Monday, December 01, 2008

Funny me!

I can be quite the eccentric sometimes...(ok ok, most of the times!) and to add to it, am miserable at navigation and remembering roads. I was famously described as the "fastest mode of transport between any two points...provided you know the way!" Honestly, I can make it to any destination you tell me but i could never reach the place travelling along the same road I did the first time around! I always manage to find a new path every single time, obviously enough losing my way often in the process!
So I was travelling in a ric with a couple of my friends and as is the norm, had a very general bearing of which direction it was that we needed to take. Somewhere along the road, we reached a point that seemed vaguely I realised where we were, I remarked
"Oh! I know this place, I got lost here!"