Thursday, October 28, 2010

Murphy's Law

Old man Murphy and his silly infallible law
Ruined perfect situations by prophecizing their flaw
Just when things are perfect and we begin to look up
Stupid little hurdles leave us all shook up
Wise-crack Mr. Murphy, takes no time to pass a wicked smile
It's like he's snickering to say 'I told you so all the while!'
And he reminds your bruised ego, that pricks a little still
'Everything that can go wrong, eventually will'
I bet like me, you too
then curse him raw
Damn old man Murphy and his silly infallible law!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Pepeo - The Butterfly

Dull environs
And a chill in the air
Perfect ingredients
To push my mind away from here
Slowly I slip
To a world of my own
Amongst those flowers and streams
A presence that only recently I've known
She flitters and flutters
Gleaming in the soft sunlight
I sit down on the grass
Admiring the grace of her flight
She moves randomly
From one flower to the next
Pausing just occasionally
To let her wings rest
She stretches out lazily
To show off her colours, shining and gleamy
Then takes flight again
Assured that she's left me dreamy
I get up from my spot
Ready to follow her around
But in the blink of an eye
She's gone again, without a hint or a sound
I look around but reality tugs at me
And I blink back with a sigh
I'm left longing once again
For whence I'd see, that flittering, fluttering butterfly...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Maybe we're here by meticulous design

They had a crisis at hand, no doubt about it. A matter of life and death...or perhaps, at the end of a quest having figured out everything about life and death. Millennia of evolution had finally led to this point where they now knew how and why the cycle of life existed,  the point where every question that could be asked, had finally been answered. It'd been a day that had been looked forward to for as long as could be remembered and unanimously agreed upon to be looked at as the pinnacle of evolution, the crowning glory for all forms of existence.
Yet, there is always somebody with a counterview no matter how good the situation is, so why should this occassion have been any different? The lone mad-man who believed this day to be the bane for all existence. Who saw the realisation of ultimate knowledge as the end of all life, for if all questions had been answered, what would be the point of life carrying on any further? All life that did exist with the ultimate knowledge at hand, would live on dissatisfied and disillusioned. The point where wisdom itself, would undo all it had helped achieve thus far.
And his fears had been realised. There was a sudden and utter feeling of pointlessness. A calm that extended so deep, that all desire to continue with life had been lost. The world lay itself to decay in the absence of a dissatisfaction that drove life in pursuit of satisfaction.
But the doubter had been prepared. Before all questions could have been answered, he designed a world that would never figure out the ultimate truth. A world where the living were always dis-satisfied and eager to seek answers but all they'd discover were more questions. And he built that world far away from other prying eyes. As one world lay to decay upon it's own greatness, far away in great secrecy, the non-believer gave life a chance to continue, in one form or the other...
And even today, life flows in a continual circle and the living are eternally locked in the quest to find the ultimate truth...but to His greatest success, none can be found.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I Love My Illusions

I love my illusions
With them my life just eases
I refuse to give 'em up
They smoothen out all the creases
I sit and dream fondly
Of things that never were
I dont care if they come to fruition
Or forever, just remain a blur
I play with the same scenes
Each time conjuring different versions
My life my love my dreams
I love my illusions...

Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Independence of Moments and Eternity Theorem

What is the past? Nothing more than the moment you just spent thinking about it.
What is the future? An eternity that lies somewhere in the distance from where you are right now.

So here's the deal. How can a moment be held responsible for the fate of an eternity? Not logical is it?
So life must roll on in anticipation of the eternity to come rather than in remorse or regret or even over-zealous celebration of a moment that has long passed by, right?

And there you have it, 'The Independence of Moments and Eternity Theorem!'

Funnily enough, by virtue of it's own argument, for this theorem to be validated, it should be lost in a moment too!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Love maybe beautiful but it's over-rated
The best affairs are always the ones that are ill-fated
While it lasts, you walk with a deluded smile, feeling elated
And forget, with perilous consequences, everything in life, is post-dated

Then fate strikes, to overturn your apple cart
The ones you thought you'd grow old with, pack their bags and depart
In their wake, you learn to grow up, stronger in the pain of being apart
And all you're left with, are bygone memories to cherish and the task of nursing your broken heart

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Looking at life through retrospective lenses
I wanna play with time, go back and mend some fences
But foresight then lights up the past in all it's irrelevances
And here I lie in the present, at the edge of reason and the end of my senses...