Monday, December 03, 2007

My Crush!!

I think I have finally found out what a crush feels like,
Just the sight of the woman and your heartbeats spike!

It feels very weird to be saying it this way,
But I think it started just yesterday!

The lady in question, I ain’t aquainted with,
Have seen her so rarely, she might have been a myth!

But yesterday as I sat in her presence,
She caught my attention, and left her essence!

All she did was look at me,
Dunno why but I felt my soul she did see!

And even now I cant get her out of my mind,
It seems suddenly, insanity I did find!

Her gaze, her walk, her hair, her talk,
And suddenly it seems to have stopped the clock!

Everything about her is really fine,
And I am thinking about the next time!

It’s just a passing phase (or so I hope,)
Cause given my condition, you might say I’m a dope!

I won’t pursue her, I wouldn’t even try,
The first step for me? Oh nigh, nigh!

I will be past this without many sighs,
But I know I shall forever be haunted by her eyes!


cute n confused said...

now this i gotta see!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

hehehe... im sure you have!
not in our class though...
she aint head-turningly beautiful but her eyes are really loud, cast a spell on me!!!
damn, im too chicken to do anything about it though!!!

Da said...

abe teri jaat ki!!! khud ko chicken kehta hai!!! tandoori bana doonga!!! go bloody talk to her bro.. and please cut the chicken crap.. you're old enough now to be confident of yourself...

rahul said...

jaane de bikya....pass mar bhai....aor bahut saari padi hai :P

har baar apni hi consolation hai hehehehe :P

bluebutterfly said...

lol for teh above comments ....
thanks for dropping by and commenting ... well MUN stuff i will remember forever ...
as for the crush ... get your ass up and go talk to her .....

Saira said...

WHO IS SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?????????????????????????????????????

HOW DARE UUUUUU...THAT TOO WHEN AM AROUND....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

lol psy!!!

she is a secret and i am a secret admirer!

wonder what her reaction would be if she knew someone was writing poems for her secretly!

funny how i am obvious to her presence and she oblivious to my existance!!!