Wednesday, July 23, 2014

So I have managed one poem in the past one year.

Monday, July 07, 2014

Bikram Wisodm : The Federer Remorse

Yes, I am a Federer fan. Yes, I adore the way he has carried himself all these years.
Now that we've established these facts, we can move ahead knowing this will be an absolutely unbiased and a very objective post.

Did you watch the 2014 Wimbledon Gentlemen's Final? If you did, you witnessed an absolute masterclass in Tennis from two great champions of the game. The end though, as a friend put it later, was sudden. Up until that point in the fifth, I'd absolutely have put my money of Federer making it an unprecedented eighth. Though in all honesty, it would be a precedented eighth Wimbledon crown.

The way Roger carried himself on court though, got me thinking back to the year he had lost to Nadal and cried on court right through the presentation. This wasn't the same man though. This was a calm, composed Roger who seemed at peace with losing to a man who had lost 4 of the last 5 finals he had been in and was filled with self doubt. And like Novak put it, Roger seemed to have let him win it.

I know, conspiracy theory.

But that gets us to the theory of 'The Federer remorse'. It's when you look back on your former self and cannot believe the kind of imbecile you'd been. Just like Roger. He was so much in control of himself (and the course of the match too?) that he was completely at peace with losing to Novak. Right through the match, Fed seemed more concerned about not making the ball-boys and ball-girls run for the ball than he was about trying to run down the Djokovic serve. He looked a complete Champion to me. Something Novak might be a couple of years down the line. Maybe then, Novak might look back on himself and be filled with the 'Oh what an imbecile I was!' emotion. Or in other words, The Federer Remorse!