Friday, December 24, 2010

Staring at a frayed silhouette...

Sleepless, an hour past midnight
I sit at the window, bathed in moonlight
Staring at the frayed silhouette of the tree outside
I introspect what's recently been a rough ride
My wishes were granted, as they always seem to be
Trouble of course, is I never know what's good for me
The stubborn child within, refuses to accept he's been wrong
And even less, admit its time to move on
He just seems to think there's something better even now
Plays with fantasies wishing they'd come to life somehow
Reality to him always seems surreal
That optimist thinks the future holds a better deal
But I got Matchbox 20 playing in the background
And even they believe 'that the world is burning to the ground'
Sigh, providence and the universe's cryptic ways
Messing with me and my mortal days
I guess its just as well then, that in the dark I continue to stare
At frayed dark silhouettes, that seem adept to answer questions, that I wouldn't dare...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Slipping Through My Fingers...

Life's been up and life's been down
Given me many a smile and many a frown
I've been a fool though, all along
When I should've done right, I've always done wrong
Much that I've done, better could've been
If beyond my flaws, I could've seen...

I try in vain to hold on
But before I can get a grip, the moment is gone
I'm chasing shadows, in a losing game
And as much as I want, nothing remains the same
For more than a moment nothing lingers
Joy, love, life...slipping through my fingers...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

So in Other News

1. I'm out of a job...I quit and have no plans of what I'm gonna do now. Taking each day as it comes for now...

2. Remember that book I was talking about, the collection of poetry? Well, check this out.

There's still a little editing left on it, hence isn't quite available for sale but soon enough.

So, there...some interesting stuff happening in my life, apparently!

Monday, December 06, 2010

Run as far as you like, you still will be found
Run as fast as you like, you're still losing ground
Ignore it as long as you want, you still will come face to face
Ignore it as much as you want, it's still the truth of our days
Illusions you may conjure but the comfort ain't gonna last
You just don't know it yet but death's right around the corner and it's coming fast....