Saturday, October 31, 2009

I, Me, Myself...

My thoughts too loud
I'm drowned in their din,
I, me, myself...too big a crowd
Always arguing within...

I seeks solace
But finds none,
Solitude's a disgrace
Too much of me to spoil the fun...

Me tries shutting out
My overactive mind,
But the voices grow to a shout
And in their commotion, me they grind...

I wants to pack his bag
Walk out on myself,
Me holds him back
To resolve their differences offers to help...

The commotion briefly does pause
As a truce then ensues,
But then they've found another cause
I, me, myself...reason for all my blues...

Friday, October 23, 2009

Curing Writer's Block

Here's a four step guide -
1. Have 3 cups of coffee (I get high on caffeine so coffee is what works for me! You can choose whatever leaves you slightly, and I stress 'slightly' inebriated.)
2. Listen to some music that you really like. (It helps if the music is not very upbeat! Downright morose helps! If you're gonna write, inspiring lyrics help in a big way!)
3. Drive down to your favourite, scenic, isolated destination where you can be alone. (On rare occasions the company of your muse helps...although, on most occasions, the visit is sabotaged because you end up having a great time with them and you return happy.)
4. Recall some of your saddest memories...

Well, I didn't say getting out of ma writer's block was easy! We are at our most creative when we are at our unhappiest! What can I say?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Life is a lie
I'd much rather dream,
Gazing at the sky
Feet dipped in a stream...

I'd dream of us
Lost in love,
A pond of lotus
A flock of white dove...

I'd dream of reaches
Scaled by none,
No greedy leeches
Under the splendid sun...

I'd dream of a calm
Engulfing us all,
No undue harm
Just joys big n small...

No more a rat race
And always enough of a while,
To gaze upon a face
And be lost in it's smile...

Alas! My dream is a farce
For I seek to wipe out strife,
I wish to outrun what's harsh
But all I dream of, is the same old lie, Life...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Your voice in my head now grows faint,
Old memories, that dreams now do taint,
Nought remains clear, of what it once were,
That reassuring presence beside, no longer here,
As I walk down this trail, along the river bed,
Some part of us, with each step i seem to shed,
I look to the west and see the sun bid me aideu,
It's fading light telling me something i already knew,
I close my eyes and bid thee a fond farewell,
In the rising sun, a different morrow it seems, for both of us shall dwell...

(Long time since a poems come huh? Writers block I say!)

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Definition from Bikram's non-sensical dictionary
etymology : meander - to wander aimlessly

merryandering - to walk aimlessly with gay abandon in the middle of the road with utter disregard to vehicular traffic

It's pretty irritating when people do that! I was cursing 4 girls that were merryandering at a busy junction today and were then bullied off the road by an irate bus driver that drove dangerously close to them, pretty much intentionally I am sure! But then I found myself merryandering just a little while later and I know now, why this happens to the best of us! Have you noticed, when the road is pretty much deserted and you happen to be walking on one side and decide to move to the other side, suddenly, vehicular traffic appears from nowhere! I stood stranded on the side I didn't wanna be on for quite some time waiting for the traffic to clear. When it did eventually clear, I crossed and stood on the other side for a very long time and saw the road deserted after me. Pretty irritating I tell you!

Monday, October 05, 2009


I'd like to think you'd love me
But I know you probably don't,
I'd like to think you'd hold my hand
But I guess you probably won't...

Sometimes when I'm sitting alone
I dream of drowning in your beautiful eyes,
But I guess that ain't gonna happen
Cause these words probably won't find my voice...

Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Moon and the Earth!

It's 2 a.m.
I should be asleep,
But I'm wide awake
In her thoughts, lost deep...

I'm wondering, if I make her happy
Or do I leave her sad?
Does she hate me when I'm good
Or Love me when I'm bad?

But then my dreary eyes
Look out to see the Moon's soft glow,
And I wonder if he's kept mum like me
Or of his love for her, he's let The Earth know...

But I guess it doesn't matter
Cause they're always so far,
And the Earth has her children
The Moon has his stars...