Friday, December 24, 2010

Staring at a frayed silhouette...

Sleepless, an hour past midnight
I sit at the window, bathed in moonlight
Staring at the frayed silhouette of the tree outside
I introspect what's recently been a rough ride
My wishes were granted, as they always seem to be
Trouble of course, is I never know what's good for me
The stubborn child within, refuses to accept he's been wrong
And even less, admit its time to move on
He just seems to think there's something better even now
Plays with fantasies wishing they'd come to life somehow
Reality to him always seems surreal
That optimist thinks the future holds a better deal
But I got Matchbox 20 playing in the background
And even they believe 'that the world is burning to the ground'
Sigh, providence and the universe's cryptic ways
Messing with me and my mortal days
I guess its just as well then, that in the dark I continue to stare
At frayed dark silhouettes, that seem adept to answer questions, that I wouldn't dare...


Punam said...

Bikram, u definitely need some inspiration and yes, you can find it here:

And if you think this is a ploy to get you to read my blog, well, maybe so.. unfair right, that you've never visited my blog? :)

I hope you find your inspiration.
You don't have to know what is good for you, because sometimes, our own definitions of what makes us happy are so distorted that we find ourselves helpless and confused. And it's during those times that you got to muster up the faith in His plans.

Ria said...

That was so conflicting na!

Saurabh said...

Very very nice :)
I like it!

Punam said...

Happy New Year to u, Bikram. I hope you find your purpose, and I hope all the folds get ironed out in your life this year. Keep going, be strong. :)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Punam: Thank you! For the inspiration and the new year wishes! May you have a very happy and prosperous new year too!
There is a lotta positivity there but there is a part of me that is wary of over-optimism! It's a good thing I know but then when that side dominates, there stems a little negativity/pessimism.
And I dont worry so much about His plans...I'm just worried about the lack of mine!

@Ria:'s the way I am. BUt like some famous poet said, us poets use our writings to channel out all our negativity. We're rather happy creatures, just misunderstood because we seem to pour our hearts out more than others.

@Saurabh: You're reading poetry! Hehehe...the 70:30 split have anything to do with it? :P