Saturday, March 27, 2010

Poems I need to Finish...

I am stuck in a writer's block!
There are a bunch of ideas for poems running through my head but I just can't seem to write anything...I'm trying to get myself out of this sticky spot and here is another attempt. These are ideas and titles that I have in my head and I'm hoping that by putting them up here, I can somehow get out of this block -

1. The day before tomorrow (Things I wanna accomplish in the future but am stuck instead, trying to fight the present!)

2. The Creek (Stuff I'm thinking of everyday when I look at the cusp where the river meets the ocean at Vashi Creek...)[

3. Oh Fuck! (This one's inspired from Osho's discourse and I kinda wanna put that idea in rhyme...would make for an awesome song too!)

And some others that aren't concrete life sucks!

Friday, March 19, 2010

What am I chasing???

When things aren't going your way and you have plenty of time on your hands, you tend to think a lot. More often than not, the discussion eventually leads you to questioning the fundamentals of life.
It began as a search for happiness. And I realised, life is not about the pursuit of happiness...happiness is wherever you want it to be so the journey of life cannot be to that 'happy' destination, if it were, it'd be a pointless never-ending journey for most...and a stagnant point for some.
So perhaps it's a journey to seek something else. Inner peace perhaps? But then inner peace, like happiness, can be found exactly where you want it to be found. That can't be right...
A quest to understand the relevance of our existence? That can't be right though...I am already at the center of the universe...our existence, is relevant in our present state of existence, only as long as I am aware of it. The moment I die, it'll all be irrelevant.
A quest to understand and seek God then? But that's the equivalent of understanding the origin of the universe...and in either case, God, is a very strong concept that we humans seem to fear more than respect. We seem to equate all that we do not understand to he powers of God and then refuse to further our understanding from that point on. If life is a journey to understand God, then we're all drifting in the wrong direction aren't we? That can't be right either... is life a journey at all? Aren't journeys supposed to lead to a destination? Death can't be a destination can it?
So what is life all about?

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Defensive Offensive...

When we make mistakes, our default reaction is to deny it and distance ourselves from the mistake we've made. We seem to take a very defensive position and do everything in our power to deny it and argue as long as we can to safeguard against being held accountable!
Why so? It's much easier to accept and move on trying to find a solution instead of aggressively denying everything...and of course much more efficient. We don't see it that ways though, I wonder why.
I ain't a saint either and have been guilty of the same on several occasions. It isn't disturbing to find out that I have been guilty of it, it's disturbing to realise, it took me so long to understand I shouldn't be doing it!

Saturday, March 06, 2010

I'm gonna be a psychologist someday...

When I'm done with the other little things that I might or not might wanna do, I would love to be a psychologist! I'd love to spend time understanding people! And I probably will too when I have a few more grey hair on my head!

In the meantime though...had a great past week!
Had my friends over from all over for Holi with their better halves, some whom I met for the first time and boy am I happy for them!

Also got employed eventually and have my fingers crossed to see where this takes me!

Lots more happening but not really worthy of the blog...

In the meantime, I also seem to have walked into a bit of a writer's block...I'm hoping I come out of it soon! With my office right outside the Gateway of India, I'm hoping a few evenings spent staring at passing ships and scores of people helps!

Well, until I get out of this road block, see you soon!