Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sometimes, when you've been breathless for far too long
And the shackles break away momentarily
You end up holding your breath and before you know it, the moments already gone
And you realise, that somewhere along the way, you've forgotten what its like to breathe!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bikram Wisodm

Why do they say today won't come back? It'll still be here tomorrow!

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Kuch beeta hua...

Peeche khada ek kal
Tang karta hai pal pal,
Par chand yaadein aur chand pal
Na cheen payenge mera aane wala kal...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

There comes a time...

There comes a time when life doesn't flow
And seems to have slowed down to a trickle
When your days pass by without a memorable moment
And you can but reminisce the days when you were fickle

There comes a time when life has no answers
And questions don't cross your mind anymore
When your thoughts pass by without any significance
And you give up to relishing in memories of the days of yore

There comes a time when life holds no surprises
And realisation dawns on what already has been
When your wants peter down to what you can have
And your reality is more important than your dreams

And your past weighs down what should've been your present
When you're too bogged down by all your strife
And you don't even want to fight to have it all back
There comes a time when life stops being life...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

If you love your job... are mediocre...for you have no ambition and you have no dreams...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Letter from the Butterfly

And She Said:

"The mighty pen stands alone
its glory days are over
The brush with paper, the touch of ink no more
it stays inside its cover

The human speaks of numbers and words
that the pen knew not of before
There is a buzz of gadget, the glare of its screen
no bits of paper that rolled and tore

The fingers that held this pen with love
now do a tapping dance
There's a buoyancy in his fingers
but of its presence in the heart, there is a milder chance

The human may one day stop ignoring his pen
or it may become a bit too late
Till then, work, as men would like it said
keeps the pen in a lonesome wait"

But darling butterfly, dont you know?
"There was a dream once, 
worthy enough to be chased
And pen in hand, 
after it I'd raced
There was a dream once, 
that filled me with glee
And with words strung together, 
my spirit would roam free
There was a dream once 
and she gave  my life meaning
But she walked away once, 
whilst I was still dreaming
There was a dream once 
but when it lay shattered I asked what went wrong
And she told me, 
life is more than just words, rhymes and a song
There was a dream once 
but reality came calling
Said I was stumbling too much, 
said I was free falling
I walk with open eyes now, 
mindful of worldly viles and worldly gains
There was a dream once 
but of it now, only a memory remains..."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bikram Wisodm

When is a guy ready for marriage? When he loses all desire to put up a fight because he understands the irrelevance of being right!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Maybe its Just Lust

Albern reached out to his dresser to turn-off the alarm just before it went off. He hadn’t needed it to wake him up today, he hadn’t slept all night as he lay awake thinking about Adele. He hadn’t known her for too long and yet, in just a few weeks, she’d already left him longing sleeplessly for her…as if the sleepless nights she gave when she was around in his apartment weren’t bad enough! He needed to gather himself and find the confident, successful architect that designed majestic buildings at Rosewood Scapes. Adele was supposed to be a fling, not the whirlwind affair that left him tied in knots as it was turning out to be. As he put on his running shoes, he knew he’d have to make today’s run a lot longer and a lot harder, running from any situation was always easy after all!

Adele was the consultant architect from Sybarite UK, the London based architectural firm that was collaborating with Rosewood on one of the most ambitious skyscrapers to dot NYC’s landscape yet. Albern was certain it’d be a monument, not just another tall sky-scraper to hang in New York’s already crowded skyline and if he wasn’t sure before, the ideas that had begun flowing when Adele had joined, reaffirmed his belief. His own creative juices seemed to flow copiously in her presence, even grown men can have such childish exuberance when they want to make an impression. Albern was responsible for how the building would look from the outside and he had plans of the grandest of scales and had spent many a hour designing in his mind every overlay and every little carving that would go up on the building’s arches, no matter how obscure. Adele was responsible for maximizing the space within Albern’s grand building and working out the best structural design to compliment his grandiose plans. And compliment him well she did, both in the design room and outside. They seemed perfect for each other.

He still remembered and played the scene when he first met her. He’d walked in late for the meeting ‘Tardy American’ she’d reprimanded him, ‘Fashionably late,’ he defended later. He apologized and made his way to his seat making acquaintance with the rest of the Sybarite team as he went along. He fumbled for words though when he reached Adele and it had taken Adele’s reprimand to get his tongue to retort with something intelligent…in hindsight though, he had to admit, it wasn’t quite all that intelligent. He seemed to have been completely mesmerized by an aura of confidence that surrounded her and told her of this as he held her close one night. ‘Bah! That was pure lust. I have that effect on most men,’ she’d said. It was always difficult to get her mushy.

Adele was beautiful but her enigma seemed to overshadow her beauty for Albern. She was confident, witty, charming, intelligent and playful when needed but there was always a touch of mystery to her that drew him even closer to her. Most women had been more than willing to talk about their past, their dreams, their emotions and just about anything after a couple of nights but with her it had been different. She seemed to only talk about work and utter gossip always keeping a part of her secluded from him. He’d try getting through to her, to get under her skin, so to speak but had always been greeted by a cheerful laugh and before he knew it, she’d hijack the topic to something totally different. In the weeks she used to spend in New York, Albern felt like he was the center of her world and yet, when she was back in London, she’d disappear like she couldn’t have cared less. Perhaps she was married he’d first thought but her finger bore no signs of a wedding ring nor did her phone keep buzzing whilst she was in New York, a husband would’ve called often, Albern reasoned. After all, who wouldn’t if they were married to Adele? She’d let slip a name on occasion, Marcus. An old flame she’d told him and quickly brushed aside the subject as always. His heart had felt a deep pang the few times it’d happened and he’d had to remind himself that this was supposed to be fun, a stress buster. But he’d felt drawn even more to her every time. He’d once made the mistake of telling her he was on the verge of falling in love with her when he lay spent beside her but she’d playfully chided that it was just pure lust and seemed to seal his lips with hers, eager to avoid the subject. He’d thought about ending it between them that night but he couldn’t get himself to do it. After all, the sex was incredible and he reasoned perhaps, it was lust that carried him on.

He was almost at the end of his run as he turned back onto his block and running hadn’t done him much good. There were still cobwebs in his head and he’d spent even more time thinking about her. As he entered his apartment and saw the clock hit 9, he realized Adele would’ve landed in Heathrow. He checked his phone to see a few missed calls from her and a few messages with sweet nothings in them. And just as always, that’d be the all that he’d hear from her till she got back the next week. He’d have to settle for the longing sleepless nights till then.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Its 3 am and I lie awake, my sleep robbed

Its your fault again, you've left my heart throbbed

Dreams lie mixed with the events of the recent past

And I dont know how long I can keep these feelings masked

Perhaps if I'd let it all out my heart will be at ease

But to say it all would have consequences that wouldn't necessarily please

And so it lies bottled somewhere deep within

A burden I'd like to share but I dont know how to begin

Perhaps time will take its toll as it always has done

And just as always I wont have to say a thing, perhaps, just as always, I could run...

Thursday, August 04, 2011

There's a world where my best laid plans have always come good
Where the words I've said are never misunderstood
There's a world where my best intentions always have the right outcome
And I've always succeeded in whatever I've done
There's a world where even unintentionally have I never caused harm
Where unparalleled is my wit and inescapable is my charm
There's a world where all I've ever wanted, is all I've always had
And if you ever happen to find the way to get there, let me sure as hell would make me glad...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time to Part...

Every passing day and you're betrayed by your lips
Its always the smallest detail but it always slips
Perhaps someone lesser might've taken long to know
But I love you too much and I've never needed you to show
Whats on your mind and worse, whats buried in your heart
I've always been able to tell, even when we've been far apart
So long before you'll know, I'd have prepared to part ways
Long before you give me the tears, I'd have done my crying under the greys
Consider this my farewell, my thank you for journeying with me
Perhaps another age, another time, another life...but right now, its time you set me free....

Thursday, July 21, 2011

It has been a long time...and to be honest, I haven't missed writing as much as I thought I would have and neither has the poet in me died as I thought he might. There are still a million rhymes running through this mind and they just dont let up. And just occasionally, one of them escapes out.
Not among my best, not by far but it's the only one that was resilient enough to escape and so be deserving enough to be here and now. 

I was young
I was loved
But I wasn't happy in what I had
I was foolish
I was lost
And I thought I needed more to make me glad
Maybe chance
Maybe luck
Maybe something else will take me back
Maybe me
Maybe her
Maybe someday one of us will understand what we lack
Oh I think
Oh I feel
Oh I know I've been wrong
Oh I care
Oh I know
Oh I have missed you way too long
Come away
Come again
Come let me try and get it right
Come back
Come here
Come to me in more than just my dreams at night
And even now
And even then
And even more so when we're far apart
And till now
And till then
And till you get here I'll be nursing my heart
I love you
I love you
And I'm sorry I havent said it in as many words
I love you
I love you
And I'm hoping, someday, more than I've said, you would've heard...

(I just lost myself in Robbie Williams' Shes the One...loosely based on its tune...)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ok, so this is here only because I was just feeling terrible that I haven't been able to post anything in some time now...blame it on a writer's block or the damned people who've employed me and just won't let me sleep!
Well, anywho, some fabulous news, I got the copyright registered for my book so I now hold an official copyright to my name! How awesome is that?

Oh and I moved into my own little place in Bombay and that's what it looks like...well, that's about it for now...(in Cutey's signature style), until next time...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yeah, life got the better of me
My brave but brief battle was in vain
I tried to dream things that no one did see
But ended up leaving it a dream in the end

Oh I was good and I knew it well
And I knew I could chase down those dreams
For there was a passion with which my heart did swell
When I spent countless hours by that stream

But she was resilient, was life in her quest
And stole my little joys away
Then sat there pointing at me and laughing aloud in jest
'Life always finds a way' she says

I thought I needed to give it space and give it time
And forgot t'was me that propounded time's irrelevance
Such poetic irony, could after all only be mine
My dreams and aspirations, separated from me, by my own white collared picket fence

I'd always dreaded ending in this fashion
Stuck in the rut, compromised and static
Long gone are the days when there was promise and so much passion
For today I was abused and called pragmatic...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

These days gone by, have been but a blur
The white collared life, has changed all that were
Not a minute to breathe, not a minute to pause
Not a minute to ponder on any other cause
But just on occasion, there are gentle reminders
Of a life somewhere, beyond these walls and binders
When on a cloudy day the wind gently rustles the leaves
And a gorgeous blue butterfly dances merrily on the breeze
She takes me away from the madness, if only for a while
But its long enough to cheer me for the day and leave me beaming with a smile...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Beauty and The Beast Theory

The Beauty and The Beast Theory

Have you ever looked at a couple and invariably wondered 'How the heck did someone like that end up with someone like that?'

Well, here's the explanation.

1. Beautiful people are narcissists...they cannot stand the thought of being out done by someone, especially not their better halves!

2. They love being the center of attention...and they know pretty well, that 'that' thing isn't really gonna get any luckier so they're assured of undivided attention at all times.

3. They're human...and obviously easily jealous. It's so much easier to be with someone who is so out of depth with them that they couldn't evoke any jealousy...a little pity maybe!

And a host of other deviant reasons.

But eventually, these are the happiest of couples...the beast cant take eyes off the beauty...I mean, if you can get as lucky as that and yet keep it simple, who needs to be beautiful, right?

Friday, May 06, 2011

The Book...Just Waiting to be Written

 So tell me, what tales do you hold bottled within
For I look at you and I can't help feel, you're a story waiting to be written
I see you lost and pensive, deep in thought
Your eyes tell me you're in a world elsewhere and it happens oft
What are these secrets that you hold buried in your past
That your smiles betray, though you want 'em hidden away, deep in your heart
It fascinates me no end, everytime I see you put up your charade
I wonder if the others too can see past the illusion that for them you create
Tell me of these dreams that leave you haunted
I bet you've lain in bed and scores of sheep fruitlessly counted
For those traces of dark around your eyes
Tell their own story of your pain fraught with his lies
Oh I know there's been a him and never them since
The ghosts of a love-lost that still make you wince
There's much I wanna know of where you're going and where you've been
How I'd love to hear of it all, that till now you have seen
Oh, you're a good book just waiting to be written but I'm not gonna write of your fascinating pain and sorrow
Nor do I wanna read the book of your life...I just wanna be a part of your story, when you live it tomorrow....

Monday, May 02, 2011

Drunk Again

Its 2am and I'm driving back home

Having met my cronies after long

With the windows rolled down, I'm driving all alone

On dark deserted streets, crooning out old songs

I love the lyrics and I love the tune

I'm no good and darned well aware

But that aint gonna stop me, I'm so gonna croon

It's too darned late to not scream without care

I slow down, not wanting this drive to end

For the wind in my hair feels real nice

I turn back to hit the road just as I'm on the last bend

I think I'm gonna make this a long long night

I slowly lose myself in the dark of the road

With every turn I'm drawn further in a maze

The city in the night casts a spell with its beautiful glow

And my head grows heavy in memories' haze

Before I know it, I'm in lanes that I've seen before

And I remember the endless hours I've spent here

I guess thats the thing about small towns and everywhere you go

You'll always find a memory waiting everywhere

And then I'm passing that yellow pad where lives the butterfly

But at 3 am she must be asleep

Its been some time since I saw her flutter by

I shrug my shoulders and think "Maybe next week"

I feel drowsiness taking hold of me

Guess its high time I head back

I trudge my way home, still as slowly

It's 4am as I hit the sack

I lie in bed, tired but my eyes are still open wide

As my thoughts wander back and forth

I wonder why insomnia plagues me tonight

Perhaps it were the third cuppa coffee..."Nah" I tell myself, "t'was definitely the fourth"


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Older than I wanna be

I think I'm older now than I wanna be
For I spend too much time thinking of what has been
For I think too little now, of all my dreams
For the little joys now are just as little as to the others they seem
For I've learnt the polite smile and given up bursting from my seams
For when I think of her now I no longer gleam
For she too has become another memory that I've confused with a dream
For I wish now I could turn the clock and undo parts of what has been
And be back to a time when I could close my eyes and be sitting there, my feet dipping in the stream...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Someday, not long from now, i will be gone
When my time in this world is through and done
But I wont fade away, not even long after I'm dead
I'll be living on and on, even if its only in your head
And I'm smiling as I think, that long after I roll over and die
You'll be reading some of what I've written and I know you'll remember this one and I know, I'll have made you cry!

(Hehehe...quite the sadist there, arent I?)

This Girl I Know

Everytime I close my eyes, I still always see you
The warmth of your love, more than any I ever knew
I sit here and thank my stars, for all the joy I have now got
But I thank them most, for to me, you they've brought
I wish I could express all that you mean to me
Tell you that for me, you are the true meaning of beauty
And so I flounder and for you, put together these words
Hoping when you read them, my thoughts you'll have heard
As sleep weighs in and to the land of dreams I drift slow
I wanna tell you I love you, now, more than ever and forever, o girl I know...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Cheque!

Today, I received my first payment from the publishers for my book...a grand total of Rs. 126/- and it is the only money I'm proud of having earned!
Woohoo! Go Biks! 

Monday, April 04, 2011


I was once a tree, in a dense old forest
And amongst equals, I stood tall
Rain and shine, fed me strength
Till the day their axes, chopped me to my fall

They hacked our leaves and our branches
And left nothing but our stumps in the ground
I dont know what they wanted
When they left us scathed and bare, no more tall, just long and round

They pushed us in the river
Her waters carrying us somewhere downstream
Till I found refuge on the banks
Amongst big rocks and some old memories and dreams

The others though had resigned
To whatever it was their fates had deemed
None stopped for refuge
Though of them I pleaded and screamed

As winter came by
And the waters took a chill
I saw the last of my friends float down
The last one to fall from our hill

My spirit slowly was broken
As rain and shine weakened me now
A rot in me had settled
And the futility of my situation I saw

Then one day the river swelled
When the rains poured down hard
And I let myself be washed out of my rocky lagoon
Rotten, battered and scarred

I floated downstream on the current
Saw none of the friends that I'd hoped I would
And I closed my eyes one last time
As all spirit left me and I resigned to fate like all those others, just another driftwood...

Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Ain't Lettin Go...

I'm drunk with love and you're to blame
And I wish you'd blame me too
I pass you the drink and look askance
Till our eyes meet and I shy and shrug away from you

Sprawled on the couch, I see you lie
But I'm not quite sure if we're tipsy yet
I take another gulp from the drink again
And slouch further with every breath

You've stayed here so long and I feel glad
Yet it seems it's not been long enough
I look at you fondly, for the umpteenth time
Maybe you really could change my mind about love

I know quite well, that I'm tying you down
That my overbeaing shade denies you joys of rain and shine
But as the drink dwindles down to its last drops, I know I wont let you go
For if I did, maybe you'll come back but I fear, for love, I won't change my mind...

(And this one's inspired too...maybe you'll get to read the one that inspired this someday too!)

Fallen Leaves from the Butterfly's Gardens...

Sitting in a crowded bus, a butterfly drowned me in fallen leaves

And the leaves stayed with me right there, when of them I begged please

Then they piled on upon me and with them blew me far away

To my home of many years, where not so long ago I did stay

In every leaf I saw, my hopes and dreams as they were

In a time that seems long past, so long, even the memory is a blur

But the leaves said they'd been trod upon, that their crunched form held the past

That no matter where I go now, in them, those memories will forever last

So one day when I come back, after times well spent elsewhere

To the place where my heart so fondly rests, that they'd still be right there

To help me find my way back, to welcome me home again

In the gardens of the butterfly, where I may still tread on them once again...

(Maybe someday you will read the original that inspired this of the best poems I've read, period. Ah well, until then, you can read this one...)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The world seemed a little too grey
As it happens sometimes, when things dont go your way
In search of answers, I wandered alone
Amongst sands and streams and sticks and stones
Then in the distance, I spotted something new
With shuffling steps, closer I drew
I stood mesmerised when I finally caught a clear glance
As she fluttered around in her sprightly dance
Everything she touched seemed to burst in so many colours
So I took a few more steps hoping to borrow some of hers
She seemed to notice and flittered nearer
Brightened my world as we grew dearer
She took me away, on her flights of fancy
Her beautiful wings, that lend colour to all the dullness I see
Mischief and charm that fill forlorn hearts with glee
How I cherish these times, these times of the butterfly and me...

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm not short on words, not by a long stretch
Yet, I find myself floundering around
A long pause I take, as if to catch my breath
Yet when my lips part and my tongue swaggers, I hear not even the whisper of a sound

I'm not short on thoughts, oh anything but
Yet, I seem to be caught off guard
And I close my eyes, as if to muster my guts
Yet when I open them up, I betray no intelligence, not even a stray shard

I'm not confused, no not at all
Yet, clarity seems a far cry
Into the depths of doubt, I try to avoid a freefall
Yet, I've deserted me, no more myself am I

I'm not scared, not even of the unknown
Yet, pensiveness today seems a part of me
I look away, trying to come to terms with what within has grown
Yet, I can't help but look again, for your beauty makes me want more of that miserable glee...

(You're not beautiful because you look pretty, you're beautiful for the way I see you behind that pretty face...)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Voices In My Head

Too many times that I've wanted to get up and leave
Tired of all the tricks that they keep pulling up their sleeve
Too many practical conversations that I've been a part of
And I've really grown tired of listening now
Their voice of impeccable reason and their condescending smile
They don't know it but they've lost me and it's been quite a while
They still think they know me and what I really need
They might've known better if they'd have listened and paid more heed
All those times that they've found me here, my feet dipping in the stream
If they'd really seen me, they'd know what I really wanna do is dream
I wanna shout out and tell them practicality and reason is their way not mine
But for some reason I just shut myself up again and sit here in silence, every single time...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Been long since the butterfly had fluttered my way
In a little cocoon she seemed to lay hidden away
But at long last I spotted her today
By a small garden, in the middle of day

Still as graceful as I remembered the butterfly to be
Still a picture of unfettered beauty
I sat near and smiled with unabashed glee
That stemmed from the benefit of such jocund company

A bitter sweet nectar we feasted upon
As the mist of conversation was switched on
Reminiscing flights in times bygone
Dreaming of those we’ll make in tomorrow’s beautiful dawn

And the moments piled as hours passed by
Life’s turbulence that the afternoon did belie
Yet soon enough reality and evening drew nigh
As I stood and watched her flit away again, that flittering, fluttering butterfly

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


No weariness in these eyes yet
Though the clock says its almost dawn
A formidable foe I seem to have met
For these lips let pass not even a stray yawn

Have spent hours sleepless in bed
Thoughts running within in scores
Wish I could show you what runs in my head
Maybe you could help me soothe some sores

I've tried to blank my mind to sleep
But tonight theres too much noise inside
Too many doubts rooted far too deep
From them theres no place left to hide

No one to sing me a lullaby
Nor to cozily cuddle to
Tossing and turning all night I lie
And my misery I share with you...

Monday, February 14, 2011

A Very Interesting Weekend

My best friends will soon be married! And I get to be a part of their story forever!
For starters though, Sarthak (name unchanged) is a clot. After dating for 7 odd years, he finally was gonna introduce his better half to his folks. Although, Sarthak being Sarthak, this couldn't be just the regular awkwardest moment in life for the girl, no. It had to be the weirdest day in life for her. I bet she ought to have known right? He is her choice after all!
Sarthak, was in Delhi, his parents and his soon to be fiance, were in Pune. Nice huh? So what does he do? He asks me to accompany her to make it a little less awkward for her! Sigh...the things I do for my friends!
Nonetheless, it was a pleasant evening with Sarthak's parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, his cousins and the future Mrs. S! Was one of the most memorable evenings in my life, one that I'll be telling not just my kids and grandkids but the S's kids and grandkids! After all, isn't that what friends are for?

Sunday, February 06, 2011

My Favourite Lines By Me

For all those times we thought we’d be together forever

That we won’t have to say our good-byes, ever

We forgot that nothing ever remains the same

And people leave for the same reasons they came

Now things have happened

And times have changed

And we’ve learnt to look upon life

Like nothings strange…

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Life sometimes doesn't make any sense
Mysteries of the divine ways beyond mortal cognizance
Broken hearts and broken dreams that hurt more than broken toes
Trying to climb out but digging deeper into those lows
Pensive and pennant, searching for answers all alone
But the quagmire deepens for the answers have shrunk and the questions grown
Groping and flailing and snatching at straws
Prisoner to those inherent inextinguishable human flaws
And in their wake, staring sleeplessly in the dark at an invisible ceiling
Surrounded by gloom and that sickening hopeless feeling
Not yet stranded though for there is still some help about
But then again, would it be worth reaching for the hands that now seem to reach out?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Lehar

I lived once in a city that I could only look at with disdain
For all its messes, crowds and other such unbearable pain
And I met this girl that loved it to bits
Everywhere she looked, she saw sheer beauty and its wonderful spirit
I tried my best to show her its faults
But even in them, she would always show me the beautiful parts
Admittedly, I soon fell in love too
With Bombay and my dear friend, Patlu

A wonderful friend, right from the start
A strange girl, with a wonderful heart
She saw the good in me, even in all that was bad
The warmth of her smile, always left me feeling glad
A personality colored with a million different hues
Outspoken, headstrong and staunch about her views
About life and love, and a whole lotta issues
Love you for being ‘Cute n Confused’!

This one's been long overdue! Sorry Lehar, took me long enough! 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Standing on the precipice of the unknown
Discomforted by what has come
Anxious for what will soon be gone

Dreams formed firm of what it should be
Apprehensively in love with what I did see
Nervous as hell, for I want to set them free

I find myself tied down by what is reality
Cautious with impulses of practicality
Confused by the fears and rigours of mortality

Though everything suggests I ought to otherwise
I'm gonna chase what in my heart now lies
Draw strength from the knots in my stomach and the butterflies

(The end, punnily enough, was thanks to the butterfly!)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bikram Wisodm

Sometimes we think we've got plenty of time, sometimes we think we're running out...I'm beginning to believe it's just irrelevant!


When I started out, I knew I had none
The stuff I read, always reinforced that I was a bum
And the more I sought it in others, the more I learnt
That if I was ever gonna get any, it wasn't gonna be without getting my fingers burnt

And so I spent my days as a kid, often listless
The expectations of others, always reinforced I was a mess
And the more I tried to sort myself out, the more I was aware
That if I was ever gonna get any, it wasn't gonna be without a little scare

When I grew up a little more, I looked hard to try and find
But what the others saw, always reinforced I was blind
And the more I tried to see, the more I realised
That if I was ever gonna get any, it wasn't gonna be without skinning my hide

I spent my days as a teen, mostly in a haze
The confusion that was unfolding, always reinforced I was crazed
And the more I tried to seek clarity, the more I understood
That if I was ever gonna get any, it wasn't gonna be without being misunderstood

In my days as a young man, I have now come to know
What I seemed to have sought, was just a misleading show
And the more I try to be real, the more I seem to comprehend
That if I'm ever gonna get any, it wont be before the end...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Midnight Drive

A little bit of moonlight and a few scattered stars
Dimly lit roads and a few passing cars
The rumble of the engine drowns the chill in the air
And yes its past midnight but I still got wind in my hair

Light from the headlamp brightens up the way ahead
But through the maze of my thoughts in darkness I tread
I try sorting them but give up soon after
I seem to be haunted by my own mocking laughter

With a good dose of the throttle the engine I gun
Far from here the bike and me do run
The dark landscape meanwhile has changed unseen
And at the end of my ride I'm back where I'd begun, as if never away from here have I been....

Friday, January 07, 2011

Life at 23 With This Girl I Know

And if you so wish, you can buy the book here!
For the uninitiated, it's a selective collection of my poems.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Wishing You a Happy New Year!

Another year that's come and gone
Some things we've lost, some things we've won
Through storms that knocked the wind out of our sail
We carried on, on wafts of hope when all else did fail
More lessons that we learnt under life's folds
Of dreams and compromises that life still holds
And yet, there is much still to learn
For we despise much and for much we yearn
So we carry on our quest in our mortal days
To understand life and it's mysterious ways
With the same old hopes, the same old dreams but a renewed vigour
We walk in again, to win some and lose some, in the unknown realm of another new year....