Saturday, May 30, 2009


Days spent believing your lies are a lot easier than the day you stop believing those lies!

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Wobbly Bridge between Mars and Venus - Changes

Guys are really funny's amusing to view them at the start of a relationship (the wooing phase) and when they're further into the relationship (when the wooing part is pretty much done!) At the beginning, the guys are pretty much the right mix of being macho and chivalrous...they'll hold open the doors and never allow anyone to criticise her, even behind their back! They'll be pliable and change to every little thing that the girl in their eyes asks from them...but that doesnt last long...unfortunately (for the girls i mean!) A little while into the relationship and out come the statements 
"Why do you wanna change me?" 
"This is what I am, take it or leave it!" 
And well the criticisms, well, they come tumbling out of the closet, in their face! What ensues later, isnt pretty, as you might well know!
It's equally amusing to see the gals in action! At the beginning, they are attracted to the 'bad boys' for their badness, so to say...into the relationship and out come the statements 
"Do have to do that?" 
"How can you say that? Don't you love me? Can't you change one thing about yourself for me?"
And girls don't like criticism...especially about how many dresses and shoes they have...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

World without Engineers...


Some sent me a mail with these attachments under the title "A World Without Engineers"
After going through the mail, I was glad for having all these engineers...but then that got me thinking...which kinda engineers am I least thankful for? So the Printing Engineers came to mind and all those books that we study because of them...then came to mind those darned Financial Engineers and the economic downturn...but then, someone else came to mind and I wondered why there wasn't a pic dedicated to a world without I imagined a world without them, I was elated and at the same time, filled with despise for them, those darned TEXTILE ENGINEERS! Can you imagine a world without them?

Should Dreams be subject to Reality or should Reality be subject to Dreams?

Would you rather spend your reality chasing your dreams which are manifestations of all that you wish you had or would you rather dream about how you wish reality were and live your reality?
Both ways, you end up losing...
If you chase your dreams, (lets face it, they aren't gonna be realistic, they are called 'dreams' for a reason!) you are gonna be miserable in your reality because you can never truly be happy with what you have. If however, you do realize one of your dreams, it's reality and not what you want already have another dream in your head!
If your dreams are subject to reality, you'll always be unhappy because you're always trying to imagine what reality should be like and so will spend all your waking hours always wishing things were the way you wanted them to be! Nothing ever is good enough the way it is!
So what do you choose?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Morning?

Tell me, why do people prefer staying awake to sleeping? If it were upto me, I'd spend as little time awake as I possibly could. For all who have been impressed by the cult of "The Matrix," tell me, would you choose the blue pill? Why would you choose to wake up and smell reality when what you have is awesome? Imagine being able to control your own destiny, do what you want, where you want to and how you want to do it! Why trade in all that for a reality where nothing is certain or under your control?
Dreams are where you control all that you have, want or need! No heartbreaks, no heartaches, no disappointments, no bitter realities...everything the way it should be. So begs the question, why wake up every morning? And more so, how and why, "GOOD MORNING!?!"

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Reason - The Unsocial Version!

This is to be sung along to the tunes of "THE REASON, HOOBASTANK"
I swear, it is one of my all-time favourties! Can't sleep without listening to it every night...there are some 15 songs on that playlist that play every night and this ones right up there among the best...Dunno why I came up with this but I guess I'm just too darned bored and without work...anyways, read on and see if you can hum it along...very very very spiteful but what the heck...I'm allowed to do that once in a universe, my rules after all!

I'm not a social person,
There's many people I wish I didn't know,
But i continue meeting,
So many that I wish off the bridge I could throw,
Hints you do not seem to take or know,
And so I have to ask you to go,

Cause I found the reason for me,
To be who I used to be,
A reason to undo the new,
And the reason, is you...

I know it wont hurt you,
And I dont have to live with it everyday,
Whatever little pain you wanna show,
They're crocodile tears anyway,
So I'm not gonna be catching those tears,
I hope, this clearly you can hear,

That I found the reason for me,
To be who I used to be,
A reason to undo the new,
And the reason, is you...

I'm not a social person,
There's many people I wish I didnt know,
Hints you do not seem to take or know,
And so I have to ask you to go,

Cause I found the reason for me,
To be who I used to be,
A reason to undo the new,
And the reason, is you...

I've found a reason not to show,
A side of me, you anyways would never know,
A reason for all that I shall undo,
And the reason is you...

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Birthday Candles...Why?

What's the deal with birthday candles? Who the heck came up with the idea? I mean the best thing i look forward to on my birthday is the cake...on my face or in my tummy not withstanding! I love chocolate cake more than anything else in the world...decorate it for me but not with candles! The candles are kill-joy! I'm so happy that i was born on this day and i wanna celebrate it! Just don't remind me how old i am by adding another candle every gets more and more difficult to blow them out every progressive year! How am i supposed to get my wishes granted when you keep making it more and more difficult to blow them all off in a single breath?
Why, for crying out loud, CANDLES?

P.S. Wasn't my birthday that prompted this!
But candles? Why?

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Wobbly Bridge Between Mars and Venus - Space

Humans are very intriguing creatures and a lot of fun to observe when they are in love. They express one set of emotions in their words and their actions imply an opposite emotion. I find it very amusing when couples fight over their 'needs' for 'space' in a relationship. Lets start with the girls first. They love being cuddled and fussed over and would raise hell if the guy were reluctant in doing so! Yet, it is them who will say "I need some space in this're stiffling me..." This from those who would turn their world upside down, at the drop of a hat, just to have things feeling right between the two of them. You reckon all the shifting perhaps causes the space to be squeezed out? Perhaps, perhaps not.
The guys...friggin hypocrites... "Hey, don't worry, I know you have your set of do I. Nothing will change don't worry." Two months later, "WTF were you doing with him? All guys are the same, I don't like you hanging out with guys..." Dudes...'Short Term Memory Loss?' As much as guys come across as creatures who are the 'Loners' and the gals who come across as 'Social,' it's the guys that can squeeze out the space and forget the need for individuality and the girls that can become distant and forget the need for togetherness... Ironic!
It's pretty interesting to observe how Mars and Venus struggle with managing the space between them. Too close, and the worlds collide...too far and there's no attraction...kinda brings to mind gravity! I could write more but I'm a little too lazy right now...I'll let you ponder over it...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

7 Years...

Let them not tell you, '7 years is a long time,'
For I would not say so, not in this life of mine,
I think of her, even now, in so many hours of every day,
As if, we'd met for the first time, just yesterday...

But then all the memories flood my head,
When I'm drifting to the land of dreams, lying on my bed,
I would not say so, for I have lived what is a lifetime,
Let them not tell you, '7 years is a short time...'

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Wobbly Bridge Between Mars and Venus - Laying the Foundations

The Caveat : I haven’t read the book.

I have always maintained that in order to get noticed by ‘the one’ we’ve been noticing, we need a certain amount of deception and lies to have a head-start because obviously enough, they aren’t being noticed by just us right? There is competition and where there is competition, you have to have an edge. Don’t be up in arms denying it but you only take note of the loud odd-balls in the group. You want the best there is, (fair enough…I mean, it’s like shopping right? You’d like it to be perfect and I guess that is a fairly reasonable ask, it’s what any good shopper looks for, a flawless product!) and so you look at the most eye-catching candy out there. We understand this and so change the way we present ourselves.

The unfortunate part is the beginning…when the bridge is being constructed between the two, the very foundations are awry. How long will the lies and deception be kept up? If it were limited to the initial phases, things would be fine but they are not. Over a period of time, we become insecure about who we really are and find security in the façade of who we are trying to be. We start believing our own lies and falter thereon because we aren’t what we are pretending to be. By the time we realize our faults and start coming into being ourselves, neither side gets what they were looking for!

We aren’t perfect, we’re human. I wonder why things have to be so darned difficult? Just be yourself…you aren’t that bad!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Out in the sea, an old fort stands,

Stories hidden, in those ruins and these sands,

Of wars waged in another age,

Some for love and maybe some in rage,

The tide now flows mellow, contrary to what it’s seen,

Violence and bloodshed and sacrifice that might have been,

Standing barefoot in my shorts, I can only wonder,

Of the grandeur of the days of yonder,

At the setting of the sun I pay a silent tribute,

Mere mortal that I am, my insignificant gesture done, with small shuffling steps, away I scoot…

There’s something hanging in the air,

I can’t make out what though I can feel it right out there,

Nothing no more seems to be the same,

Not even the way, I hear my name,

Something about it all, that doesn’t feel right,

And it’s taking all my courage, to not resist, not fight,

Winds of change sweeping through,

They tell me it’s good to welcome the new,

But everything feels strange n nothing feels mine,

It feels like I’m in a different place, in a different time,

As everything as I knew it, fades outta sight,

I’m hoping you’ll stay here with me, tell me, that it’s alright…


Do you know I quiver,

When I hold your hand in mine,

That you make me shiver,

When you look into these eyes of mine…


Do you know I melt,

Everytime I see you,

That in my heart then is felt,

The urge to never let go of you…


Do you know I hold on,

To every memory we’ve made together,

That I tell myself every morn,

‘Don’t worry, maybe tomo you’ll see her…”


Do you know how I long,

For even a fleeting glimpse,

That for it I’d walk any distance, short or long,

For that is how much, you I miss…


Do you know that I know,

You feel the same way as I do,

In little gestures that you like to show,

Rather than say that line, from ‘I’ to ‘You…’

It’s always a question of what is and what it should be,

What we want and what we have, you and me,

There’s always a dilemma standing between us,

Somehow though, clarity is what causes all the fuss,

If I didn’t know any better, I’d hold your hand in mine,

But the trouble is, I know what’s in your heart and on your mind,

So I stand close and yet seem to be afar,

This door between us, left just slightly ajar,

The closing door, I wanna stop but something in me does deter,

Oh! I wish I was naïve, how I wish, I didn’t know any better…

When I move on from today to tomorrow,

Like I promised, I’ll smile again, without any sorrow,

I believe you, when you say, “You’ll find another,

That one day, it would again be about her…”

I lie down with that hope at 4,

But the call repeats in my head once more,

When I wake up, this behind me, as always I will shove,

But tonight, tonight I feel I am all outta love…

Somethings about love that I don’t understand,

Why I let go, when I should’ve held your hand,

Why I stand in silence and watch you walk away,

When all I’ve ever wanted is for you to stay,

As we drift apart and watch life take it’s course,

I hope things would change to better from worse,

And I hope one day as before I will once again be,

That I’ll find someone to love me back to me…

I lie in bed, dreaming of a dream,

You n me, sitting by a stream,

Sitting at it’s edge, our feet dipped in,

Talking, teasing, playing…n just plain lovin,

As slowly your warmth, envelopes my heart,

Steadily into the dream, I drift apart,

It may just be a dream, too good to be true,

But it’s perfect for me here, you lovin me, me lovin you…