Saturday, March 06, 2010

I'm gonna be a psychologist someday...

When I'm done with the other little things that I might or not might wanna do, I would love to be a psychologist! I'd love to spend time understanding people! And I probably will too when I have a few more grey hair on my head!

In the meantime though...had a great past week!
Had my friends over from all over for Holi with their better halves, some whom I met for the first time and boy am I happy for them!

Also got employed eventually and have my fingers crossed to see where this takes me!

Lots more happening but not really worthy of the blog...

In the meantime, I also seem to have walked into a bit of a writer's block...I'm hoping I come out of it soon! With my office right outside the Gateway of India, I'm hoping a few evenings spent staring at passing ships and scores of people helps!

Well, until I get out of this road block, see you soon!


Sneha said...

Congrats. Wish you all luck on your new job.

Swayam said...

you'd make a brilliant psychologist too..:) congos again on the job... :)

Ria said...

hey thats gr8 news!!congrats...and wish u all the best!