Saturday, May 16, 2009

Do you know I quiver,

When I hold your hand in mine,

That you make me shiver,

When you look into these eyes of mine…


Do you know I melt,

Everytime I see you,

That in my heart then is felt,

The urge to never let go of you…


Do you know I hold on,

To every memory we’ve made together,

That I tell myself every morn,

‘Don’t worry, maybe tomo you’ll see her…”


Do you know how I long,

For even a fleeting glimpse,

That for it I’d walk any distance, short or long,

For that is how much, you I miss…


Do you know that I know,

You feel the same way as I do,

In little gestures that you like to show,

Rather than say that line, from ‘I’ to ‘You…’

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