Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Random Insanity...or Accidental Genius?

Perhaps the discovery was an accident but then again, as Oogway said, perhaps there are no accidents. In light of what has transpired since, it seems more likely that being in the right place at the right time wasn’t an accident either. Then again, as more time lapses, it begs the question if it indeed was the right place and the right time at all. Thoughts that the mind has been lost keep cropping up over and over again. Then again, to think as lucidly and be able to analyse all the mindboggling events with a clear head cannot be coupled with insanity…but hasn’t genius always been fraught with insanity? Perhaps all the logic being sought is simply to justify the lack of insanity or as has been made evident, to justify one’s own existence in whatever way tangible. Is there really as much genius though? Perhaps discovering them might suggest a fraction of genius but then again, it could all just have been an accident…or maybe not, if Oogway is right. And they say Oogway was right. Wiser than us all.