Saturday, July 05, 2008

To Where I Belong

I call up a friend (to pay for the coffee,)
Cause I’m so broke, I cant even afford a toffee,
Movies on Sunday mornings at 50 bucks a piece,
No petrol in my bike so it’s someone else’s that I lease,
Evenings spent chatting on the katta,
Kabhi with chai, toh kabhi with sutta,
Empty wallets that mean long walks,
All those mistakes that make those long talks,
Where to meet a friend, you just step outta home and into the sun,
Cause in this town everyone knows everyone,
Where we all love aimless long drives on our bikes,
Guys and gals alike,
Where we love our small piece of road in the potholes,
And we all believe there is hope even though the bureaucrats are all a*******s,
Those hot sunny summers and those mad monsoon rains,
Going off to Lonavala in those creaky old trains,
Oh in being a small town boy,
Lie many an unparalleled joy,
In the future, far away from here I might be gone,
But this is my home, this is where I will always belong…


Anirudh Tiwari said...

short yet sweet :)

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

thank you!

bluebutterfly said...

my mum lived in one of those big university campus areas, which was a small town in itself.
Living in delhi she used to tell me how she would rather preferred raising us in a small town
and now i get it ....

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hmmm. a poem did that for you?
maybe you'd have a more profound effect if you read my misadventure as an engineering student in pune!
but yeah, i wouldn't condemn my kids to a life in a's a different life in a small town (or maybe it's just me that likes it and my kids would prefer something else!)

Mahi said...

Cute poem! What I loved the most about it was its simplicity:)

Bikram Snehi said...

it just came from the heart...miss pune a lot!

cute n confused said...

the last two lines just bowled me over...
brilliant, as always!

Bikram Snehi said...

ahh... thank you!!!

bluebutterfly said...

a poem .. well ... it sort of did.... there are somethings in this poem whihc i dont think can be done in a metro ...

p.s. : i am all for reading the misadventures !!!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said... knowing everyone you see in a coffee joint? you bet!
it takes me an hour to get anywhere if i am shopping with my folks cause no matter where i go, i always bump into someone or the other that i know!
and in case you wanna read some misadventures, you can read up at
it was my attempt (and still is) at writing a sort of an auto-biography. hit a few too many roadblocks though... well, there's always hope that i will keep at it though!