Monday, December 10, 2007

Somethings missing!

I aint ever wrong but I hate being right,
I am peaceful but I hate giving up without a fight,
I sleep in peace but I wanna stay up all night,
I have a clear vision but I wanna feel a clouded sight…

My feet are rooted to the ground but I wanna learn to dream,
I am always calm but I wanna learn how to scream,
I am polite and sweet but I wanna be bitter as neem,
I am composed but I wanna be bursting at the seam…

I know where I am going but I wanna be lost,
I always get warmth but I wanna feel the frost,
I am always assured but I wanna be tossed,
The price doesn’t ever matter, I wanna pay the cost…

My life has been brilliant I couldn’t complain much,
My life is simple and uncomplicated as such,
I figure I shouldn’t enjoy heaven so much,
I reckon its time this life felt a woman’s touch!

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