Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Just for 'economic' laughs...irrational too maybe! You might not wanna read me!

I have nothing to do at least nothing significant...and this is what I've been thinking...
There was a time when you could only spend what you had saved...then came a time when you could only spend what you earned...and now is a time when we seem to be able to spend only what we might earn! Spend what we 'might' earn? And there are people willing to bet that we 'will' earn what we 'might!' I bet these people dont know the relationship between math and english...Will = 100% Probability and Might < 100% Probability...someone's gonna default right?

But then they tell me that they did consider that you 'might not' earn what you 'ought' and so provided for my default...but doesn't that mean that you have provided for all that I 'might' earn? In that case, you'd have to provide back-up for everything that everyone 'might' earn! So then, realistically speaking, you'd have to shore up reserves for everything that 'might' be earned in the future! Which means, in addition to providing for what I need 'now' so that I 'might' earn in the future, you also have to provide for what I 'might' earn...but you can't do that can you? That'd just mean you'd be giving me half of what I 'do' need. In that case, if you're providing for when I 'might not' earn what I 'ought' you're borrowing from the future me that 'might' be? So basically, I 'am' the insurance for when I 'might not' be what I 'ought' and so if I 'am not' what I 'ought to' we all 'will' be in a big mess anyways, huh?
Which means I 'am' having a laugh at my own expense? (Assuming I do exist in the future, failing which of course, I 'am' laughing at the future me's expense...) but considering I 'am' mortal, I'm pretty much screwing someone else's future, huh?


Ria said...

You and your analogies are always interesting n thought provoking for sure!! :P

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Hehehe...I hope you're thinking about taking a huge loan thanks to my theory! And dont pay it back!