Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The foolhardy LEGEND!

I saw a movie alone the other day. It was called I AM LEGEND and starred the very talented Mr. Will Smith. Admittedly, I am a huge fan of his works. His ability to portray a host of emotions on screen is astounding and in a movie where he is supposedly the last surviving human, those skills were brought to the fore and although I am not a movie critic nor do I hold a keen eye for the same, I must say, it was perhaps the most stellar performance I have seen after Tom Hanks’ performance in CAST AWAY. You are welcome to differ if you must but the movie was wholesome in the facts that the story line was powerful, the concept almost brilliant and the graphics were phenomenal. I do hope the movie will accumulate atleast a few academy awards this time around.

But ofcourse you know well I do not write movie reviews so neither is this one. This one is another tale of my fool-hardy ways. (One of several you are thinking, I am sure and I would not dispute that.) so there I was, bored on a Monday evening with nothing more than mugging up Laws Regulating Capital Markets in India to look forward to. As has been the case since graduation, I decided I could afford a movie and hence proceeded to the theatre to catch this movie. I had seen the trailers some time ago and I was looking forward to it since long. I had been expecting a tad bit of suspense and had steeled myself to it. So in an almost empty theatre, I decided to sit in the centre to enjoy the movie to the fullest with no one around me for the next 7 rows on either side. The movie began well and I was truly enjoying the experience, that until the zombies came along! Damn, I confess for the first time ever, a movie scared the living daylights outta me! (Not that it was all that scary although if you caught me talking about it, I wouldn’t accept it. I have my foolish pride to safe-guard too!) Honestly, I was petrified when Will Smith stepped into the nest to save his dog. Even worse because when I looked around to see some nice human faces to comfort me, all I saw were empty red seats! Red of all colours! Damn those people at PVR’s design team!

Jokes apart, the experience was quite something. I recommend the movie, if you are anywhere as adventurous on life as me, you oughta experience it the way I did. The movie totally rocks… (and I so do not!)

Rahul and Sharoon: guys I really miss you. Cant find anybody as crazy to head for movies with me these days the way we did! Those were the days… Ah well, looking forward to catching up with you guys again! Wish I were back in RSCOE with you folks… Damn… I am getting all nostalgic again! Tears in the eyes and all… (Metaphorically of course…)


rahul said...

do u remember ''the missing''??
there were in all 4 people in alaka including us

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

remember it like yesterday!
damn man, when will those days come back!!!
no women, no cry... just us chappies!!!