Friday, March 28, 2008

for the last time...please comment dag nabbit!!!

there are, on an average, 4 people reading my blog everyday... i am sure all of them have their independent views on what i say and put up. some may like it others may not. some of my thoughts may be provocative while others may be plain insulting...some may be indepth and others just plain opinionated... why dont people let me know what they are thinking? it would enable me to open my mind to a line of thought that i havent been able to account for!

i wanna learn and the only way i can is if someone talks to me! i cant learn if i ramble on by myself! for example, "the best friends rule!" did you leave a comment saying whether you found the rule as something that stood good or did you just find it to be useless banter? say something and let me know! also do you think my poems are good or do you think what i write as pages and pages of thesis is better? let me know! i am lost without comments from anyone!

and it isnt as if these people reading my blog dont comment on other's blogs... they do comment there but not here! why? there can be only two reasons to that- either i am terrible or i am so good that they are intimidated! why be intimidated here? havent they talked to me? am i not plain vanilla? and if i am that bad, why do they tell me i write well and come and read my blog often?

well whatever the reasons, i wish people would comment!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sometimes we think we’ll be together forever,

That we won’t have to say our goodbyes ever,

But nothing in life ever remains the same,

And people leave for the same reason they came,

What remain though are their sweet memories,

To tell our grandkids, some great stories,

As we bid each other (not the last) farewell,

Hearts our heavy, and tears swell,

We shall grieve not though, rather find,

Strength in what remains behind…

Time Machine

I sat down to write another chapter in the tale of my tryst with engineering and as almost always, this time too I was suddenly transported back to the old corridors of college. Almost always… hmmm… let me tell this in a little more detail.

Have you ever wished for a time machine? You know the same old scientific marvel that would be able to transport you back or forth in time? Well, as every other 10 year old, so have I. My dreams of possessing a time machine though have come true and strangely enough, it happened in my dreams. At the risk of throwing modesty for a toss, I will make a confession here. I have an elephant’s memory for everything that has nothing to do with academics. This fabulous memory helps me recreate all those bygone times in great detail and when the memory fails, I have an over-active imagination to fill in the gaps. I can transport myself to any place and any time that I feel I have a very strong memory embedded in. Sometimes almost like out of a Spielberg movie, I can revisit those moments and suddenly catch something that my keen eye might have missed. Most of the times, I have been right and haven’t been a victim of my over-active imagination.

Coming back, every time I sit down to write something about college life (at RSCOE) I invariably find myself back at the entrance of the corridor from the parking lot across the canteen, I always have that one friend beside me (with that infectious smile!) and I always see my other pals coming across from the other side of the hallway. The next instant I could be almost anywhere that I had actually begun to recall but that first instant when I land back in time is the same scene! And I could never get bored of it! Some memories are eternal, ephemeral and surreal. I don’t think I have been happier than I was at that moment ever. That despite there was nothing significant to note about that day. It rolled out as an average nondescript day with no obtrusively happy or sad moments to document…but it also epitomizes how to me the little things matter most!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Echo...

I know you might have read this before but I am once again soul-searching and hence have these thoughts echoing back to me...
read it if you want to and have nothing better to do...


At the End of College Light...

Days spent dreaming in class,

Of times to spend with that beautiful lass,

Of a future yet to come,

When my empty pockets might be filled with a significant sum,

When these lectures will be replaced by board meetings,

When high-fives will be replaced by formal greetings,

When the nearest people in sight,

Are colleagues who want to bog you down, pick a fight,

When there are no hot women around,

When you are conscious about your every move, your every sound,

A world of pressures, targets and tensions,

A world with no value for honest intentions,

To think these days of careless fun,

Rolling laughter and seasons in the sun,

Will be soon a part of us as old stories,

And what we carry from here will be sweet memories,

I’ll trade those filled pockets for being broke,

Those orderly offices for these corridors with a chaotic stroke,

Those corporate coffees for rotten food in the canteen,

I don’t want that world of glitzy professional sheen,

They wont be able to take me outta here without a fight,

Cause I don’t wanna enter the corporate tunnel at the end of college light!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

In my mind are swinging some thoughts random,
Nothing around me seems to have any tandem,
I'm floating away in a manner unreal,
The world around me seems so surreal...

Music in my ears does ring,
It's ever so soft and along my heart does sing,
I seem to have found a voice inside,
Happy and chirpy, my spirit does glide...

If I tell you I'm lost, it wouldn't be new,
I need to come up with a rhyme with a different hue,
But it's the truth there's nothing more to say,
I'll always be heading down this way...

No one but me seems to see where I'm going,
No one seems to catch drift of where the breeze is blowing,
I'm not a maverick and I'm doing nothing different,
I'm chasing dreams and not drifting with the current...

But I can't sit around and watch others fumble,
Life is a jungle and we need a lion's rumble,
Why is this nothing more than a word jumble,
Wish I had control over these thoughts that tumble...

Please Comment!!!

I'm waiting here for you to speak,
My own thoughts now of repitition reek,
I wanna know what you feel,
Am I rambling needlessly or am I for real?

What I write does it make any sense,
Or is it all just immaterial in past, present and future tense,
Would you tell me what you think,
Or am I just that bad that I oughta sink?

Should I be writing thesis more often,
Or do my rhymes make your heart soften,
Do you even like what you are reading,
Or is it just nothingness that I'm weeding?

Please don't leave me guessing,
Say something cause your word is a blessing,
Don't leave me in a torment,
For heaven's sake, please do leave a comment!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

For all those best friends of mine back home...

I was lost in thoughts philosophical,
About all the things in life ever so radical,
A soft song played out somewhere in the background,
And in a moment in my own little world was I drowned…

I closed my eyes and all the madness around me was gone,
A maddening city and the selfish people forlorn,
As I drifted away into serenity,
And wondered why I subjected myself to this senility…

Sometimes I think I am losing myself in the crowd,
As I feel unsure and doubt does me shroud,
I wonder if I still believe in all those dreams I had once seen,
And if ever I will be where I had once hoped to have been…

I don’t seem to have the strength I once did own,
When even through the darkness my spirit had shone,
Of tomorrow I seem to be suddenly unsure,
And compromises my soul seems to have learnt to endure…

I will myself out of this bout of self pity,
I shall be strong in the face of adversity,
By my side you might not be,
But you’re still my strength, even if we remain, but a memory…

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Best Friends Rule

As 20-somethings, all of us have a circle of friends we call our best friends. Friends who we hang out with on a regular basis, friends who are invariably a part of your best memories, friends with whom you do the craziest things imaginable and friends whom you share your innermost feelings with. Invariably these innermost feelings are about that one woman that completely blows your mind off! Some are lucky enough to eventually get together with the said women while some others find themselves not-so-lucky and are eternally in pursuit of that elusive little word “LOVE.”

Recently though I have noticed a “de-coupling” pattern among best friends (yeah, the jargon is creeping in my writing now…but what can I do, I am learning the markets slowly but surely!) Pay slightly more attention to it and you will see the pattern emerge even in your presence.

“All best friends are never in a similar state of being single or going steady, at any given point in time, simultaneously.”

Oh it’s true, it’s damn true! Think about it, whenever you wanna hang out with the gang, if you are single, you best friends will get their girl-friends along or not come because they have “prior commitments” and if you are going around, at least one of your friends is sitting alone and sulking through the evening cause he is single! You end up making elaborate plans about the stuff the whole gang would do together once everyone is seeing someone but the day never dawns! And if there is just one guy in the gang who is going steady with someone, the day he breaks up and you think everyone is finally single, not one but at least two others would have found someone on that very day! It’s inexplicable! Try it for yourself and I’m sure you’ll see the pattern too!

Monday, March 03, 2008

the music has stopped...

You wouldn’t know the pain I feel,

You wouldn’t know how much from our separation I reel,

For the past 8 months you’ve always been there,

My deepest emotions through you I always let bare,

I’ll miss the sweet sound of your voice,

Everytime I saw you, I felt warm and nice,

All those long walks together on the beach,

You were always within an arm’s length, never out of reach,

I’ll miss you dearly and I’ll miss you so,

Without you, every moment I’ll always feel low,

How’d I let you fall and shatter yourself I’ll never really know,

I sit alone, write this rhyme and sigh,

I’ll never be able to forget you, my sweet Sony Ericsson W810i!

Yeah, I dropped my sweet phone last night and let it shatter…damn, I’m really gonna miss that phone. The music, the features, the looks, the everything…and the fact that it was bought from my own earnings! Damn, the emotional attachment. Can’t tell you how low I’m feeling!