Tuesday, December 23, 2008


On a vacation...taking a break...be back in a few days...ciao!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An IB's FINANCIAL Dilemma!

These BONDS have me pinned down,
These OPTIONS leave me with nothing but a frown,
The FUTURES now seemingly bleak,
A SWAP outta here, my heart does seek,
These TREES and HEDGES haven't a hue of green,
All GREEK to me does this seem,
No more SECURITY in this can I see,
I give up and stand to DEFAULT, someone please BAIL me!
So much that has changed between us now,
I guess life caught up with us, somewhere, somehow,
I know you wonder if I'm still the same,
Or a stranger now that answers to his name...

Friday, December 12, 2008

The world I knew is burning to the ground,
What I sought for me once can now never be found,
I guess everything is coming to an end,
Nothing left to hold, nothing more to pretend,
It was brief and fast...at least not cruel,
Just another chapter in the life of this fool,
Lost and listless, head held in his hands,
A beaten stranger before me in the mirror now stands...

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What is a Dream?

What is a dream?
Why must I chase it?
Can I just float along?
And live life the way I see it?

What is a dream?
Why must I see an unfulfilled desire?
Can this not be good enough?
And not burn within me like a raging fire?

What is a dream?
Why must I be aware of this notion?
Can reality be a little simple?
And not be subject to my imagination?

What is a dream?
Why must I always hold it in my heart?
Can I ever be free?
And not have you as the only dream I've got???

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Top 10 Signs to tell if your Son is 24 and still Single...

10. You go shopping for clothes with him and he still looks at you to pick up something for him.

9. The only use he puts his phone to is for listening to music, playing games, surfing the net, reading books, clicking pics, a GPS device, using it as a remote for his laptop, etc, etc. and you suddenly realise, it was supposed to be used for making calls!

8. He still laughs when he receives a text message.

7. When his phone rings, it's an event! (Ah! So that's his ringtone is what you say to yourself!)

6. You still get to hear his phone ring!

5. You still have to force him to use a deodorant.

4. The last time you saw him comb his hair was...wait a minute...the last time you saw his hair groomed was when you combed it for him in 5th grade!

3. You can name at least 6 girls that you know are very good friends with him.

2. He still sleeps like a baby and turns in at 11!

and the top reason to know your son is still single?

1. You read his blog and find out!

(Mom, dad...pretend you did not read this...)

Thursday, December 04, 2008

They say I live in a world of dreams,
That reality is a lot different than what to me it seems,
This is no place for confounded words seeking an unfound love,
I am far cut off from this world of push and shove,
They say clear your eyes of hopeful dust and see the world with clarity,
But whoever told them I wanted to live in their harsh reality?

Bikram Wisodm

"We don't live only once, whoever said that must've been drinking,
We live everyday and it aint wishful thinking!"

Monday, December 01, 2008

Funny me!

I can be quite the eccentric sometimes...(ok ok, most of the times!) and to add to it, am miserable at navigation and remembering roads. I was famously described as the "fastest mode of transport between any two points...provided you know the way!" Honestly, I can make it to any destination you tell me but i could never reach the place travelling along the same road I did the first time around! I always manage to find a new path every single time, obviously enough losing my way often in the process!
So I was travelling in a ric with a couple of my friends and as is the norm, had a very general bearing of which direction it was that we needed to take. Somewhere along the road, we reached a point that seemed vaguely familiar...as I realised where we were, I remarked
"Oh! I know this place, I got lost here!"
As you step in through the door
My heart skips a beat,
I'm almost on the floor
The ground swept from under my feet...

I can't believe my eyes
They refuse to tear away from you,
In vain are all my tries
Cause you're the most beautiful thing I ever knew...

What I'm feeling I can't explain
Not in a thousand words,
Indifference I try to feign
With nothing said, nothing heard...

I try being collected n cool
Tryin to go about my work,
But I'm certain you think me a fool
I saw you look at me with a smirk...

I see you come my way
And I know I love you too much,
All my pretence fades away
As I melt in the warmth of your touch...
Sitting in class with a beautiful you in the crowd,
The professor's teaching and he's quite loud,
It must be important cause everyone's engrossed,
In his words and numbers, everyone seems lost,
I'm lost too but to me this is just noise,
Cause in my mind, it's just your thought that does reside...