Sunday, June 27, 2010

When I get caught up in the throes of Life...

To be honest, this is sort of a crib post.
I haven't been enjoying myself at work too much lately. When I think of working, it's always with some bigger things in mind, with my eye on the target out in the distance...which sort of leads me to start losing focus on the little things right in front of me. Like the petty politics in the office. It's beyond me and I can't really cope much with be honest, in the past week, I did seriously consider looking for options elsewhere but then, thankfully, along came the weekend.
I spent some time doing things I really like...took a long walk, spent an hour sitting down at the bridge gazing at the sunset behind the clouds and got my thoughts sorted out.
I now feel a little embarrassed at being overwhelmed by the burden of lesser mortals. I seemed to have forgotten why I was where I was...funny how I can settle into a cocoon and get very comfortable there too.
But then, I took time late at night to remind myself I am not the one to be working all my life chasing money in a 9 to 5 job. I'm someone who is a little different, someone who derives more joy from the people around him than the material comforts surrounding him...and then it hit me hard...I've been taking so much time to chase money, I've started compromising on the time I give to the people I love...and I realised, I might be good at what I am doing but I am not at my best doing it...I am at my best doing this - closing my eyes, traveling to that world I call my own and then coming up with a rhyme at will...especially for her...

In your eyes,if you find,no beads of sleep,
Find my memories,embedded deep,
Heart,mind,body,soul and all that is me,
Are bound in your love and will keep you company,
On forlorn nights,if you think we're too far apart,
Listen to the wind,for I whisper 'We'll always be close, no matter how far...'

Thursday, June 17, 2010

With an illusion of what it should be like
I stare at her beauty and fantasize
But like my today that keeps devouring what I hope will be my tomorrow
And like everything that's passed by in this life, she too shall follow...
It's quite wonderful, what is right now
And yeah, my jaw gaping, I'm mouthing an 'Oh wow!'
But hey, like us, these moments too face the mortal curse
Imagine an eternity of bliss huh? Could anything be worse?
I sit here, love-sick, as I mull & I ponder
Romancing her as she floats far away on the yonder
And I love her so because she's gonna go
Then come back again, to shower me with the greatest little joys I know...
I cant even blame her for the way we are
It's me that seems to harbour more love when she moves afar
Having poured out all she can, soon she will float away, a little spent
But here I stand, happily disjointed from my 'morrow, as in all her glory, she rains in on my present!

(This one's titled 'Of a love for the Clouds'' but it'd be so much less fun if you knew it before right? But now that you know, you can re-read it! :P)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Life Should be Like...

This is what life should be like,
Sitting in my car, parked randomly by the wayside,
My feet up on the dash, the seat reclined,
My empty gaze, that seeks nought and nought does it find...

A beautiful day, gray weather and a cool breeze,
The landscape dotted with the redness of gulmohar trees,
A whole day that stretches out in front of me,
With nothing planned, it pans out just as lazily...

My favourite music playing, neither too soft nor too loud,
And when my song comes up, I start singing out aloud,
And with the singer, I've smiled a little needlessly, and a little needlessly I've cried,
A little heavy hearted, and a little dreamy eyed...

I step out of the car, into a light drizzle,
Standing in a puddle, where the raindrops splatter and fizzle,
I stretch myself out, staring at the sky, as I connect with all my joy and pain,
I empty my pockets, end this rhyme and head off, for a walk in the rain...

(True Story!)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just for 'economic' laughs...irrational too maybe! You might not wanna read me!

I have nothing to do at least nothing significant...and this is what I've been thinking...
There was a time when you could only spend what you had saved...then came a time when you could only spend what you earned...and now is a time when we seem to be able to spend only what we might earn! Spend what we 'might' earn? And there are people willing to bet that we 'will' earn what we 'might!' I bet these people dont know the relationship between math and english...Will = 100% Probability and Might < 100% Probability...someone's gonna default right?

But then they tell me that they did consider that you 'might not' earn what you 'ought' and so provided for my default...but doesn't that mean that you have provided for all that I 'might' earn? In that case, you'd have to provide back-up for everything that everyone 'might' earn! So then, realistically speaking, you'd have to shore up reserves for everything that 'might' be earned in the future! Which means, in addition to providing for what I need 'now' so that I 'might' earn in the future, you also have to provide for what I 'might' earn...but you can't do that can you? That'd just mean you'd be giving me half of what I 'do' need. In that case, if you're providing for when I 'might not' earn what I 'ought' you're borrowing from the future me that 'might' be? So basically, I 'am' the insurance for when I 'might not' be what I 'ought' and so if I 'am not' what I 'ought to' we all 'will' be in a big mess anyways, huh?
Which means I 'am' having a laugh at my own expense? (Assuming I do exist in the future, failing which of course, I 'am' laughing at the future me's expense...) but considering I 'am' mortal, I'm pretty much screwing someone else's future, huh?

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

The First Drops...

The skies hang heavy, the clouds ready to burst,
I look upwards in ready, waiting for the rains to quench my thirst,
But the greyness just teases, as the dark clouds come and go,
My brows furrowed along their creases, I wait for when rainwater, in its gushes, o'er these roads would flow,
I sit by my window, cool gusts of wind in my hair,
Staring at the potential show, that the monsoons threaten to lay bare,
And then the first drops fall, followed in earnest by the first rain,
Right then, for me, the world does stall, and I'm lost in the magic of the monsoons, all over again!