bikram, Anirudh and whoever else that blogs and I might have missed and is reading this!

Good night!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


What does religion mean? Going to the temple on Tuesdays and Saturdays, fasting for the month of Ramzdan, 10 days of not eating meat, showing an incense stick to that picture of the lord in your house? All that? And then after all of this you turn around, get back to your life as usual and carry on erring the way humans do?

If so, good for you.

Religion for me does not mean any of these. I do not smoke or drink but not because it is a travesty of something someone says but because I do not see reason as to why I should do those things; I do not lie to myself or to others about what I will or will not do; I am true to my work and if I cannot give it a hundred percent and give it my best shot, I do not see any reason why I must pretend to do it; I do not cause harm unto others intentionally; I do not vent anger because I am upset; I love with all my heart and no less; my parents are still the most adored objects in my universe; I hold friendship sacred and share it with anyone who deems it in the same light; and I do not judge anyone for what they will or will not do.

That is my religion. My religion does not include waiting in line 3 hours to get to a deity. Religion is what I need not justify to anyone and most importantly is something that I need not justify to myself. I am deeply religious and have utmost respect for the divine. But for me, religion as you know it, does not form the centre of my existence. Friends, family and whoever else is concerned, I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t call me atheist because I refuse to accompany you to the temple. I believe people visit temples to seek forgiveness, to find peace of mind and to ask for something more…I do not live in a way that might warrant pardoning, am at peace with myself more than most other human’s I know and seek little or nothing more than has been coming my way. Thank you for reading…