Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Yeah, life got the better of me
My brave but brief battle was in vain
I tried to dream things that no one did see
But ended up leaving it a dream in the end

Oh I was good and I knew it well
And I knew I could chase down those dreams
For there was a passion with which my heart did swell
When I spent countless hours by that stream

But she was resilient, was life in her quest
And stole my little joys away
Then sat there pointing at me and laughing aloud in jest
'Life always finds a way' she says

I thought I needed to give it space and give it time
And forgot t'was me that propounded time's irrelevance
Such poetic irony, could after all only be mine
My dreams and aspirations, separated from me, by my own white collared picket fence

I'd always dreaded ending in this fashion
Stuck in the rut, compromised and static
Long gone are the days when there was promise and so much passion
For today I was abused and called pragmatic...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

These days gone by, have been but a blur
The white collared life, has changed all that were
Not a minute to breathe, not a minute to pause
Not a minute to ponder on any other cause
But just on occasion, there are gentle reminders
Of a life somewhere, beyond these walls and binders
When on a cloudy day the wind gently rustles the leaves
And a gorgeous blue butterfly dances merrily on the breeze
She takes me away from the madness, if only for a while
But its long enough to cheer me for the day and leave me beaming with a smile...

Monday, May 23, 2011

Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Beauty and The Beast Theory

The Beauty and The Beast Theory

Have you ever looked at a couple and invariably wondered 'How the heck did someone like that end up with someone like that?'

Well, here's the explanation.

1. Beautiful people are narcissists...they cannot stand the thought of being out done by someone, especially not their better halves!

2. They love being the center of attention...and they know pretty well, that 'that' thing isn't really gonna get any luckier so they're assured of undivided attention at all times.

3. They're human...and obviously easily jealous. It's so much easier to be with someone who is so out of depth with them that they couldn't evoke any jealousy...a little pity maybe!

And a host of other deviant reasons.

But eventually, these are the happiest of couples...the beast cant take eyes off the beauty...I mean, if you can get as lucky as that and yet keep it simple, who needs to be beautiful, right?

Friday, May 06, 2011

The Book...Just Waiting to be Written

 So tell me, what tales do you hold bottled within
For I look at you and I can't help feel, you're a story waiting to be written
I see you lost and pensive, deep in thought
Your eyes tell me you're in a world elsewhere and it happens oft
What are these secrets that you hold buried in your past
That your smiles betray, though you want 'em hidden away, deep in your heart
It fascinates me no end, everytime I see you put up your charade
I wonder if the others too can see past the illusion that for them you create
Tell me of these dreams that leave you haunted
I bet you've lain in bed and scores of sheep fruitlessly counted
For those traces of dark around your eyes
Tell their own story of your pain fraught with his lies
Oh I know there's been a him and never them since
The ghosts of a love-lost that still make you wince
There's much I wanna know of where you're going and where you've been
How I'd love to hear of it all, that till now you have seen
Oh, you're a good book just waiting to be written but I'm not gonna write of your fascinating pain and sorrow
Nor do I wanna read the book of your life...I just wanna be a part of your story, when you live it tomorrow....

Monday, May 02, 2011

Drunk Again

Its 2am and I'm driving back home

Having met my cronies after long

With the windows rolled down, I'm driving all alone

On dark deserted streets, crooning out old songs

I love the lyrics and I love the tune

I'm no good and darned well aware

But that aint gonna stop me, I'm so gonna croon

It's too darned late to not scream without care

I slow down, not wanting this drive to end

For the wind in my hair feels real nice

I turn back to hit the road just as I'm on the last bend

I think I'm gonna make this a long long night

I slowly lose myself in the dark of the road

With every turn I'm drawn further in a maze

The city in the night casts a spell with its beautiful glow

And my head grows heavy in memories' haze

Before I know it, I'm in lanes that I've seen before

And I remember the endless hours I've spent here

I guess thats the thing about small towns and everywhere you go

You'll always find a memory waiting everywhere

And then I'm passing that yellow pad where lives the butterfly

But at 3 am she must be asleep

Its been some time since I saw her flutter by

I shrug my shoulders and think "Maybe next week"

I feel drowsiness taking hold of me

Guess its high time I head back

I trudge my way home, still as slowly

It's 4am as I hit the sack

I lie in bed, tired but my eyes are still open wide

As my thoughts wander back and forth

I wonder why insomnia plagues me tonight

Perhaps it were the third cuppa coffee..."Nah" I tell myself, "t'was definitely the fourth"