Sunday, December 30, 2007


Why is it that we mortals must always yearn?
For that patch of dream that within us does burn…

Why do we always live on in eternal hope?
That one day fate will in someone throw a rope…

Why is it that someone else we always seek for?
Someone to hold us close, to abuse and to adore…

Why is it that someone we need to bind?
For love to seek us out, when love is blind…

Why do we always look at the yonder?
And of things beyond we do always wonder…
Why is it that our hearts are always set?
On that one object that when we find we regret…
Why is it that we always will seek?
A ray of hope when despair makes us weak…
Why is it that we are always held in awe?
When our courage is mellowed and our spirits are raw…
Why is it that we always seek to be what we are not?
That we never find happiness in all that we have or have not got…
Why is it that the mind is always full of question and doubt?
When we know that the answers are within us, just that we choose to live without…

Saturday, December 29, 2007


I am all but obvious to your presence,
You are all but oblivious to my existence,

And everytime I see you around,
I stumble like from under my feet someone’s pulled the ground,

And I see you laugh and I see you have a good time,
And I wonder, if ever I could be yours, you be mine,

But then reality strikes and strikes hard,
And my dream world is broken to a shard,

Cause never have we even exchanged smiles,
As we remain separated by a distance, a distance not measured in miles!!!

Friday, December 28, 2007

39 poems on this blog...
another 157 on paper...

that makes for a grand total of 296 archived poems!!!

and i havent even counted the ones i send over sms!!!

am i a budding poet or am i a budding poet!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Access Denied!!!

The world around me is never short of something exciting (or to be more apt, something weird!) Went to the sports bar with Anthony the other day. The two of us are nuts about watching the games (EPL, football… for those ignorant of it.) and so are always heading out to the sports bar whenever we can and whenever there is a major game. The ambience is nice, they have a plethora of television screens and a big projector too and for Anthony’s sake, they serve beer too! Oh! And they have a small ring in case you are in the mood to shoot some hoops!
Well, anyways, coming back to the tale, we had gone on a Saturday evening to watch an Arsenal game. I walked in through the doors eagerly looking around for the best seats in the house. And then suddenly I found myself being stopped by a pair of hands! I wondered what the issue was and looked at the man in front of me inquiringly. I was informed I couldn’t come inside. My first reaction was there was a cover charge to be paid before entering. I was however pleasantly surprised when the guy said “Sorry sir, entry for people over the age of 18 after 6 p.m.!!!”
For the record, I am 23 years, 6 months and 14 days as of today!!! Hehehehehe…

Saturday, December 22, 2007


Life is long, my patience short,
I must wait, but I simply cannot,
Cause if I do, life will pass me by,
And I dont wanna leave anything undone till I die...

But life doesnt really pass me by,
It just says I need to try,
A little harder, a little more,
Cause one fine day, I shall find my shore...

But when I do, I must know,
That all I treasure is cause life did show,
That nothing is for granted, nothing sure,
And what I have is cause my intentions were pure...

So I shall be patient and I shall wait,
Cause one of these days, I shall find the gate,
I shall have all that is due to me,
Cause my heart is honest, my spirit free...

Thursday, December 20, 2007


I was talking to one of my closest friends after a long time today and had a very long and meaningful conversation. Getting into one of my very nostalgic phases, I remembered all the times spent together doing some of the craziest things that you could imgine doing in my hometown. I suppose she too was carried away by emotions and in a flow of nostalgia, called me cute. Me of all people!
Well, quite honestly, she had me believing it for a second there! Damn, the first time a woman calls me cute and my illusion is shattered instantly. For someone who looks at a mirror perhaps just once a day because it happens to be placed in front of the basin when I am brushing (whence I am so sleepy, I hardly notice my reflection...) I chose the most inopprtune moment to be passsing a shop that stocked mirrors. Who stocks mirrors, pray tell? Damn... Well, my illusion didnt last long and instantly I was aware of my mirror shattering looks and decided to spare the poor proprietor the misfortune of bearing the loss of a shop full of unusable goods. Ah well, atleast I can derive consolation from the fact that someone cared enough to call me cute (even if out of pity!)
Damn those mirrors!!!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The foolhardy LEGEND!

I saw a movie alone the other day. It was called I AM LEGEND and starred the very talented Mr. Will Smith. Admittedly, I am a huge fan of his works. His ability to portray a host of emotions on screen is astounding and in a movie where he is supposedly the last surviving human, those skills were brought to the fore and although I am not a movie critic nor do I hold a keen eye for the same, I must say, it was perhaps the most stellar performance I have seen after Tom Hanks’ performance in CAST AWAY. You are welcome to differ if you must but the movie was wholesome in the facts that the story line was powerful, the concept almost brilliant and the graphics were phenomenal. I do hope the movie will accumulate atleast a few academy awards this time around.

But ofcourse you know well I do not write movie reviews so neither is this one. This one is another tale of my fool-hardy ways. (One of several you are thinking, I am sure and I would not dispute that.) so there I was, bored on a Monday evening with nothing more than mugging up Laws Regulating Capital Markets in India to look forward to. As has been the case since graduation, I decided I could afford a movie and hence proceeded to the theatre to catch this movie. I had seen the trailers some time ago and I was looking forward to it since long. I had been expecting a tad bit of suspense and had steeled myself to it. So in an almost empty theatre, I decided to sit in the centre to enjoy the movie to the fullest with no one around me for the next 7 rows on either side. The movie began well and I was truly enjoying the experience, that until the zombies came along! Damn, I confess for the first time ever, a movie scared the living daylights outta me! (Not that it was all that scary although if you caught me talking about it, I wouldn’t accept it. I have my foolish pride to safe-guard too!) Honestly, I was petrified when Will Smith stepped into the nest to save his dog. Even worse because when I looked around to see some nice human faces to comfort me, all I saw were empty red seats! Red of all colours! Damn those people at PVR’s design team!

Jokes apart, the experience was quite something. I recommend the movie, if you are anywhere as adventurous on life as me, you oughta experience it the way I did. The movie totally rocks… (and I so do not!)

Rahul and Sharoon: guys I really miss you. Cant find anybody as crazy to head for movies with me these days the way we did! Those were the days… Ah well, looking forward to catching up with you guys again! Wish I were back in RSCOE with you folks… Damn… I am getting all nostalgic again! Tears in the eyes and all… (Metaphorically of course…)

Tuesday, December 18, 2007




Monday, December 10, 2007

Somethings missing!

I aint ever wrong but I hate being right,
I am peaceful but I hate giving up without a fight,
I sleep in peace but I wanna stay up all night,
I have a clear vision but I wanna feel a clouded sight…

My feet are rooted to the ground but I wanna learn to dream,
I am always calm but I wanna learn how to scream,
I am polite and sweet but I wanna be bitter as neem,
I am composed but I wanna be bursting at the seam…

I know where I am going but I wanna be lost,
I always get warmth but I wanna feel the frost,
I am always assured but I wanna be tossed,
The price doesn’t ever matter, I wanna pay the cost…

My life has been brilliant I couldn’t complain much,
My life is simple and uncomplicated as such,
I figure I shouldn’t enjoy heaven so much,
I reckon its time this life felt a woman’s touch!

Monday, December 03, 2007

My Crush!!

I think I have finally found out what a crush feels like,
Just the sight of the woman and your heartbeats spike!

It feels very weird to be saying it this way,
But I think it started just yesterday!

The lady in question, I ain’t aquainted with,
Have seen her so rarely, she might have been a myth!

But yesterday as I sat in her presence,
She caught my attention, and left her essence!

All she did was look at me,
Dunno why but I felt my soul she did see!

And even now I cant get her out of my mind,
It seems suddenly, insanity I did find!

Her gaze, her walk, her hair, her talk,
And suddenly it seems to have stopped the clock!

Everything about her is really fine,
And I am thinking about the next time!

It’s just a passing phase (or so I hope,)
Cause given my condition, you might say I’m a dope!

I won’t pursue her, I wouldn’t even try,
The first step for me? Oh nigh, nigh!

I will be past this without many sighs,
But I know I shall forever be haunted by her eyes!

the simple life

We could head out for dinner and spend a lotta money,
We could have an expensive lunch and watch a movie so funny,
We could throw a wad of green at a club to dance,
But nothing could compare to sitting on the beach with sand in our hands.

We could head out for a wallet crunching coffee,
We could head out to have expensive ice-cream and toffee,
We could go and smoke a hukka so fine,
But nothing could compare to sitting on the kutta, especially after nine.

We could head out to that swanky expensive joint,
We could shop a lot with absolutely no point,
We could head out for a vacation and spend a fortune,
But nothing could compare to sitting at home with my bro and fighting over the cartoon.

Cause maybe I am weird or maybe I am just dumb,
Or maybe to life’s finer points, my senses are numb,
But the greatest joys that I seem to derive,
Are from those simple little things, we take granted for in life!!!