Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Just woke up, half way through a dream
Wasn't unpleasant at all, in fact was serene
Its a dream that for years, over and over I have seen
Funnily, the end doesn't change, what changes is what has been

Guess I know deep inside, where I wanna be
Know the things I wanna do but don't know what I'm gonna see
All my hopes, always seem to be rooted in a memory
Funnily, it seems I grow wiser, only when I falter foolishly
You can't be at peace
If you're stringing words together
There's gotta be some strain
Tearing at every tether
You can't be in paradise
If its any good you're penning
There's self inflicted pain
That deep within you're hemming
You can't just be genius
To rhyme randomly in the middle of the night
There's a deep gash that you can't bury within
That makes you wanna wake up and write

Friday, May 11, 2012

The voices in my head are so damned loud
More often than not, they've drowned out the crowd
Before I've known it, they've started a din
And I've lost track of where I am or where I've been
Of the genius within, there's never really been a doubt
Just the narcissism and insanity that cast a cloud
Too good to be true and yet never really good enough
Never a conviction to live through the rough
In the safe haven of dreams is the place to hide from all the mistakes
So close your eyes, snigger to yourself and take another deep breath

Four songs on my playlist playing on infinitely
At least as infinite as the battery on my phone would let 'em be
3 am and not even a flicker of a yawn
Seems a shame to fall asleep at the crack of dawn
A walk on the beach seems like such a great plan
Soft strings of moonlight and the silken sounds of the waves would soothe any man
But heck I know I aint getting out
The voices in my head too have now stopped being loud

Too much coffee and a bloody long day
Some music in the background and words have found a way
So they march on out in random patterns tonight
Too long have they been chained and now it seems that time is write
One after another, the damned rhymes trickle out
Come in, hush them up now, before they really begin to scream and shout

Suddenly I'm scared as hell
Just a minute ago though, I was doing swell
Something about a dark and empty house, that scares the little kid in me still
Oh but I'm 27 now, I can conquer fears with my will
I don't think though, I'm really gonna be brave tonight
To feel ten again, somehow feels just right