Thursday, December 27, 2007

Access Denied!!!

The world around me is never short of something exciting (or to be more apt, something weird!) Went to the sports bar with Anthony the other day. The two of us are nuts about watching the games (EPL, football… for those ignorant of it.) and so are always heading out to the sports bar whenever we can and whenever there is a major game. The ambience is nice, they have a plethora of television screens and a big projector too and for Anthony’s sake, they serve beer too! Oh! And they have a small ring in case you are in the mood to shoot some hoops!
Well, anyways, coming back to the tale, we had gone on a Saturday evening to watch an Arsenal game. I walked in through the doors eagerly looking around for the best seats in the house. And then suddenly I found myself being stopped by a pair of hands! I wondered what the issue was and looked at the man in front of me inquiringly. I was informed I couldn’t come inside. My first reaction was there was a cover charge to be paid before entering. I was however pleasantly surprised when the guy said “Sorry sir, entry for people over the age of 18 after 6 p.m.!!!”
For the record, I am 23 years, 6 months and 14 days as of today!!! Hehehehehe…

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