Friday, November 30, 2007

If all days could be spent driving up these roads!

It was a fabulous drive!!!
See you guys, thats what i drive down to khadakwasla for... you have gotta try it sometime...

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Isn’t it the endeavour of all of us to try and understand life? To try to understand where we stand and where we are heading? To try and understand why we are here and what is in store for us? So many unanswered questions, so many inexplicable events, and of course, the eternal question of what is this LIFE…
I will not lay claim to solving this problem, far from it. I know these questions are perhaps going to remain forever that – questions. Inexplicable and highly complicated questions. The answer to which perhaps would only be as complex as that given by Douglas Adams. Then what do I attempt here? I attempt what he left unfinished – the questions that you need a super-computer to formulate, the answers to which might eventually help us understand the need for our existence, the purpose of any and all life. Please do not expect me to give you a sermon on these questions because if you were influenced by my line of thought, the whole purpose of self-realisation would be defeated. Understand well that these questions arise of my own independent thought processes and you are free to disagree with the questions. If you could formulate your own questions based on what I have to say, that would be the beginning of your understanding of life as we know it.

Q.1> Who do you think is the master of us?

Q.2> Why do you think you cannot or should not do something?

Q.3> Can you justify all your words and actions?

Q.4> Are your actions such that you need to justify them to yourself?

Q.5> Is this life anything more than a dream?

Q.6> What are the chances of that inexplicable spark leading to life actually resulting in what we have with us today?

Q.7> Can we afford to waste any minute of the time allotted to us in this dimension?

Q.8> Could death be the eventual answer to all our questions? Or is it just another unanswered question of LIFE?

Q.9> For all the happiness and sadness around us, what is it that affects us most?

Q.10> (My favourite…) Where is the centre of the Universe? (For those who have read the earlier post, you have an undue advantage!)

Q.11> Should you really be wasting your life by worrying about the little things and the big things?

Q.12> Should you really worry so much about the puzzle of LIFE that you forget to live it?

Q.13> Are LIFE’s questions answered in our thoughts or in our actions?

Q.14> Is it necessary to question our existence or should we find the answers by living it up?

Q.15> Was this questionnaire necessary to help you understand that you worry too much? That LIFE is not about asking questions or answering them but more about making the most of the time in your hands? That LIFE will not be solved by pondering over it but by LIVING it…

(I love the Safari advertisement…) Remember, the only one that can stop you, is you!!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Reading This BLOG!!!

Hey there,
I really am greatful to for reading this blog. I really appreciate the fact that you would come here to have a glance at my take on the events in LIFE.
I would be indebted though, if you would be kind enough to drop in your views in the form of comments here. There is so much i would learn from your feedback and so much that i miss out on because you do not express what you think of what i think. It would be both food for thought as well as a critical analysis of my own views and understandings in life. Please do criticise me, I desperately need the criticism...
Looking forward eagerly to your responses and comments,
Yours faithfully,
Bikram Snehi,
Mulling Over My Thoughts...

What??? Who is the editor here???

Have you had the displeasure of laying your hands on any of the special sunday editions of any the leading english dailies here? I must say, although i have a very open mind towards the views of the entire populace at large, i do not approve of what is being published in the newspapers these days. The content is not just dislpleasing, it is horrid!!!

Think about these topics that were prominently highlighted in the newspaper yesterday:
  1. F**K BUDDIES!!!
    What the heck? Getting into physical relationships with friends just for the sake of having a little fun? Alright, call me backward or whatever but I really do not think individuals who indulge in such activities could ever be able to pursue a successful meaningful relationship in their lives, PERIOD. For a newspaper to have highlighted such a pathetic article is downright shameful. I am all for freedom of expression but I am also an advocate for responsible journalism. Making whores out of your friends (male or female immaterial) doesnt quite seem to be a view that deserves such propaganda.

    But what the heck, to each their own right? After all, it's your universe. But please for God's sake, do not pollute mine. You wish to publish these articles, you are free to do so. Please use the adult magazines or at most the Sunday coloured magazine section for that if you must, not that space where I search for both news and INTELLECTUAL views from the LEARNED.


    Ah I think I have said enough. I wont comment on this one. This was a tad bearable but distasteful nonetheless.

For God's sakes, would someone please tell me where the editors come from?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Have I finally lost it?

Theres a man standing outside my door today,
He just stands there smiling, with nothing to say,
I look in the street and there are no cars outside,
All I see are people on their feet who simply seem to glide,
The birds in the sky aren’t flying,
They just hang in the sky without even trying,
I look to the ocean and the waves are frozen,
The fishermen don’t wanna go in even though their nets are woven,
I look to my dog and he just seems to stare back at me,
Its as if something under my skin he does see,
For a second I wonder if I am really dead,
But I aint filled with a feeling of fear or dread,
I just wanna walk away from the room,
Theres something here that puts me in a gloom,
But then everything is suddenly back the way it should be,
The man outside seems to have been set free,
Was I imagining or dreaming it all,
Or was I finally losing my mind so small?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Soup for my Soul

When I have got myself in a mess I know,
Gonna have you there to show,
The right way and redirect my soul,
And say come on lets go!

When I cant think straight,
And I need a double take,
You always could make,
It all clear in a single stake!

Lets relive those memories,
And leave the care to the bees,
Come to me with remedies,
From five or six or seven seas!

Come and tell me what you are going through,
For all those memories so good and true,
All those stories both old and new,
And I know now, I really really needed only you!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Making new friends, having a lotta fun,
Working myself tired, relaxing in the sun,
And yet somethings missing, oh yes its true,
Cause after all, its just another day without you!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

more than that...

I am in love and I’ll always be hers,
But she don’t care, she loves someone else,
And then there’s this girl who’s so in love with me,
But spending my whole life with her, I just can’t see,
I have a dream that’s more than just a 9to5 job,
All this education can only from me, my dream rob,
I wanna move up in life and do so much more,
This time here has to be more than just a bore,
My generation is the future of the world and not just this nation,
We can hold higher than ever, just hand us the beacon,
But the older generation doesn’t understand,
They politic and use religion to get themselves a stand,
But I wont do it like everyone else,
I am not gonna let life take over and around me weave spells,
To put me in line with the rest and make it all mundane,
Oh! If only someone could understand me, I am driven insane,
No one understands what I am going through,
They just don’t care or know why I do what I do…

So after reading this, do you think a bond we share?
Do you think what we are going through I could have laid bare?
If you think we have something common in this rhyme,
Remember everyone was/has or will have been here at some point of time,
So don’t work yourself up, remember to take a pause,
Take stock and try to be more than just “A REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE.”

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Whisky Theory

My good friend Sumesh propounds a very effective theory. I met these guys over dinner today and well, as most boys nights out would have it, there was a little booze involved too. Well, I suppose you know that when boys sit down to drink, they will all talk about the different kinds of whiskies and the exquisite ones they had most recently. The ones that merit discussion ofcourse are the ones which involve either a really ‘embarrassing’ tale about one of the guys in an inebriated state (alright, no wordiness… inebriated = one of the guys who was smashed enough to call up his dad at 3 in the morning to tell him he would be home before 12!) or about a time when the whole gang was stupid enough to get sloshed so bad they had to rent a room in the hotel cause they couldn’t even get the keys into the lock, leave alone drive a car back to civilization! or about a time when there was free booze at an office party and everyone drank Jack Daniels!
Well, this last evening was about all that. (you know what happens when I sniff coffee so don’t even ask me if I have ever had a drink!) sarcastic as I aren’t, I suggested these guys oughta drink Jack Daniels more often. (In case you are as ignorant as a woman about alcohol, lemme inform you that Jack Daniels are a very expensive brand of whisky.) all the others sniggered at the thought but not Sumesh, oh no… he said he would do that. I said he better be prepared for bigger holes in the pockets or bigger savings. Sumesh said he would prepare for bigger earnings! He said (and I quote) “you cannot get rich if you do not aim higher. If I aim at having Jack Daniels on a daily basis, I oughta be earning steep! Hence, I shall have Jack Daniels more often!”
Well that’s one way of aiming high wouldn’t you agree? Get addicted to the most expensive booze around so that way, you have to earn more and in the process get rich!!!
There you have it – The Whisky Theory!

Friday, November 02, 2007

Losing My Way With Words

These are some of my patented and original quotes:

1. Its not the destination that matters, it’s the journey.

2. When the whole world is talking, shut up and listen.

3. I am silent because the distance between my ears and my brain is more than that between my brain and my tongue.

4. If I am staring at you, I am not ogling at you, its your soul that I am looking at.

5. My greatest fear is not dying, my greatest fear is dying without having bid you my last farewell…

6. This life aint enough for me… I guess im gonna have to live once more!!!

7. Failure is my middle name, so don’t be surprised!!!

8. I aint an underachiever, its just that people expect too much…

9. Love is over-rated, it over-promises and under-delivers…

10. Choices in life are as distinct as chalk and cheese…just that some people are scared of distinguishing between them…

11. Money cannot help you taste the soup you have bought, it just can help put it in front of you…

12. Don’t be stingy, spend all you can while you can. Else before you know it, your kids might be ‘pot’ting it away!!!

13. You can stop living, stop loving, stop breathing but for gods sakes, by no means should you ever stop reasoning!!!

14. The harder you try, the further it gets; the further you get, the harder it gets.

Some other Non-originals but favourites nonetheless…

“What goes around comes around.”

“Alls well that ends well, if it isn’t well, it isn’t the end!”

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Of Bored Evenings...

Well I suppose you know by now that I have a weakness for the movies, if you don’t, lemme tell you that should anyone ever ask me for a movie, I cannot refuse. Well, more often than not, I am the one who initiates the plans. Today was no different and well, I really had an awesome time out with the guys. Today being a Wednesday was a holiday for me from the rigours of classroom teaching. Needless to say, I got up late, lazed around all day and then eventually in the evening when I decided my day resembled that of a vegetables, was moved enough to actually want to salvage something from the remainder of the day.
I was chatting online with Kappi in the evening and she told me she was heading for the movie “Shoot ‘em Up” tomorrow. Its one of those movies that have somehow skipped my attention so I was keen on catching it too. So I called up Rajiv and we decided to catch the 9 o clock show and Anthony decided to join us too. (uhh in case you are wondering, Kappi lives in Bangalore, thousands of kilometers away, so no, she wasn’t coming along for the movie.) Unfortunately enough, there wasn’t a single show for the said movie at either of the three multiplexes in the vicinity. Me and Anthony were hungry and really wanted to catch a bite. Rajiv suggested we head off to CafĂ© Leopold’s in town. Anuj was around town too so we told him to wait at Leopold’s for us. After grabbing a couple of beers, we headed down to Bademian’s for some grub and later walked down to the Gateway of India. Well, bang opposite the Gateway is the world famous Taj Hotel. Bang opposite the Taj Hotel was parked a BMW 7 Series. The four of us shutterbugs were posing outside the car when Anuj (upto his antics as usual!) talked to the driver in the car who was then kind enough to let us sit inside!!! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes… we sat in our first 7 Series today!!! That car simply is awesome! If I was not serious about the BMW being my dream car, I sure as hell am now!!!
Well, at half past midnight, we decided we needed to give ourselves a rest and head back to the hostel in time for CDG’s lecture in the morning. On the way back in the train, we had a pretty intriguing conversation about religion, politics and India’s partition. In three hours, we had had awesome chicken, great beer (which ofcourse is not something I can’t take credit for, yet…) seen two Bentleys, posed with a BMW, sat inside a 7 Series and had an intellectual debate. Ironically, my only productive activity since morning up until 9 in the evening, had been getting outta bed! Sheer waste of opportunity huh? Nonetheless, a truly eventful and satisfying albeit hot and humid, night out in Bombay.