Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fallen Leaves from the Butterfly's Gardens...

Sitting in a crowded bus, a butterfly drowned me in fallen leaves

And the leaves stayed with me right there, when of them I begged please

Then they piled on upon me and with them blew me far away

To my home of many years, where not so long ago I did stay

In every leaf I saw, my hopes and dreams as they were

In a time that seems long past, so long, even the memory is a blur

But the leaves said they'd been trod upon, that their crunched form held the past

That no matter where I go now, in them, those memories will forever last

So one day when I come back, after times well spent elsewhere

To the place where my heart so fondly rests, that they'd still be right there

To help me find my way back, to welcome me home again

In the gardens of the butterfly, where I may still tread on them once again...

(Maybe someday you will read the original that inspired this of the best poems I've read, period. Ah well, until then, you can read this one...)

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