Monday, March 17, 2008

In my mind are swinging some thoughts random,
Nothing around me seems to have any tandem,
I'm floating away in a manner unreal,
The world around me seems so surreal...

Music in my ears does ring,
It's ever so soft and along my heart does sing,
I seem to have found a voice inside,
Happy and chirpy, my spirit does glide...

If I tell you I'm lost, it wouldn't be new,
I need to come up with a rhyme with a different hue,
But it's the truth there's nothing more to say,
I'll always be heading down this way...

No one but me seems to see where I'm going,
No one seems to catch drift of where the breeze is blowing,
I'm not a maverick and I'm doing nothing different,
I'm chasing dreams and not drifting with the current...

But I can't sit around and watch others fumble,
Life is a jungle and we need a lion's rumble,
Why is this nothing more than a word jumble,
Wish I had control over these thoughts that tumble...

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