Saturday, January 30, 2010

I Don't Wanna Remember You Anymore...

I don't wanna remember you anymore,
Don't wanna lie awake in my bed till four,
I don't want you haunting my thoughts,
Please take back all your memories, that in loneliness I've sought,
I don't want your smiles in my mind,
That in my sadness, I imagine, seek and find,
I don't want to be haunted by the visions of your eyes,
That keep me company when the defeatist in me cries,
Your thoughts, your memories, your visions, your dreams, they all make my heart sore,
Take them back, for I wanna be with you again, across this distance, I don't wanna remember you anymore...

Friday, January 29, 2010


I'm sure you know how much I love driving around on my bike...and yes, I will accept, it isn't the hottest, head-turning piece of machinery on the streets and for the longest time, I thought I was in love with the reverberating engine and the slight misfire that gave it such a throaty feel. But it was today that I figured why I loved it so much.
It doesn't reach blistering speeds and would probably be outrun on a straight patch of road by bigger engined bikes but the thrill of my bike, lies in the acceleration. She might only do 80kmph but she can sure race up to the 80.
Life is somewhat like that isn't it? It's never fun to run at 210kph on a straight line, it's more fun to race up to 80 on a piece of winding road. Even in life, I reckon it's more fun getting to goals than it is whilst you're basking in the glory of your achievements.
Or something like that...I'm a little too hungry to expand this further...make do with this much now, I hope you get the gist of what I was trying to say. Acceleration is more fun than constant speed!

Counting my blessings!

I dislike putting up status updates on the blog but this is the one time I'd like to make an exception, for this time, I am writing about my friends.
In the last 3 months, I have attended 3 whole weddings! And yes, I mean '3' 'whole' 'weddings!' I must have done something right because the fact that I am unemployed, has meant that I have been able to attend the 3 weddings I would've dropped everything I was doing to attend, without having to drop anything I was doing! I got to be a part of all the little functions and all the big ones too...I got to see a gujju-maru wedding, a tam-punjabi wedding and a punjabi-jain wedding! Talk about national integration eh? I loved being a part of all the three weddings and was happier that all the three wanted me there for every little thing that was going on...I'm so happy, I almost did consider, for a whole day too at that, my own prospects of marriage...although, by the end of the day, I did conclude I wasn't marriage material and would never be grown up enough to shoulder the responsibility attached to a successful marriage...nor do I see myself ever becoming a caring and loving father.
Honestly though, I am over-joyed with the union of my 3 best friends with the loves of their lives...may they live out their days, together in marital bliss!
I thank whoever gave me the opportunity, from the bottom of my heart. There seems to be a God somewhere, after all! I mean, how many people can say they were with their best friends through every single step of the journey towards martyrdom...oh wait...I meant marriage!
I love you guys!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

There's something about distance, that I don't like,
When it's wedged between us, like an unwanted spike,
For when you're gone, I miss you night and day,
Like a part of me, has been taken away,
Far afar, across many seas,
Not hearing your voice, puts my heart at unease,
I like knowing, that you're just a phonecall away,
That just one little sms, will tell you, all I need to say,
I hate being apart, across distant miles,
Even if it is, for just a little while...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bikram's sad jokes

Was in Bombay for an interview and met a friend post it. Being afternoon, the sun was burning down and she wanted to shield herself from a potential tan. I offered my folder containing my marksheets and degrees which she grabbed in all eagerness. No sooner had she done that, she commented 'Dude, what have you got in that? It's heavy!'
I couldn't resist retorting with 'Of course it's carries the weight of my education!'
She handed it back saying, 'Then it's can have it back!'

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


There are days when she just doesn't smile,
Keeps to herself, all the while,
And I wanna know what's troubling her within,
What is it that's gotten under her skin,
But she chooses instead to walk in silence,
Her brows furrowed, her features tense,
Oh how I love it when she talks on without a cause,
But I guess, sometimes, even she needs a pause,
So today we walk, with each other beside,
She doesn't look at me, her tears she hides,
Her hand fumbles as she tries to find mine,
And our walk slows down as our fingers entwine,
To comfort her, I wanna find the right words,
But I know, today, comfort lies, where nothing's spoken and everything's heard...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stuff I write when I'm drunk...(On coffee!)

My insane little mind
Grows wings and takes flight,
It's a journey to find
The land where nothings wrong or right...

Reality, is but a blur
Dreams n memories, with each other lie muddled,
A plethora of emotions do stir
As calm and paranoia, lie befuddled...

Nothing seems sane
And opposites are alike,
If it weren't conjured by my brain
As an odd world, would this strike...

An oddity, is it not
That in that world, I find rationality,
For by discerning what we've got
We've been able to live, despite our mortality!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The Traffic Signal Effect

Have you noticed, whenever you're at a traffic signal and the signal turns green, the people at the front, always seem to react slower than the people at the back, who always seem to be irritated at the people in front and hence honk away to glory!
Life's kinda like that sometimes, isn't it? People who are at the head of the order seem to be in no rush to get anywhere and the people lower down, really wanna get ahead real fast...the people at the back, in all their eagerness, would more often than not, cut everyone off to make it to the head of the order! The people in front though just don't seem to mind the delay cause they know they're ahead and will go further for sure, sooner or later! And quintessentially, they aren't any different from those at the back... Funny how the same people can behave differently in different situations huh?

Bikram Wisodm

Do you know what the trouble with humanity is? We spend too much time and energy trying to solve problems...and then instead of solving one problem, we create another...and then we try solving that one... We're too darned intelligent for our own good...yet, ironically, we continue believing we're more intelligent than we actually are! And then we're stuck in an infinite loop!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Cell-phones and Hill-stations Theorem!

"All visits to a hill-station must be separated by a time difference punctuated by a change of at least one Cell-phone owned between the visits!"

Elaborately, do not carry the same cell-phone to a hill-station if you're heading for a repeat visit! If you do, you'll probably be seeing the same sights and if you're with the same people, you'll have absolutely no opportunity for newer snaps! I made the mistake and pretty much found some pretty good pics already stored in the memory! How pathetic is that?

Well anyways, just got back from an awesome vacation with my folks and my cousins from Bombay. Food was good, the weather was awesome, the place was scenic and the best part of it all, there was no cell-phone connectivity! So it was just me, music and my shoes! Did a lotta walking around! Think I've worn my shoes out and though it was a great opportunity, the fact that I wasn't carrying my phone with me, has meant I've got no rhymes to show for it! Ah well, did a lotta thinking though and I think I've found the secret to life! Should I share it??? Of course I will, just lemme fine tune it a bit!