Friday, June 15, 2007

All That I Cant Leave Behind

Long walks with my neighbour from next door,
Coffee with the guys, three cups and the conversation still needs more,
Those long drives with my college pals,
That kutta culture and those really sweet gals,
That losing bets and fighting over chocolates,
Us 23 year olds with no money in our pockets,
Lying on my terrace, gazing at the stars,
Those goodies mom keeps filled up in her jars,
Being shouted at for messing up my room,
After a million reminders, I still cant find the broom,
Fighting with my bro over the channels,
Growing bigger than those old flannels,
Those long nights spent dreaming about our future,
All those fights we had that we did sit and suture,
Those midnight birthday surprises,
Wonder why even with the birthday bumps, happiness always rises,
Those million other memories of you that close to me I bind,
As I move on are all that I cant leave behind…

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