Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Ain't Lettin Go...

I'm drunk with love and you're to blame
And I wish you'd blame me too
I pass you the drink and look askance
Till our eyes meet and I shy and shrug away from you

Sprawled on the couch, I see you lie
But I'm not quite sure if we're tipsy yet
I take another gulp from the drink again
And slouch further with every breath

You've stayed here so long and I feel glad
Yet it seems it's not been long enough
I look at you fondly, for the umpteenth time
Maybe you really could change my mind about love

I know quite well, that I'm tying you down
That my overbeaing shade denies you joys of rain and shine
But as the drink dwindles down to its last drops, I know I wont let you go
For if I did, maybe you'll come back but I fear, for love, I won't change my mind...

(And this one's inspired too...maybe you'll get to read the one that inspired this someday too!)

Fallen Leaves from the Butterfly's Gardens...

Sitting in a crowded bus, a butterfly drowned me in fallen leaves

And the leaves stayed with me right there, when of them I begged please

Then they piled on upon me and with them blew me far away

To my home of many years, where not so long ago I did stay

In every leaf I saw, my hopes and dreams as they were

In a time that seems long past, so long, even the memory is a blur

But the leaves said they'd been trod upon, that their crunched form held the past

That no matter where I go now, in them, those memories will forever last

So one day when I come back, after times well spent elsewhere

To the place where my heart so fondly rests, that they'd still be right there

To help me find my way back, to welcome me home again

In the gardens of the butterfly, where I may still tread on them once again...

(Maybe someday you will read the original that inspired this of the best poems I've read, period. Ah well, until then, you can read this one...)

Sunday, March 20, 2011


The world seemed a little too grey
As it happens sometimes, when things dont go your way
In search of answers, I wandered alone
Amongst sands and streams and sticks and stones
Then in the distance, I spotted something new
With shuffling steps, closer I drew
I stood mesmerised when I finally caught a clear glance
As she fluttered around in her sprightly dance
Everything she touched seemed to burst in so many colours
So I took a few more steps hoping to borrow some of hers
She seemed to notice and flittered nearer
Brightened my world as we grew dearer
She took me away, on her flights of fancy
Her beautiful wings, that lend colour to all the dullness I see
Mischief and charm that fill forlorn hearts with glee
How I cherish these times, these times of the butterfly and me...

Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm not short on words, not by a long stretch
Yet, I find myself floundering around
A long pause I take, as if to catch my breath
Yet when my lips part and my tongue swaggers, I hear not even the whisper of a sound

I'm not short on thoughts, oh anything but
Yet, I seem to be caught off guard
And I close my eyes, as if to muster my guts
Yet when I open them up, I betray no intelligence, not even a stray shard

I'm not confused, no not at all
Yet, clarity seems a far cry
Into the depths of doubt, I try to avoid a freefall
Yet, I've deserted me, no more myself am I

I'm not scared, not even of the unknown
Yet, pensiveness today seems a part of me
I look away, trying to come to terms with what within has grown
Yet, I can't help but look again, for your beauty makes me want more of that miserable glee...

(You're not beautiful because you look pretty, you're beautiful for the way I see you behind that pretty face...)

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Voices In My Head

Too many times that I've wanted to get up and leave
Tired of all the tricks that they keep pulling up their sleeve
Too many practical conversations that I've been a part of
And I've really grown tired of listening now
Their voice of impeccable reason and their condescending smile
They don't know it but they've lost me and it's been quite a while
They still think they know me and what I really need
They might've known better if they'd have listened and paid more heed
All those times that they've found me here, my feet dipping in the stream
If they'd really seen me, they'd know what I really wanna do is dream
I wanna shout out and tell them practicality and reason is their way not mine
But for some reason I just shut myself up again and sit here in silence, every single time...