Monday, October 29, 2007

Everythings Changed

Every things changed around me,
Every things changed within me,
Nothing remains untouched and pure,
Nothing remains certain or sure,
Can you sit around and stare into infinity,
Can you come and sit next to me for eternity,
Cause I really need to go back to what I was,
Cause I really need to remember I can still break those laws,
All I want now is to go back in time,
All I want now is to reach out with every rhyme,
Nothing remains but the seeds you had sown,
Nothing remains but now in my life a beautiful garden has grown,
As I grow I realize how much I have learned,
As I grow from all those times when for you I yearned,
And with time those wounds have healed,
And with time the love forever inside me lies sealed!!!
for all those who might wanna read into this rhyme, it's not a manifestation of my state of mind...
in these past few days i have been at a creative high!
you wont believe it but i have had these tunes running in my head and have tried giving them words now. this is my second one though by now i have forgotten the tune for the first!!!
in either case, i reckon they arent too bad... lemme know what you guys think of the lyrics!!!

Friday, October 26, 2007


Where I go, I just don’t know,
My life is drifting with the flow,
I’m a tune that’s in your head even though,
I was an unknown song you heard on the radio…

Why I am here, I cannot tell,
Just trying to stay afloat with every swell,
Beautiful roses that make you stop and smell,
I am that gardener you wish you knew well…

In my heart does so much dwell,
Rising up always till I fell,
So much to put me in a shell,
I find my peace when I’m in hell…

With passing time, I grow,
Never a frown upon my brow,
So much that with me I tow,
And still, there’s always room for so much more…

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


I have for long noticed how much people are attached to both material posessions and addicted to several behavorial habits. I am not quite there cause the only things I seem to be addicted to are coffee and eggs (yes, yes you read that right... eggs... I am a big time eggetarian!)

All my friends here are always being asked by their girlfriends etc. to quit drinking and quit smoking. I say guys, ask the girls to quit using their cell phones or quit applying make-up!!! I am sure they will stop asking you perform these impossible tasks!!!

Well, I needed to prove to myself that I ain't as weak as the other mortals around me. Hence, i have taken it upon me to quit on two of my life's addictions. Have had no coffee for the past ten or twelve days. Lets see how long I can stick to this regimen. I am sure Ill crave in sooner than you think. As far as eggs are concerned, fat chance of craving in for that. Haven't had eggs since August I think... I think I have had enough of distancing myself from eggs... Will start again after this festive season is over I guess...


If all days were like today,
Lazing in bed with no POA,
Reading and writing with nothing to say,
I guess it happens when you have no money to pay!!!


Aren’t arranged marriages like auctions? Think about it, your parents are basically hoping to put you up for sale and also trying to get the best bargain in terms of buying themselves your other half! Seriously, I have studied several types of auctions, forward auctions, English auctions, dutch auctions, Japanese auctions, backward auctions so on and so forth. I suppose the concept of an arranged marriage is the home –grown version of an auction, the INDIAN AUCTION!
Have you come across any other culture that propagates the sale of the children of their house (it might be a tad over-fetched to call arranged marriages that but all the basic necessities of an auction are here!)

You have an auctioneer, usually in terms of someone who knows both the parties.
You have the sellers and buyers in terms of the families of the ones to be married.
You have a bid and someone to declare the bid as closed!
You have the basic malpractices of an auction too such as mis-representation, failure to deliver the promised goods, etc!

This of course would be a special type of auction where both the parties are both the sellers and bidders! There you have it then, an auction for your kids so they may be married!

Ten Ingenious Ways of Committing Suicide!

Here is my pick for the top ten ingenious ways of committing suicide:

10. While in a car with a guy at the wheel, tell him he is a bad driver. (there are a few things that men are more insecure about than their driving.) There are two things he would consider then – a) telling you to get out and hitch hike (in which case this wouldn’t really work towards suicide) b) proving his driving skills by pushing the pedal to the metal! (which of course is what almost all testosterone driven male brains would command them to do… unless they are gay ofcourse!)

9. Tell one of the women in your life they are over-weight. (this is what women are most insecure about. If men would drive you to death (literally) women too will thence prove they are adept at driving you to death too (albeit metaphorically!)
(this method is effective, unlike that with men, regardless of the sexual orientation of women, cause straight or lesbian, no one likes being called fat!)

8. Spend an evening discussing the financial markets with any one of the quartet of S.A.A.P. (some of you might miss the joke here but the four letters stand for four of the seniormost citizens of my class… hope you get the idea!)

7. Obtain admission in NMIMS, pay a fortune as the yearly fees and wait for summer placements!

6. Get accommodation at the G.R. Jani Boy’s Hostel (especially room no. 40!)

5. Try matching your wits with a certain Mr. Subodh Mallya. (though he is the one man that keeps me going in this city! What can I say, I am weird!)

4. Store all your information on your lappie, then instead of formatting the pen-drive, format your hard-disk by mistake! (you think that’s funny? I am sure Mehul would tell you a different story!)

3. Head off on a long drive with Ms. S A and Ms. A D for company. (although girls, I am not saying I wouldn’t come along! And I still love you guys! If you notice, I have done almost all of the things mentioned on this list and have come out trumps! I am still alive and loving my life… which kinda makes this list redundant huh?)

2. Read this blog… that too on a regular basis!!!

1. Fall in love!!! (Oh! Need I say more?)

*oh, and in case you aren’t satisfied with the results, you can always treat me to a couple of coffees. I am sure I might be able to work out something a tad more effective for you then!!!
Although, you might wanna have a word with Anuj Tagra Kanak Durga before you take this step!
(edited at the behest of the aformentioned!)

Some Forgotten Songs...

Hey, any Vincentians out there? In fact, anybody else who might be able to help me reconstruct these songs is welcome… I think it was way back in the third and fourth grades that I had sung these. Wonder where the lyrics now lie in some god forsaken corner of my mind…

Well, here is the first one… its called FORGET-ME-NOT AND BLUEBELLS…

A forget-me –not said, to a bluebell one day,
Why do you bend your head in that way?
Why don’t you lift your head up to the sky?
And bluebell replied, “Alright, I’ll try…”

Forget-me-not and Bluebell, are very friendly flowers,
They talk together in the garden for hours…

Bluebell lifted her head, and it started to rain,
Her head filled with water and dropped down again,
God had made her that way, with her head hanging down,
To see all the beauty that grows from the ground…

Forget-me-not and Bluebell are very friendly flowers,
They talk together in the garden for hours…

I know I am missing some verses here or have probably jumbled up the verses… damn, if I could only remember the whole song properly.

Here is the second, its called “IT’S A SMALL WORLD.”

It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears,
It’s a world of hope and a world of fears,
Though the mountains are wide,
And the oceans divide,
It’s a small world after all.

its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small world after all
its a small, small world

There is just one moon and one golden sun
And a smile means friendship to everyone.
Though the mountains divide
And the oceans are wide
It's a small small world

I found the remnant lyrics on the net, couldn’t remember the second stanza… but as far as forget-me-not is concerned, I still cant find a source… please help!!!
and hey if you remember any other songs, please feel free to remind me of them... its nice to go down memory lane, "in school with you, back in 1993!!! "

Thursday, October 18, 2007

who am i???

Well, I suppose by now you are well aware of my dislike for Mumbai. I hope you know that the city and its people are changing me too as my stay in this city progresses further. And I shall tell you my dilemma here.
When in a small town like Pune, (although I prefer spellin it as Poona…) if a random stranger came to you for help, you wouldn’t really shirk away. In fact, more often than not, the people in Pune go out of their way to help even random strangers. I say this because I have been that random stranger at the receiving end of benevolence. And never have I ever thought twice before helping someone out either. I take it upon me to atleast hear out to someones plea for help and if it is genuine, I do make sure I help them. Then it could be a beggar on the street or someone who just met with an accident it would make no difference. And my 22 years of the finest upbringing in my beloved city are now coming to nought. The other day, I was walking down to the hostel from the railway station and there was a man lying there on the footpath. As I passed by, he opened his eyes and asked me something. I generally prefer walking with loud music in my ears crooned from my walkman so did not comprehend what he had just said and continued walking. Not a first for me because I have recently learnt to ignore the scores and herds of aggressive beggars on the streets of this “wonderful” city!
Then again, for some reason, I took a double-take on my decision and as weird as it may sound, I turned back and walked back to him. (much to the surprise of the both of us.) well all he wanted was help in getting a rick to a nearby government hospital cause he had fallen and apparently broken his leg. And no, he wasn’t very well off but was capable of fending for himself. He wanted absolutely no monetary help just physical help with getting up and getting in a ric. Have I really turned into such a Mumbaikar that I wouldn’t listen to the pleas of my fellow human beings? Have I become so self-obsessed and materialistic that I judge people on their exterioirs? Have I really become all of that and maybe more? I wont let this happen. I am not what I am turning into… someone drag me back to myself, PLEASE!!!


I stood and stared,
As the ocean before me flared,
And I thought of all those old memories,
Happy and sad, they make such wonderful stories…

The waves rush to the shore,
With every lash, they claim a little more,
And I thought of all my friends of mine back home,
Such wonderful people that my life till now has known…

On the distant horizon,
The sun bonds the sky and the ocean,
You thought now, it was such a beautiful sight,
But I fail to appreciate it, I’m empty and feel nothing inside…

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Chalk and Cheese...

We have a lecture which deals with “Values in Management” that is taught by a Guru. With due respect to both the management of the college and the members of the cult that our guru belongs to, I do not quite ascribe to the values he dishes out. If you know me, (which is a safe assumption now that you are reading my blog!) you know I am someone who delves deeply into questions that pertain to our existence (and am capable of coming up with the most ridiculous of solutions to rid me of boredom!) This lecture is quite a mixture of boredom and a challenge to my intellectual prowess and when he forayed into the eternal conflict between the heart and the mind, I could no longer take it. I inquired as to what the thought was the right mixture of using the heart and the mind when quite obviously, the two seldom seem to concur on any given debate. Well his response was that there is always a middle path.
To illustrate, he gave us an example of a diabetic who may either enjoy the “sweet” life or enjoy the sweetness in life by not indulging in such pleasures. He proposed that the best solution is to take the middle path and consume small amounts of sugar hence enjoying the best of both worlds. Well sir, you are correct but what would you suggest if it was a problem pertaining to love? (yes, yes… I did put it in front of him… you oughta expect that from me now!) I must say, he did dodge the bullet very well by arguing that we could arrange our love marriages. The “Middle Path!”
Well quite frankly sir, I must say it is the easy way out. If you keep taking the middle path, you aint getting anywhere in life. Like the rest of the millions and billions of Indians running in this rat race of life, the ones that walk the middle path shall end up right there- in the middle, of somewhere, anywhere and nowhere. I am not living this life to end up like those billions of also-rans who will end up nowhere but get those little joys in life. I am here to live life on my own terms and I want to live a life that is subject to intellectual impulse. My decisions are either based on logical reasoning (yes saurabh and rohan, I see you rolling on the floor with laughter…) or simply impulse (which form a majority of my decisions, I do concede…) To me, everything is as different as chalk and cheese. I am either on this side of the river or that, I do not wade in between. I am not someone averse to making a decision and neither am I one to shirk away from the repercussions of my decisions. There is room for both joys and sorrows in life, without one, the other is pointless. I have always lived on the edge at either extreme. I hate the middle road and those who would compromise on it… and I despise those lectures in Values in management. Like a friend of mine propounds (and what I learnt the hard way) do not preach or impose your views on others. The best way forward is to lay the options and let the protagonists decide for themselves. As I have for long said, do not spoon-feed. Let everyone think for themselves. Do not be a contributor to “The Death of Reason.”
Everything is as different as chalk and cheese. Both have completely different uses in completely different situations. Please make a choice between one of them and do not make a cheese cake with chalk (if you wanna eat it that is…)

Saturday, October 13, 2007

stuff i read wen i was just generally bored

the most elgible bachelors, remain eligible for the most time!!!

Q:what do you prefer- guys/girls?
A:i like a group of guys... but i'd prefer one single girl anytime...

Is it right to flirt if you have a bf/gf?
>> sure (if i do it... ) and of course not (if she wants to do it!)

Do you sleep with stuffed animals?
no i generally prefer women...

Friday, October 05, 2007


So many places with you I have been,
So many sights with you I have seen,
You always gave me strength, deep within,
You stood by me through thick and thin...

When I say I love you, I mean every word,
You gave me wings to soar higher than any bird,
I always soothed out, the minute your sound I had heard,
You are the reason that all my sorrows lie blurred...

How mad am I, that for you this poem I write,
When there are beautiful women on whom, dote I might,
But I’d rather have you for company, day and night,
Cause you are my first love, my sweet, my reason for delight!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

My Endless Conflict (contd.)

You know there are three kinds of people in this world- there are those that dream and live their lives chasing them, then there are those who are practical and look for realistic and practical solutions to everything in life, and then, somewhere between the two, confused as can be and the master of indecision, is Bikram…
Let us talk about the dreamers- This group of people are the most wonderful people on the face of the planet. Their conviction in whatever they seek to accomplish is unparalleled and they are perhaps the most driven people on this planet. Defying logic and long-held norms, they believe in doing what they feel is right deep within and are those who live every moment of their lives because they aren’t the ones who will be caught wondering what if. If it is out there, it is out to be theirs. There is so much you can learn from them, living for the moment, not being overly concerned about the future and believing in the power of dreams. It doesn’t matter how outlandish the desire, if it can be done by them, they will pursue it no matter what. And that must be a good quality else nothing in this world could ever have been accomplished. Life would have been stagnant, life would have been boring, life would have been monotonous and life would have been… no… actually, life would not have been what it is!
The realists are the ones that keep the world in check. These are the practical people who will always try to do things in a manner, which would have a very high probability of success. These people look for practical solutions to every problem. The people who have their feet firmly rooted on ground and are not expansive with their expectations from life. These people will compromise on their wants and desires and lead a very content life. There is much to be learnt from them too, living for a future, having realistic goals of where you can be in life, being prepared for failure and having a contingency plan. And these too must be good attributes else the world would be a haphazard place with no controls in place, a world without order, a world without logic, a world full of commotion. Life again would not have been what it is!
And where do I stand? Somewhere in between. Somewhere wondering what is the right thing to do. Somewhere chasing my dreams and wondering if I am doing the right thing. Somewhere being a realist and sacrificing my desires and dreams for the joy of those around me. Somewhere making compromises with my heart because my mind takes precedence. Somewhere where I never wonder what if, I just ask myself why I did not. Somewhere where I do not understand which path I must choose. Somewhere battling within myself and always wondering what is the right thing to do. I am talking about my career, my aspirations, my friends, my family and of course, love…and at the crossroads of where I stand, wondering which path to choose. If only I had someone to stand by me and help me with the decisions. Then again, it is a question of wishes being horses… Ah! Life… or something like it…