Tuesday, December 09, 2008

What is a Dream?

What is a dream?
Why must I chase it?
Can I just float along?
And live life the way I see it?

What is a dream?
Why must I see an unfulfilled desire?
Can this not be good enough?
And not burn within me like a raging fire?

What is a dream?
Why must I be aware of this notion?
Can reality be a little simple?
And not be subject to my imagination?

What is a dream?
Why must I always hold it in my heart?
Can I ever be free?
And not have you as the only dream I've got???


Writing for Crows said...

Okay, I read it aloud and I liked it.

some simple suggestions

Can you change -

Can it just be a little simple? to
Can't it*

(i think you want it to right?)

Also the last line to "the only dream I've

Swayam said...

all said and done... I feel dreams are what keeps us going... its the unfulfilled desire which keeps us running... so all in all dreams are good only if don't turn into a paranoia...

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@Crow:> Nah bro, i dont think i wanna change the 'can' to 'can't,' it would break away from the pattern of the rest of the poem...a little poetic liberty there, doesn't affect the outcome of the line so better left alone...
and yes, i think the 'have' needs to be done away with...bad habits die hard, i somehow refuse to use the truncated forms of words...breaks the flow of the poem sometimes though doesnt it? hmmm...note to self: use truncations...

@swayam:> hehe...i'm not disputing the role dreams play! it's just my way of expressing the importance of dreams to me! hmmm...note to self: stop being so complicated...

Sneha said...

Don't stop dreaming b'coz there is no wrong in wanting something more.:)
mera tou manna hai:
Only a fool stops dreaming ;)
have a nice day !!