Friday, May 22, 2009

The Wobbly Bridge Between Mars and Venus - Space

Humans are very intriguing creatures and a lot of fun to observe when they are in love. They express one set of emotions in their words and their actions imply an opposite emotion. I find it very amusing when couples fight over their 'needs' for 'space' in a relationship. Lets start with the girls first. They love being cuddled and fussed over and would raise hell if the guy were reluctant in doing so! Yet, it is them who will say "I need some space in this're stiffling me..." This from those who would turn their world upside down, at the drop of a hat, just to have things feeling right between the two of them. You reckon all the shifting perhaps causes the space to be squeezed out? Perhaps, perhaps not.
The guys...friggin hypocrites... "Hey, don't worry, I know you have your set of do I. Nothing will change don't worry." Two months later, "WTF were you doing with him? All guys are the same, I don't like you hanging out with guys..." Dudes...'Short Term Memory Loss?' As much as guys come across as creatures who are the 'Loners' and the gals who come across as 'Social,' it's the guys that can squeeze out the space and forget the need for individuality and the girls that can become distant and forget the need for togetherness... Ironic!
It's pretty interesting to observe how Mars and Venus struggle with managing the space between them. Too close, and the worlds collide...too far and there's no attraction...kinda brings to mind gravity! I could write more but I'm a little too lazy right now...I'll let you ponder over it...


thusspakerono said... true

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

i know man! btw, that was's been a total of 3 mins since i put that up!!!

cute n confused said...

so true....
biks, for a sinlge guy u seem to have understood women too damn well... :D
u need to like start a crash course for all the other dumbos (read: guys) who havent understoon an iota of wht u have! :)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hehehe...yeah lehar, i seem to understand women so well, i creep them out!
it's a curse to be as intelligent as me!
(now isnt that going overboard! channe ke jhad pe chadh gaya hai na?)

thusspakerono said...

arre I am a big time fan...need I say more?