Saturday, December 06, 2008

Top 10 Signs to tell if your Son is 24 and still Single...

10. You go shopping for clothes with him and he still looks at you to pick up something for him.

9. The only use he puts his phone to is for listening to music, playing games, surfing the net, reading books, clicking pics, a GPS device, using it as a remote for his laptop, etc, etc. and you suddenly realise, it was supposed to be used for making calls!

8. He still laughs when he receives a text message.

7. When his phone rings, it's an event! (Ah! So that's his ringtone is what you say to yourself!)

6. You still get to hear his phone ring!

5. You still have to force him to use a deodorant.

4. The last time you saw him comb his hair was...wait a minute...the last time you saw his hair groomed was when you combed it for him in 5th grade!

3. You can name at least 6 girls that you know are very good friends with him.

2. He still sleeps like a baby and turns in at 11!

and the top reason to know your son is still single?

1. You read his blog and find out!

(Mom, dad...pretend you did not read this...)


Sneha said...

ha ha ha
Interesting .:)
have a nice day.

Writing for Crows said...

LOL!!! so we were talking about you!!

Swayam said...

haha...great going... way to go singledom..

Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

@sneha: hehe...yeah, am having a great day, sunday morning begins with class...

@the crow: yeha, as much as i would not want to be fodder for such posts!

@swayam: when did i say singledom rocks???

Swayam said...

but it does... saves you alot of torture... :P

Swayam said...

do check my other blogs out too...

cute n confused said...

: D
humorous, biks!

Mulling Over My Thoughts said... attempted humour succeeds sometimes atleast!

Anonymous said...

Hmm ...
I must say lots of those points are pretty much true :)

Good going for a guy whose single - to know what us non-singles do :P

As for your mom and dad reading your blog, I really really doubt that.

And if you know that they will, then I'm guessing its a hint for them to start looking ...


Mulling Over My Thoughts said...

i'm sure dad has better things to do than read my blog!
and i dont think parents need a hint to start looking...on the contrary, they need a hint to not start looking! like the one you gave 'em!!!