Thursday, January 27, 2011

For Lehar

I lived once in a city that I could only look at with disdain
For all its messes, crowds and other such unbearable pain
And I met this girl that loved it to bits
Everywhere she looked, she saw sheer beauty and its wonderful spirit
I tried my best to show her its faults
But even in them, she would always show me the beautiful parts
Admittedly, I soon fell in love too
With Bombay and my dear friend, Patlu

A wonderful friend, right from the start
A strange girl, with a wonderful heart
She saw the good in me, even in all that was bad
The warmth of her smile, always left me feeling glad
A personality colored with a million different hues
Outspoken, headstrong and staunch about her views
About life and love, and a whole lotta issues
Love you for being ‘Cute n Confused’!

This one's been long overdue! Sorry Lehar, took me long enough! 


Sneha said...

Lovely dedication.:)

Ria said...

Yes i 2nd Sneha! :) Lovely.

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Thank you guys! Lehar liked it too!
Had owed her one for a very long time and when she wrote an awesome review for the book on, I was more than obliged!
She was also lucky (or so I assume!) that she had the poem as an autograph on the signed copy!
(Ok, now I'm just showing off na? :P )
Btw, I'd like to give a copy to the both of you let me know if we can work something out!

Sneha said...

I will let u know when i will be in India next time.:)

P.S:-Din hai show off karney key karo karo benta hai.:)

Lost in Translation said...

Now I know what the Bribe was :P

BTW... just a suggestion.. you can put an embedded link to your book on the blog.. top-right.. :)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Lost in Translation: I can? How???

cute n confused said...

i didnt like it, i loved it! :)
thnx once again :)