Saturday, April 30, 2011

Older than I wanna be

I think I'm older now than I wanna be
For I spend too much time thinking of what has been
For I think too little now, of all my dreams
For the little joys now are just as little as to the others they seem
For I've learnt the polite smile and given up bursting from my seams
For when I think of her now I no longer gleam
For she too has become another memory that I've confused with a dream
For I wish now I could turn the clock and undo parts of what has been
And be back to a time when I could close my eyes and be sitting there, my feet dipping in the stream...

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Someday, not long from now, i will be gone
When my time in this world is through and done
But I wont fade away, not even long after I'm dead
I'll be living on and on, even if its only in your head
And I'm smiling as I think, that long after I roll over and die
You'll be reading some of what I've written and I know you'll remember this one and I know, I'll have made you cry!

(Hehehe...quite the sadist there, arent I?)

This Girl I Know

Everytime I close my eyes, I still always see you
The warmth of your love, more than any I ever knew
I sit here and thank my stars, for all the joy I have now got
But I thank them most, for to me, you they've brought
I wish I could express all that you mean to me
Tell you that for me, you are the true meaning of beauty
And so I flounder and for you, put together these words
Hoping when you read them, my thoughts you'll have heard
As sleep weighs in and to the land of dreams I drift slow
I wanna tell you I love you, now, more than ever and forever, o girl I know...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My First Cheque!

Today, I received my first payment from the publishers for my book...a grand total of Rs. 126/- and it is the only money I'm proud of having earned!
Woohoo! Go Biks! 

Monday, April 04, 2011


I was once a tree, in a dense old forest
And amongst equals, I stood tall
Rain and shine, fed me strength
Till the day their axes, chopped me to my fall

They hacked our leaves and our branches
And left nothing but our stumps in the ground
I dont know what they wanted
When they left us scathed and bare, no more tall, just long and round

They pushed us in the river
Her waters carrying us somewhere downstream
Till I found refuge on the banks
Amongst big rocks and some old memories and dreams

The others though had resigned
To whatever it was their fates had deemed
None stopped for refuge
Though of them I pleaded and screamed

As winter came by
And the waters took a chill
I saw the last of my friends float down
The last one to fall from our hill

My spirit slowly was broken
As rain and shine weakened me now
A rot in me had settled
And the futility of my situation I saw

Then one day the river swelled
When the rains poured down hard
And I let myself be washed out of my rocky lagoon
Rotten, battered and scarred

I floated downstream on the current
Saw none of the friends that I'd hoped I would
And I closed my eyes one last time
As all spirit left me and I resigned to fate like all those others, just another driftwood...