Thursday, June 28, 2007

Whatever happened to gravity???

(remember that time you were mesmerised by someone you thought was very special? that time when you were completely blown away by someone new? i do. this is my recollection of my mood in that first headrush of meeting someone new, special and wonderful.)
You were trouble from the very first day,
You had me stuttering in every way,
Mesmerized was I by your gait,
The smile, the talk and damn after just the first date!

Ever since your face has been swimming in my eyes,
Trying to concentrate but futile are my tries,
Since I saw you I have been walking into poles,
Damn, I wish I could remember all my goals!

The sweetness of your voice still rings in my ear,
My friend seems to be talking but his voice I cannot hear,
Someone please talk me back to some sense,
My heart is light and my head dense!

Beyond yesterday I cannot recall much,
I seem to have been enchanted by your touch,
It’s been the case ever since last evening,
It’s like I have found you and everything else has lost its meaning!

Suddenly I seem to have grown so tall,
Everything else just seems insignificant and small,
There seems no logic as I float away in absolute loss of parity,
My feet aren’t on the ground, oh dear lord, whatever happened to gravity?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What I would not mind Copy-pasting...

I pride myself in being able to express myself well in words. I love writing poems to express my thoughts, feelings, ideas or just imaginary situations. Hardly if ever have I needed somebody else’s words to express myself. Yet, there are two pieces of work that I wish I had written for the depth of their essence. They are universally applicable and at some point of time or another, everyone could use them to express themselves. I know I do.
The first is that eternal melody by Metallica, ‘Nothing Else Matters.’ In the recent past, I have bid goodbye to a score of my closest friends and also to my beloved city. The only words I can find are all encompassed in the song. I have said this to a lot of people who read this blog so I am sorry for being repetitive but I really love the song not only for its tune but also for the depth of its lyrics…
The second is a beautiful song by James Blunt that goes by the name ‘Goodbye my Lover.’ You only have to hear it once to feel the depth of emotions that he has so beautifully expressed. I know it’s a rather sad song but it fits me to a T.
So there, these are the two pieces of someone else’s work that I would not be ashamed of quoting anywhere.

Monday, June 25, 2007

A Fall from Grace

In the years since Mr. Vajpayee took the brave decision at Pokhran, I had been very proud of my beloved nation. It has only been since then that I have actively begun understanding the mannerisms a country must present before the world order in order to effectively establish its needs and rights in the cut-throat competition at the international level. I recognize now the need for technological advancements and a willingness to stand firm in the face of relative hostility from arguably more advanced nations.
It was not just the improvements on a global scale that I was proud of though. I was incredibly proud of the fact that the head of the largest democracy in the world was a man who filled the credentials to a T. After all how many nations in the world could boast of a president who had not just the title of ‘Doctor’ to his name but also a past where he had not only been a pioneer of his country’s nuclear development program but had also held the distinction of heading it. I had not thought that anyone might ably fill in the shoes of the dynamic Mr. Vajpayee even less, Mrs. Gandhi, whose sole credential was her marriage into the Gandhi family. However, with a twist of fate, the shoes were filled in by someone who might not have had the same dynamism that our previous prime minister possessed but definitely had the credentials to carry forward the financial progress this nation has recently been making. In a matter of time, we had two leading intellectuals of their generation at helm of the two most powerful offices in this country, Dr. Kalam and Dr. Singh.
Yet, all good things must come to an end. The next likely president seems to have been nominated more on the discriminatory grounds of gender favoritism and with a view to garner regional support. Need I mention also, that she is buoyed by the same member of the Gandhi family whose credentials are doubted by not just me alone but a large faction of the educated class in this nation. Mrs. Patil does not seem to be in the same league as Dr. Kalam and not by any standards does she possess the credentials necessary for the office leave alone those necessary to fill in the shoes of Dr. Kalam. Her past misendeavours that dominate the headlines in the leading newspapers these days, do not help her case either. To have played the hand that the faction supporting her have in being responsible for the withdrawal of the candidature of Dr. Kalam, is condemnable, to have played petty politics even in the appointment of the president of our nation is to desecrate the values the office upholds. Mrs. Patil for Dr. Kalam? What a fall from grace…

Friday, June 15, 2007

All That I Cant Leave Behind

Long walks with my neighbour from next door,
Coffee with the guys, three cups and the conversation still needs more,
Those long drives with my college pals,
That kutta culture and those really sweet gals,
That losing bets and fighting over chocolates,
Us 23 year olds with no money in our pockets,
Lying on my terrace, gazing at the stars,
Those goodies mom keeps filled up in her jars,
Being shouted at for messing up my room,
After a million reminders, I still cant find the broom,
Fighting with my bro over the channels,
Growing bigger than those old flannels,
Those long nights spent dreaming about our future,
All those fights we had that we did sit and suture,
Those midnight birthday surprises,
Wonder why even with the birthday bumps, happiness always rises,
Those million other memories of you that close to me I bind,
As I move on are all that I cant leave behind…

Thursday, June 14, 2007

That Indelible Hope

Orkut is such a fabulous place to observe people and their behaviour. I suppose the most intriguing facet is the way that guys respond to the presence of women around them. Seriously man, try one of these things. Create a pseudo profile with a woman’s name to it and visit the profiles of a few guys. Irrespective of their relationship status, single, committed or married, they will come and visit your profile and nine out of ten will drop you a scrap (all in the hope that maybe someday they would get lucky!)… I know a lotta guys do this so im not being original in suggesting it but I do implore you to hold atleast a little common sense and ensure the pic isn’t a car and driving cannot be a realistic passion for a girl… of course, the smart guys will see through at once so I suppose putting up the driving and car wouldn’t be too bad an idea to flux in the really dumb people! Nonetheless, if you really wanna mess with someone, do it right, please… for my sake!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Good Byes...

I am terrible with goodbyes, especially when its gonna be a last good bye... since morning i have been trying to come up with a great rhyme that i can bid my beloved pune farewell (for a few days atleast) As you can see, I have written quite a few of them but none to reach the ends i wish to. i want my last line to be '...and with a sad heart, i bid you farewell' but i end up with something else i like. I really am terrible with goodbyes...
Well the only smart thing i can think of saying right now is in words that are not mine. As i leave with a heavy heart, i bid you farewell by quoting someone elses lines for the first time... (thats how sad i am as i leave this city)

In the words immortalised by Metallica---"...SO CLOSE, NO MATTER HOW FAR..."

Long Day

Woke up this morning but I just cant get out of my bed,
Gotta get up but my eyes are still red,
So much to do and so little time,
I wish this life were all mine,
When I wouldn’t have to stay up late or wake up soon,
When I wouldn’t have to care if it were morn or noon,
If getting out of bed wouldn’t mean dragging my ass out forcibly,
If a morning jog would no more be “IMPOSSIBLY!”
If a long drive wouldn’t throw my schedule out of gear,
If I could walk to a movie just to bring me a cheer,
If I didn’t have to go and pay the bills,
If I could choose instead to climb the hills,
But instead im gonna have to get my routine underway,
Looks like its really gonna be a long day…

One Photgraph???

That sparkle in your eyes,
The spunk in your voice,
The mischief in your mind,
The saint when you’re kind,
The smell of your hair,
That walk that says ‘I don’t care’
Those dreams of yours,
About floating with the stars,
That snigger in your smile,
Staying aloof all the while,
Admonishing my silliness,
The reason for my happiness,
Your infectious devlish laugh,
How could all this be justified in one photograph???

Remember Yesterday

Im sitting on my roof all dazed,
Im looking at the forest they have grazed,
The ground in its midst is a mangle of concrete,
The mud path to the river is now tarred and complete,
No more muddy water puddles when it rains,
Run as you like, there are no more stains,
The rooftop opposite is empty now,
My friend up there is studying in the States somehow,
Theres a commotion on the playground all day long,
Its not kids though, but machines big and strong,
Theres a bunch of kids playing football on the road,
They aren’t allowed on the lawns cause its just been mowed,
Theres a young couple shouting at them cause they’ve been hit by the ball,
But it’s the same guy that used to play there when he was small,
The people are content cause the houses they live in are worth so much more,
They don’t mind the crowds and the traffic that turns their heads sore,
Hey, theres my old pal driving away in his car,
Doesn’t walk anymore, the distances seem too far,
Gone are the days when till midnight hide-n-go-seek we used to play,
I just sit around till midnight now and wonder if people still remember yesterday…

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I recently splurged on myself for the first time and bought myself an obscenely expensive (by my standards, any phone thats over 5k is insanely expensive and i spent a whopper by those standards) I bought a walkman phone and although im a dodo when it comes to using technology for my benefit, im really greatful to sony ericsson for making the phones so user friendly. It supports fantastic sound quality and im really impressed with the headphones they provide. GPRS and i dont know how many other features it supports but the only one that matters to me is the music. I have developed a new hobby of plugging in those headphones and going on long evening walks. They had this really cool ad about the phones where people were shown missing buses and stuff just to hear the music. I think im gonna be one of those people...
By the way, i think this is my last post for some time to come. I wanted to put in a lot of thoughts here but then i guess i have been blogging a lot these past few weeks and do need to give it a rest. Too much of anything is bad...
Until next time, CHEERS! and heck, do post some comments!

Monday, June 04, 2007


In this ever widening world where boundaries seem to be shrinking, strangely enough distances seem to be increasing. I mean seriously, people now are able to travel a great spanse in what is the blink of an eye but no amount of phone calls or even video conferencing could bring you closer to home. A lot of people these days have found their dream jobs far away from their home towns and have traveled far. Of course, you do find new friends and new lives in these wonderful new cities but you do leave behind your old friends and your old lives. I have had the experience of leaving my beautiful city for a few months and I have despised the move. I met a lot of new people and a lot of new opportunities fell my way but I was always home sick. I couldn’t stay in touch with my friends and felt I was moving away from them. Yuck, I wonder how some people leave behind their wives and girlfriends to earn a few more bucks. Ok, ok so its not just a few bucks but a six figure sum but nonetheless, what good is the money to you and your family if you don’t have each other? I would rather have my family and friends with me, with me earning paltry alms than being miles away from them and earning millions. Ironic that I am writing this when I am a week away from leaving Pune for Mumbai. Nonetheless, my hearts not in the move. I would only be counting the days till I can get back to my beloved city and my beloved friends. Damn, I really am gonna miss everyone so much…

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Platonic Relationships

Ever since I have understood the meaning of the words “platonic relationship” I have been in awe of the guys who manage to honour the implications of the term. To be able to be in a relationship with a woman with absolute detatchment and no intentions of getting emotionally involved with them is such a novel concept. For the select few men to harbour such complex understanding of women is truly an admirable quality, especially in a world where few men have their heads on their shoulders and not elsewhere. Why wouldn’t you respect someone who truly appreciates a woman for her being and not her physical existence. Such amicable qualities must truly be admired to the extent of being idealized!
Why would any guy not want to share an emotional relationship with a woman? Either he is extra-ordinarily enlightened and knows the secret to eternal happiness is bachelorhood (which is highly unlikely because we all know that but have a chink in our armour which inevitably leads us to women) or he drives on the wrong side of the road. Then again, it could be the perfect excuse to justify the fact that no woman is interested in an emotional relationship with that person for whatever reasons. Maybe justifying platonic relationships is the only way they can get closer to women, close enough to atleast be able to speak with them. I don’t believe guys and girls can remain ‘best friends’ for a lifetime in a purely platonic term. Yes all you women, curse my backward train of thought as much as you like, call me a pig but that is the truth. Men do not understand the implications of the word ‘platonic.’ As much as they would like you to believe otherwise, they simply cannot stay away from getting emotionally involved with women. All men are capable of falling in love with any woman and in my views are culpable of the offense of harbouring feelings for all the women in their life. How they choose to hide it is their perrogative. They remain softies inside and need women to shell the inner selves that they hide from the eyes of the rest of the world. No matter what they tell women, all men will fall in love with them at one point or another. All men will have their hearts broken at one point or another. If they are man enough to admit it and handle it, no mature man would drop all inhibitions to jump into a purely platonic relationship with women. There will always be boundaries. Maybe I am wrong but my limited experience in this lifetime leads me to believe I cannot honour the implications of the term ‘platonic relationships’ and as a mark of respect to all the women that have ever been kind enough to lend me their support, I shall not feign the same. I would not be caught dead in a relationship that is built even faintly around the term ‘platonic.’