Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Dare 2 Compete

It isn’t easy being a bespectacled, lanky, young man…especially if you’re 26 and still single. Or maybe I got that backwards, you’re 26 and still single because you’re a bespectacled, lanky young man! And when you win the title ‘Never Been Kissed’ in college, your chances aren’t really brighter either!
            And don’t let anyone fool you with rubbish wisdom like ‘Beauty is skin deep’ and ‘Never judge a book by it’s cover’ those are granny’s tales and applicable only to grandmothers. Admittedly, those aren’t really the interesting kind, are they?
            So if you’re a guy like me, you’re in presence of adversity, the insurmountable kind! And well, God bless your soul, but you gotta be prepared for a dogged fight. To rephrase Rocky Balboa’s words more appropriately, ‘It isn’t about how many times you get turned down, it’s about how many times you can ask her out again!’
            Ummm, I’d love to continue this but I’ll have to take a rain-check…there’s this hot chick that just got up to go to the coffee machine and there’s already that macho dude from the next cubicle getting up to join her! Maybe I’ll get lucky today, so adios amigo! : I don't just travel, I make it a journey, I am a yatri!

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