Thursday, October 28, 2010

Murphy's Law

Old man Murphy and his silly infallible law
Ruined perfect situations by prophecizing their flaw
Just when things are perfect and we begin to look up
Stupid little hurdles leave us all shook up
Wise-crack Mr. Murphy, takes no time to pass a wicked smile
It's like he's snickering to say 'I told you so all the while!'
And he reminds your bruised ego, that pricks a little still
'Everything that can go wrong, eventually will'
I bet like me, you too
then curse him raw
Damn old man Murphy and his silly infallible law!


Ria said...

Ha ha nice poem.

Punam said...

Now that is a masterpiece of a poem, Bikram!! The best explanation i cud ever find for Murphy's Law.. well done! Witty and every bit true.

Unruly Rebel said... explanation to law ever... :)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Ria:> :) Blame it on work-life!

@Punam:> :) Hehehe...glad it's been appreciated so well!

@Unruly Rebel:> :P

pj said...

haha ...good one!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@pj:> Thank you!