Thursday, September 23, 2010


Time is a bit too relative, to make any sense
Past, present and future, always in a state, we appropriately call tense
And it's not a smooth fabric, woven in harmonic peace
It's a crude patch-work, strung together piece by piece
We stumble, we fumble and grope our way, seemingly forward
An illusionary direction, to counter the nothingness of life, to comfort ourselves we've conjured
And we try to capture in stillness, frame by frame, that which we fail to fathom
In our eternal quest, to rationalize it all, for we fail to understand the serenity of the random
We live on, trying to best it all, but no matter how great our legend or how good our lore
It'll all be rendered feeble soon, for in time's world of relativity, everything lasts only a moment and no more...

I Dare 2 Compete

It isn’t easy being a bespectacled, lanky, young man…especially if you’re 26 and still single. Or maybe I got that backwards, you’re 26 and still single because you’re a bespectacled, lanky young man! And when you win the title ‘Never Been Kissed’ in college, your chances aren’t really brighter either!
            And don’t let anyone fool you with rubbish wisdom like ‘Beauty is skin deep’ and ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ those are granny’s tales and applicable only to grandmothers. Admittedly, those aren’t really the interesting kind, are they?
            So if you’re a guy like me, you’re in presence of adversity, the insurmountable kind! And well, God bless your soul, but you gotta be prepared for a dogged fight. To rephrase Rocky Balboa’s words more appropriately, ‘It isn’t about how many times you get turned down, it’s about how many times you can ask her out again!’
            Ummm, I’d love to continue this but I’ll have to take a rain-check…there’s this hot chick that just got up to go to the coffee machine and there’s already that macho dude from the next cubicle getting up to join her! Maybe I’ll get lucky today, so adios amigo! : I don't just travel, I make it a journey, I am a yatri!

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Dreaming of Dreams Long Lost

i sit by myself
dreaming of dreams long lost
to be where we are
so many sacrifices were cost
now things have happened
and our lives have changed
and we’ve learnt to look upon life
like nothings strange
gone are the days
when as boys we'd dreamed
and with unbridled joy
at little rocks we'd laughed and screamed
now we feel grown up
with responsibilities galore
our ships have set sail
for some distant shore
i look on the seas
for i know there they too are
like me they ride the waves
but i see no one nor near nor far
and the journey seems lonely
though we're all in it together
caught up in our lives
tied down by our own tethers
and some day at our deathbeds
we'll look back on our lives
see what we've achieved
for all that we now strive
to be where we will
so many sacrifices would have cost
yet, we'll lie by ourselves
dreaming of dreams long lost

Friday, September 03, 2010

Feeling a Little Conventionally Cheesy

Well, it seems I'm being dragged into the realms of conventional mortality! My thoughts these days aren't getting any more abstract, au contraire, they seem to be falling in line with conventional wisdom...which is probably why I am not tagging this one as 'Bikram Wisodm!'

1. A few zeroes can put the mind at unease but not even a plethora could bring it peace!

(Yeah, really...I know, cliched and old...)

2. Love like an alarm matter how much you curse it, it still wakes you up in the morning rather dutifully!

(Yeah...the analogy is painful, more than the subject...but such is my life right now!
You know how they say be careful what you wish for? Well, looks like I have had another realisation! I'd wished to be stuck in the mortal ways in a 9-5 job to see if I could still maintain my eccentricities. With every passing day, it seems, I slip further into the mire of humanity that is Bombay! As you can plainly see, the poetry has been reduced to a trickle and well, now also, this.)