Thursday, March 20, 2008

At the End of College Light...

Days spent dreaming in class,

Of times to spend with that beautiful lass,

Of a future yet to come,

When my empty pockets might be filled with a significant sum,

When these lectures will be replaced by board meetings,

When high-fives will be replaced by formal greetings,

When the nearest people in sight,

Are colleagues who want to bog you down, pick a fight,

When there are no hot women around,

When you are conscious about your every move, your every sound,

A world of pressures, targets and tensions,

A world with no value for honest intentions,

To think these days of careless fun,

Rolling laughter and seasons in the sun,

Will be soon a part of us as old stories,

And what we carry from here will be sweet memories,

I’ll trade those filled pockets for being broke,

Those orderly offices for these corridors with a chaotic stroke,

Those corporate coffees for rotten food in the canteen,

I don’t want that world of glitzy professional sheen,

They wont be able to take me outta here without a fight,

Cause I don’t wanna enter the corporate tunnel at the end of college light!!!

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