Sunday, June 03, 2007

Platonic Relationships

Ever since I have understood the meaning of the words “platonic relationship” I have been in awe of the guys who manage to honour the implications of the term. To be able to be in a relationship with a woman with absolute detatchment and no intentions of getting emotionally involved with them is such a novel concept. For the select few men to harbour such complex understanding of women is truly an admirable quality, especially in a world where few men have their heads on their shoulders and not elsewhere. Why wouldn’t you respect someone who truly appreciates a woman for her being and not her physical existence. Such amicable qualities must truly be admired to the extent of being idealized!
Why would any guy not want to share an emotional relationship with a woman? Either he is extra-ordinarily enlightened and knows the secret to eternal happiness is bachelorhood (which is highly unlikely because we all know that but have a chink in our armour which inevitably leads us to women) or he drives on the wrong side of the road. Then again, it could be the perfect excuse to justify the fact that no woman is interested in an emotional relationship with that person for whatever reasons. Maybe justifying platonic relationships is the only way they can get closer to women, close enough to atleast be able to speak with them. I don’t believe guys and girls can remain ‘best friends’ for a lifetime in a purely platonic term. Yes all you women, curse my backward train of thought as much as you like, call me a pig but that is the truth. Men do not understand the implications of the word ‘platonic.’ As much as they would like you to believe otherwise, they simply cannot stay away from getting emotionally involved with women. All men are capable of falling in love with any woman and in my views are culpable of the offense of harbouring feelings for all the women in their life. How they choose to hide it is their perrogative. They remain softies inside and need women to shell the inner selves that they hide from the eyes of the rest of the world. No matter what they tell women, all men will fall in love with them at one point or another. All men will have their hearts broken at one point or another. If they are man enough to admit it and handle it, no mature man would drop all inhibitions to jump into a purely platonic relationship with women. There will always be boundaries. Maybe I am wrong but my limited experience in this lifetime leads me to believe I cannot honour the implications of the term ‘platonic relationships’ and as a mark of respect to all the women that have ever been kind enough to lend me their support, I shall not feign the same. I would not be caught dead in a relationship that is built even faintly around the term ‘platonic.’

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