Monday, May 02, 2011

Drunk Again

Its 2am and I'm driving back home

Having met my cronies after long

With the windows rolled down, I'm driving all alone

On dark deserted streets, crooning out old songs

I love the lyrics and I love the tune

I'm no good and darned well aware

But that aint gonna stop me, I'm so gonna croon

It's too darned late to not scream without care

I slow down, not wanting this drive to end

For the wind in my hair feels real nice

I turn back to hit the road just as I'm on the last bend

I think I'm gonna make this a long long night

I slowly lose myself in the dark of the road

With every turn I'm drawn further in a maze

The city in the night casts a spell with its beautiful glow

And my head grows heavy in memories' haze

Before I know it, I'm in lanes that I've seen before

And I remember the endless hours I've spent here

I guess thats the thing about small towns and everywhere you go

You'll always find a memory waiting everywhere

And then I'm passing that yellow pad where lives the butterfly

But at 3 am she must be asleep

Its been some time since I saw her flutter by

I shrug my shoulders and think "Maybe next week"

I feel drowsiness taking hold of me

Guess its high time I head back

I trudge my way home, still as slowly

It's 4am as I hit the sack

I lie in bed, tired but my eyes are still open wide

As my thoughts wander back and forth

I wonder why insomnia plagues me tonight

Perhaps it were the third cuppa coffee..."Nah" I tell myself, "t'was definitely the fourth"



Bluebutterfly said...

Now that makes me want to drive.. :p
Damn, my Mom just wont give me the car....

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

Hehehe...soon enough, soon enough!

☆ Rià ღ said...

so wanna go on a long drive.

Aarushi said...

Wow! :)

And well Dirty and Desirable was a lil too revealing and dirty I thought... So got shy!! Heh

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Aarushi: Understandable!
It was pretty passionate and really awesome at that though!
Hope the subject got to read it...
Well keep at it! Great going!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Ria: You are welcome to join me next time!