Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Helmets and seatbelts are necessary because people like me are given a license to drive!
~Bikram Snehi~


"The most content people are those who don't take their dreams too seriously!"

Monday, July 27, 2009


"The most beautiful people are those that don't take the person in the mirror too seriously!"
Leave me alone, let me be,
I don't wanna be like that, lemme be me,
It's not like me to be lost all the time,
Living in a dream, drowned in a rhyme,
I may love doing my crying in the rain,
And you're right if you think i'm married to the pain,
But as strange to you as this might appear to be,
Deep within, I am inherently always happy...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Some questions are awkward but what makes them awkward isn't the question itself, it's the unwanted answers to those questions that we know we'll get...
But that doesn't mean we stop asking those questions. The power of individual thought sets us apart from others...not thinking about something won't solve it nor will the problem disappear into nothingness. Think and you'll be able to get past it...don't think and you'll always be stuck with it.
I know I am repeating myself but I see a lotta people needing the advice...
Let yourself think...after great turmoil comes great joy. You can't side-step it...pain makes joy worthwhile...enjoy the pain too. After all, like i've said before, 'Life is worthwhile when happiness isn't a mere absence of sadness and joy a mere absence of sorrow.'

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The way social events seem to go these days...

College is done with and alongwith it, so has gone student life. I'm having trouble adjusting with the change this has brought in on my social life. I am not really a foodie, I like good food but my life doesn't revolve around it. I eat just enough to live. (And my friends would assure you, it's just barely enough!) 
These here days, meeting any of my friends implies having to look for some common grounds to meet on. No longer is it as easy as an sms that says, "Quad...10ish" or something like "Boring lecture...lets bunk the second half..." or something that goes "Library, 9...we gotta start studying!" What might follow would be a movie or just hanging around college, chatting away to nothing or perhaps a sandwich and then a drive or just barging into a coffee shop and then spending 3 hours over 2 cups of coffee...I miss those days.
These days, there has to be an agenda, a definitive and elaborate plan. A plan, that invariably revolves around grabbing something to eat. Maybe I'm missing something but somehow, all meetings with friends revolve getting something to eat and then dispersing. I want conversations to revolve around more than what we wanna eat...come on guys, what's happening to us? Whatever happened to food for thought?

Friday, July 17, 2009

The predator and prey theory

Have you spent hours wondering why the good looking ones are hooked onto the not-so-good looking ones? I have a theory...
On the social circle, you're either a hunter or the prey... The hunters are those aggressive characters that are on the prowl all the time for the docile ones to pass by. When they find the weakest link, they attack and capture...
Don't be mistaken though...the good looking ones are the hunters most often. They might pretend to be otherwise but don't let them fool you...
If you aren't the timid, docile one and aren't really the predator either, rest assured you shall remain single!
This theory needs a little ironing...it's difficult to post from a mobile phone...more to follow as soon as i get my hands on a computer!

I wanna be...

I wanna be what you look at, from the corner of your eye,
I wanna be what you think of, when you're feeling sly,
I wanna be what you do, when no one's around,
I wanna be what you hide, and wish would never be found,
I wanna be what you crave, cause you know it's wrong,
I wanna be what you fear, yet for which you long,
I wanna be what you lust for, in your darkest thoughts,
I wanna be what you can't let go off, though you know you ought,
When you're feeling naughty, on your lips, i wanna be that grin,
But most of all baby, I wanna be your greatest sin...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A lame attempt at poetry in Hindi...

Har zarre mein nazar aata hai unhi ka chehra,
Na jaane kaise bana hai unse yeh rishta itna gehra,
Kaash hum suna paate unhe wo jo jhoomte patton se madhosh jhonka hai keh raha,
Kaash hum unse jata paate machalta hai jo unke khayalon mein, nadaan dil yeh mera...

Everywhere I look, it's just her that I see,
Wonder how such a strong bond with her, came to be,
Wish I could tell her what the naughty breeze whispers, leaving the leaves dancing in glee,
Wish I could tell her how my naive heart flutters, with just her memory...

Yeah, I know...that was pathetic...in my cousin's words, that was as good an attempt as Rosesh's! No more wavering attempts, I promise!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Come to think of it, it's HILARIOUS!

When you've been kissed by a speeding truck, you tend to play those moments over and over again...especially when you manage to escape unscathed. (Touchwood...thank you dear Lord!) I was sitting on a bridge over a little river with the wind in my head and the whole scene ran again through my mind and I replayed all the thoughts running through my head in those moments. Here's what went through my head right then -
(I was returning home after watching the movie 'Transformers-Revenge of The Fallen')
"...why are people mad about that yellow car? I know it looks cool and is limited edition but no heritage...I'd much rather have a Ferrari...hmmm...no, wait...a Rolls...yeah right...get off your broke, unemployed butt and then we can talk..."
"Right turn, indicator on...keep your thumb there to turn it off later..."
(I look in my rear-view mirror and see a truck in the distance. I move from the left to the center of the road. I look at the truck again to make sure he is far away and he is. I see the Tata logo and I chuckle,)
"Imagine if Optimus Prime were a Tata truck...hehe...hilarious!" 
"The road's clear ahead, time to turn..."
"Crap...Idiot...why overtake from the right?"
"Shit...Damn...I don't wanna spend the next 6 months in the hospital..."
"July again? Why do I always have a major accident every July?"
(I hit the tarmac...and my head hits the road hard too...)
"Hehehe...Full faced helmet...worth spending all that money on! Why are people stingy with their safety I don't understand. It's probably saved me a lotta injuries...remember that ad, coconut, hammer and helmet wala? Nice...saved my life again did that ad! God bless whoever made it!"
"Hmmm...God...GOD...I didn't disapprove of You or doubt Your existance! I was wondering what form You exist in...aren't You the egotist! Ok, ok, apologies...I know I don't have to restrict You to any form...I just like playing with such metaphysical ideas, You know that..."
"Let go of the bike now...Don't worry my love, I love you loads, it's best for both of us right now...hehe...you'd think I'm breaking up with her! Well, technically, we both are breaking up together, just hopefully not into too many pieces!"
"Dumbass, concentrate...Oh...wow...the wheels...crouch...yikes...pull your legs in...nice...close..."
"Damn man...my jeans...new pair right? Once again...friggin have to break in every pair with a fall. Hope I haven't torn them..."
"Get the number of the truck...MH-14-damn...I'm flipping 360...dude, how does it matter now? No one's gonna prosecute him anyways. Dumb legal system...well, not-so-dumb, I like it the way it is...a few loop-holes here and there are fine, I can live with that. A water-tight draconian legal system would be unbearable. India shining, the way it is!"
(The fall complete, the skidding over...)
(The first thing I can see is my bike...)
"Am I alive? Or is this the afterlife? No, I'm alive...I still see her lying down there...this can't be the after life."
(I stand up, my floaters are half out of my feet. I almost stumble back to the road with my first step...)
"Am I 'Unbreakable,' you know like Bruce Willis in that movie? That would be nice!" 
(My mind reboots...)
(My thumb suddenly is hurting and I see it completely red with blood streaming down like out of a faucet...)
"Where the heck is all that blood coming from? Do I have that much inside me?"
"Damn man...now I'm gonna have to hear more lectures on how I can't drive...wonder what I did wrong this time though..."
(I go to my bike, push it to the side. There are a couple of motorisits that stop and are like - 'Dude! That was like so lucky man! The truck hit you and you came so close to the wheels man! Friggin lucky!')
(I smile, say thanks as he helps me start the bike, check the bike for damages, see she is still drivable, get astride her, it's some 200 metres to home...Look at the guy, he says, 'are you alright man? You wanna take a moment and sit down?' I shrug him off, say I'm fine, wonder what my folks would say and start driving back home...)


I have nothing to do these days and so spend a lotta time analysing myself. I know, I was supposed to write, read, do something creative but from the comfort of home, somehow I can't get myself to do those things. I guess living out of home kinda makes me appreciate what I have even more.
Well anyways, in one of my self-exploration excursions, I closed my eyes and thought about all my friends...and then I thought about the times I'd been alone with them. I've had many a soul-searching conversations with my friends, sometimes even strangers that have then gone on to become good friends but when I tried to recall the things that they remembered best about me and it wasn't the conversations, the laughs, the tears, the poems or the places. They'd often told me that the part that they remembered most about me when I was gone, was the silence...the peace and tranquil of a silence that wasn't awkward or an abrupt end to a conversation but a tranquil silence that they hadn't found in the company of others.
I thought I was good with words but turns out, I'm better with silence!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

What Bros Wouldn't do for Bros...

There is nothing in the world that a Bro wouldn't do for another Bro. Absolutely nothing...In fact, there is even a 40 page diktat with 150 articles on the understanding between Bros made ever so famous by Barney Stinson. Heck, a Bro would even sacrifice his life long love for another Bro.
But no matter what, there is one thing even Bros don't do for Bros...
When Bros go for movies together and in the interval when they make a beeline for the loo, if all the stalls are occupied and one suddenly opens up, no Bro could ever give up that stall for another. Blame it on the bladder!

Friday, July 10, 2009


My latest post doesn't seem to have gone down well with Him...narrowly escaped coming under a truck...he seems to have an ego! Reminding me of His presence by letting me know how close I did come to meeting Him!
Apologies are in order it would seem...guess there isn't a need to confirm Him to a form is there? A more detailed discussion shall follow as soon as my thumb heals a little and I can type a little faster...
I'm pretty much fine besides a deep gash on my thumb. My Street though wasn't all that lucky...she's pretty banged up. Lotta damge on the front end and the right side. 
Thank you all for your love and affection...I'm really glad to have you around. I know I'm getting a little soft but it happens...especially when you've been kissed on the head by a truck. Don't wanna go without telling you how much I love you guys...really do...thank you for bearing with me over the years...

Thursday, July 09, 2009


I think I am very stubborn (and I know you will agree with me!) I refuse to accept things when they are first told and have to disprove myself to believe in them wholly. Fortunately, this also means, that the few times when I cannot disprove myself, I stumble across some very good things.

This relates between me and God...me and my faith.

When you have a lotta time on your hands and are unemployed, you are forced to think about God. Everyone I meet, tells me to keep the faith, that there is a bigger plan for me...That God works in silent ways and eventually it boils down to advice that says I should go to a certain temple and pay my respects there...and that got me thinking.

My search for God or any trace of Him (I will not say Her...it doesn't friggin matter. It's a way you refer to God, grammatically. Nothing sexist about it. I know it rubs the wrong way with the women but deal with it.) My search, has always been circled in the search of a lack of reason to believe in the existence of God. I'd like to make it clear that I am a firm believer in His existence but to me, God must be infallible, omni-present, unbiased, untouched, unseen, unheard.  I do not agree with the philosophy of worshiping a single deity. Over a period of time, I think I have come to believe, we humans look up to immortal deeds and actions of mere mortals. Over time, their works are glorified and revered to the extent of being worshiped! History seems to smudge any distinction between fact and fiction over a period of time. I do sincerely feel, worship is an over-exemplified glorification of humans no different from you and me. The definition of God, to the best of this human's understanding, is unbiased, infallible, omni-present, unheard, unspoken, unseen, untouched and yet acknowledged, revered and maybe even feared...to me, the only known entity that fits the definition is TIME. No one though, seems to worship time. 

Then again, maybe it's just a form of tangent thought that I wanna play with since no one else seems to share it!