Saturday, March 15, 2008

For all those best friends of mine back home...

I was lost in thoughts philosophical,
About all the things in life ever so radical,
A soft song played out somewhere in the background,
And in a moment in my own little world was I drowned…

I closed my eyes and all the madness around me was gone,
A maddening city and the selfish people forlorn,
As I drifted away into serenity,
And wondered why I subjected myself to this senility…

Sometimes I think I am losing myself in the crowd,
As I feel unsure and doubt does me shroud,
I wonder if I still believe in all those dreams I had once seen,
And if ever I will be where I had once hoped to have been…

I don’t seem to have the strength I once did own,
When even through the darkness my spirit had shone,
Of tomorrow I seem to be suddenly unsure,
And compromises my soul seems to have learnt to endure…

I will myself out of this bout of self pity,
I shall be strong in the face of adversity,
By my side you might not be,
But you’re still my strength, even if we remain, but a memory…

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