Saturday, July 19, 2008


  1. The best memories are the ones that happen by mistake.
  2. The root of all money is evil…
  3. Sometimes to grow together, you have to grow apart…
  4. The best lessons are the ones not learnt in the classroom…
  5. The only way to retain sanity in this mad mad world is to stay in touch with your inner insanity…
  6. The more you try to run away, the more you realize you’re running in the wrong direction!
  7. If you think you wont repent your mistakes, you’re probably doing right!
  8. Ironically, material joys are immaterial!
  9. If you're buying cheap to try and save just a few more bucks, it's probably not worth the trouble...
  10. There are no rights or wrongs, everything is just life...It happens! (Whether you like it or not!)

Just some random musings that I keep coming up with from time to time...

I have been blogged upon!

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And thank you Lehar! I feel famous!

Being a Critic

Ever been a critic of someone? When you think that they should've done this and should've done that? When you think that they did something stupid and ended screwing things up?
Well, maybe you should revisit that thought again.
When someone has done something adverse to your opinion, instead of looking at things with the benefit of hindsight, try putting yourself in their shoes and instead of thinking what you would've done, try to imagine why they did what was done in that situation.
We all like to think we would've done better, sometimes so do I...but I know for a fact, not everyone can do the right thing. Not because they cannot do it but because in a given situation, sometimes we weigh our options differently and most of the times we dont even weigh our options. Do not assume that you would do the right thing in any given situation. We are all human and if we always were able to do the right thing, we wouldn't be.
Give everyone a chance, no matter how much you despise them...

Express an Opinion Please...

I just had a long drawn conversation with a friend…a tad uneasy but very intense. The subject was suicides by drug addicts.
I wish to raise a very contentious and very debatable topic here and I would appreciate it a great deal if you would leave your comments and views on the said topic.
Take a hypothetical situation where you have a very nice guy. However, he does have an addiction problem. Now, take two scenarios
1. You meet him and have a wonderful time with him. After seeing each other for a fair amount of time, you get engaged. However, he does not tell you about his problem before the engagement and you end up having a kid. Through several complications over the next few years, you finally decide to call it off.
2. He tells you about his addiction but you go ahead believing you can make things better. As an attempt at normalizing things, you get engaged and love him enough to have a kid with him. However, a few years later you leave him, either because you are
a. Unable to take it anymore
b. Hoping to be able to make him see the error of his ways.

Now what happens next is almost horrible as he dies of an overdose of some medicines prescribed. It could’ve been accidental overdose or intentional, in whichever case, the apparent reason would be the fact that you left them.
What I would like to know is whether you would blame the woman in the said situation, through scenario 1 or 2a or 2b. Do you believe that she is responsible for what happened and should live with the guilt of having caused his death? Please do leave your opinion as to what you think and why…

P.S.: My opinion: I would not hold the woman guilty in any case. I hope to argue my views over the comments that might follow. Please do not walk by this post anonymously…

Joking Mad!

Do not miss "The Dark Knight."

If there was ever a movie written with the villain in mind as the protagonist and not the super-hero, “The Dark Knight” would definitely qualify. If Batman made his mark as a true super-hero with “Batman Returns,” “The Dark Knight” is where he is completed. What good is a super-hero without a super-villain? True to the title, Batman isn’t Batman anymore, nor is the movie about him. Even if it was written with the Caped Crusader in mind, the movie revolves around just one character, the Batman’s arch nemesis, “The Joker.”
I pay a solemn tribute to “Heath Ledger” and although his performance in “Brokeback Mountain” was stupendous and won a ton of awards, the performance was but human. As “The Joker” he is simply sublime. His performance isn’t just mind-blowing, it is inhuman! Sadly, we cannot hope for an encore and the performance is worthy of the last bow from an ephemeral performer. As “The Joker” he is intimidating, insane, threatening and just plain simple JOKING MAD!
If you are saddened by the knowledge of his suicide soon after finishing the movie, I would ask you to watch the movie, then close your eyes, imagine “The Joker” with his painted white face, darkened eyes and the smug red smile, staring at you in the eyes and saying “WHY SO SERIOUS?”

Friday, July 11, 2008

Good Bik Hunting

Good Will Hunting remains one of my favourite movies to date. I love the whole concept of genius struggling with itself trying to figure out life and come to terms with what is at hand. It epitomizes how much all of us struggle to identify and understand ourselves and as they say, come to terms with life. Matt Damon is stupendous in his role and as ever, Robin Williams is fabulous and in whatever little his role demands, the writer Ben Affleck, is brilliant.

Ironically enough, I saw this movie and later in the evening was the subject of a counseling session with an old friend. (Yeah, there is someone who gives me advice too!) Pretty much on the lines of what Will is told in the movie, I was told in the conversation. For all my beliefs that I am brilliant and can accomplish anything I put my heart into, there is very little that I actually put my heart into. Maybe, I am not as good as I think I am or maybe I am even better but to find out, perhaps someday I need to make an effort at venturing out. I guess I am a little too far etched into a shell and my comfort zone. Perhaps there is a need to etch out my goals and lay a path for my life to take a course along.

Will finds his reason at the end of the movie when he steals his mentor’s line as the movie ends with the note “I gotta go see about a girl!” Perhaps my life too needs that but I guess it’s time I stopped waiting for something to happen and I started making something happen. Like they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained! One of those “LIFE CHANGING MOMENTS” here…

Unfortunately and rather ironically, VH1 is playing ‘I wanna be a rockstar’ by Nickelback in the background for me right now…


If you find me, let me know!

Saturday, July 05, 2008

To Where I Belong

I call up a friend (to pay for the coffee,)
Cause I’m so broke, I cant even afford a toffee,
Movies on Sunday mornings at 50 bucks a piece,
No petrol in my bike so it’s someone else’s that I lease,
Evenings spent chatting on the katta,
Kabhi with chai, toh kabhi with sutta,
Empty wallets that mean long walks,
All those mistakes that make those long talks,
Where to meet a friend, you just step outta home and into the sun,
Cause in this town everyone knows everyone,
Where we all love aimless long drives on our bikes,
Guys and gals alike,
Where we love our small piece of road in the potholes,
And we all believe there is hope even though the bureaucrats are all a*******s,
Those hot sunny summers and those mad monsoon rains,
Going off to Lonavala in those creaky old trains,
Oh in being a small town boy,
Lie many an unparalleled joy,
In the future, far away from here I might be gone,
But this is my home, this is where I will always belong…

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The WAVE Theory

I am enthralled with the rains here in Bombay. I know there are so many who simply are disgusted at the deluge that seems to happen annually here but I am not one to complain. I simply cant stop brimming over the beauty and all the sights and sounds of Bombay in the rains…
One of my favourite sights here in Bombay is the high tide at marine drive where the ocean simply can’t contain itself and the waves crash and spill over onto the road (or the pavement or promenade or whatever it is that it is called) Year after year I have come down to Bombay for just that one sight and six years down I still can’t contain my glee at the sight whenever I see it. This year was no different and yesterday I was strutting the walk on Marine Drive. Unfortunately though, I missed the high tide and was witness to a receding tide. It isn’t a half bad sight in itself but pales out in comparison to the rising tide and the fury with which the waves crash onto the wall. This is where the theory kicks in.
The receding tide meant that only a few spots on Marine Drive were experiencing the spill over of the waves. Enthusiastic as I am, I couldn’t help be enticed at the distant sight of the waves spilling over whilst at my feet, the waves just came weakly and splashed the breakers leaving me to the mercy of the rain gods for the hope of getting splashed. Now generally I am either alone or with someone whom I am so comfortable, it is as good as being alone. Yesterday though I was with my room-mates. Don’t get me wrong, my roomies are my homies but there are still places of me I wouldn’t take them. So when I suggested at walking down the promenade, I was welcomed with “You’re kidding right?” looks. So I took off alone. Now I was walking fast, almost to the point where you might’ve called it a jog than a walk as I chased off to the spots where the waves were spilling over. Unfortunately, the further I made headway, the further the waves seemed to get! I walked almost the entire length and got splashed just twice!
Well, after realizing my homies were outta sight, I decided to turn back. Wet with a couple of drops of the splashed water and looking skywards to see little or no hope of rain. So I slowed my walk to the typical pace of a Puneite’s walk. As I looked ahead, I saw some kids playing in the little puddles on the ground and lost in the moment, I sat down and watched them play in glee. After about ten minutes of just looking at them and smiling myself silly, I felt a drop of water on the back of my neck. And I looked behind to see a torrent of rain approaching and almost simultaneously being splashed completely by a huge wave! In the next ten minutes, it rained cats and dogs and the waves hit me with great regularity! And that’s when I realized-
“The further you get, the farther it gets…when you stop chasing it, it catches you!”
Or something along those lines! But that more or less is the wave theory--- you can’t catch a wave, the waves catch you!