Monday, July 13, 2009


I have nothing to do these days and so spend a lotta time analysing myself. I know, I was supposed to write, read, do something creative but from the comfort of home, somehow I can't get myself to do those things. I guess living out of home kinda makes me appreciate what I have even more.
Well anyways, in one of my self-exploration excursions, I closed my eyes and thought about all my friends...and then I thought about the times I'd been alone with them. I've had many a soul-searching conversations with my friends, sometimes even strangers that have then gone on to become good friends but when I tried to recall the things that they remembered best about me and it wasn't the conversations, the laughs, the tears, the poems or the places. They'd often told me that the part that they remembered most about me when I was gone, was the silence...the peace and tranquil of a silence that wasn't awkward or an abrupt end to a conversation but a tranquil silence that they hadn't found in the company of others.
I thought I was good with words but turns out, I'm better with silence!


cute n confused said...

aaawww...i dont knw whether i agree...the thing i best remember u for is well, silence yes, but not a we-r-all-peacefully-silent silence tht i never understood..instead a i-am-silent-and-listening-to-u-so-u-can-talk-nonstop-n-i-wont-judge-u silence...liberating, i say!

Subodh said...

That is almost as true as truth itself

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Lehar:> Hehehe...with you I guess there never is silence is there?

@Subodh:> You talking about what I said or what Lehar said?